Children of Philip Kirkorov growing by leaps and bounds, and I love their parents!


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Philip − one of the most popular artists of the domestic variety. For a long time already it has a reputation as a confirmed bachelor. Of course, like other bright and successful people, he regularly attributed novels with colleagues and friends. But, as a rule, more gossip, the situation did not go. Until one day, quite unexpectedly, the light does not appear the children of Philip Kirkorov. Who is the mother of the kids, and how he brings up his son and daughter the king of pop?

How Phillip Kirkorov became a father

About the personal life of a popular artist media write ever since his divorce with Alla Pugacheva. Some publications credited Kirkorov new novels every week, but if you believe the other, all these years he is suffering from unrequited love for the Diva. But the fact remains – Philip is indeed a bachelor and personally presented to the public a new choice with a hint of a serious love relationship.

Children of Philip Kirkorov

In November 2011 all of a sudden the king of pop from the stage have made an incredible statement. He told reporters and millions of viewers that just became a father. Daughter received a double name of Alla-Victoria in honor of the former wife and the mother of the artist. The first time the star father hid their baby from the public, talking about it lightly is only some of the interviews. As soon as journalists began to lose interest in the Princess of Kirkorov, Philip managed to surprise everyone again. After about 7 months after the birth of a daughter he had fathered a son Martin-Cristo.

“Birth” children today may every single single person

Who is the mother of the children of Philip Kirkorov? Whether one is a woman? These questions remain open today. Himself the king of pop did not comment on the situation. Speaking about the birth of his daughter, he frankly admitted that the baby was fathered by a surrogate mother. Why do so famous and popular person to spend money on such a service, if every other fan willing to help him? According to Philip, the contract with the legal mother is much more honest and easier than finding women to perform this mission on a friendly basis.

Who is the mother of the children of Philip Kirkorov

Rumor has it that Kirkorov is a reason children were born in America and nurtured in the same girls. But who was the biological mother of star kids? About this Philip is not talking with reporters. It is worth noting that children can be both the family and half brother and sister. The popular version that Alla-Victoria − is the biological daughter of a friend of his father (and godmother) Natalia Efremova − successful business woman. And Martin is getting married may be a son of Anastasia Stotskaya, too much he looked like a kid born singer. Do not forget that children Philip Kirkorov could be conceived of biomaterial star dads, and the most common of the female donor, unknown even to the artist. Such an option of artificial insemination is offered by many clinics.

Life of a star family

From the birth of brother and sister Kirkorov Jr. have everything that other kids can only dream of. They live in spacious, luxuriously furnished house artist. Take care of the kids busy dad help the nurse and other staff. In children's rooms is spacious and beautiful, and the number of toys the envy of any shop of goods for children. Meanwhile time goes on and the brother and sister grow up. We will remind you the birthdays of the children of Philip Kirkorov: 26 November (2011) – Alla-Vic, 29 June (2012) – Martin-Cristo. All holidays are celebrated on a large scale, the artist often travels with her grown-up children. Today in his interview with the king of pop claims that will not hide from kids the secret of their birth, but allows them to self-ask the question.

Children of Philip Kirkorov told about the mother

Not long ago, the artist really "brought" their babies into the world. Philip agreed to take part in shooting the program of the NTV channel, in which presenter and a film crew visited his house and personally talked to Alla-Victoria and Martin Cristo.

birthdays of the children of Philip Kirkorov

Children of Philip Kirkorov was very nice and developed, they normally perceived the presence of strangers in the house and answered various questions. But most of all journalists and spectators were struck by the story that the family in addition to daddy have “mother, Natasha”. The artist himself commented on this news in the abstract, it only confirmed that his children actually grow in a full family, but whom they consider the mother –silence.

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