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Alexey Prokurorov - the famous Russian athlete. Became the world champion and the Olympic games in skiing. Has the title of honored master of sports of the USSR.

Biography of an athlete

Alexei prokurorov

Alex Prosecutors born in the Vladimir region in 1964. He was born in the small village of Mishino, situated in the Murom district.

In the national team was introduced in 1985 at the world University games. In this competition he first announced itself publicly to the whole world. Alexei Prosecutors won three medals. He helped the team win the relay race (4 stages for 10 miles each), was second in the 30-kilometer race and got the bronze medal in the 15-kilometer route.

In 1986 it became officially enter the national team on a regular basis.

Olympics in Canada

prosecutors Alexei

In 1988, 24-year-old Prosecutors Alexei went to the winter Olympic games in calgary, Canada in the USSR team. This Olympics was his first and most successful.

Success came to him on the second race of the competition. The first (15 km classical style) is better managed his compatriot Michael Devyatyarov, who won the gold. It is noteworthy that bronze was the Soviet skier Vladimir Smirnov. And only silver medal was able to pick up the Norwegian Gender Gunnar Michelles.

For a distance of 30 km classical style Alex Prosecutors came in great shape and showed a brilliant time. To this day no one has been able to compete for victory on the track. The hero of this article won the gold medal. The second was his compatriot Vladimir Smirnov, bronze in another Norwegian, Vegard Ulvang.


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It is Worth noting that the Olympics in General was successful for the Soviet skiers. Women's national team of the USSR won the relay gold medals were won Vincene View (at a distance of 10 km classical style) and Tamara Tikhonova (20 km classical style).

Men's national team of the USSR, which was Alex Prosecutors, Vladimir Smirnov, Vladimir Sakhnov, Mikhail Devyatyarov, won silver in the relay. The victory went to the Swedish team.

Olympic flag-bearer

Alexei prosecutors biography

Alexey Prokurorov - the skier who has participated in five Olympic games. Twice, in Nagano, Japan in 1998 and salt lake city in 2002 - was the flag bearer of the national team at the solemn opening ceremony.

However, to win any Olympic medals is no longer managed. In 2002 in salt lake city, he came to the rank of veteran. He was already 38 years old.

Win at the world Championships

prosecutors Alexei brief biography

After the success at the Olympic games Alexei Prosecutors, whose biography is closely connected with the sport, has achieved success at the world Championships.

In 1989, the Finnish Lahti was third in the marathon at 50 kilometers. In 1993 he won the bronze medal in the relay 4 stage 10 kilometers together with Andrey Kirillov, Igor Badamshin and Michael Botvinevym.

In 1995, became the third in the world championship in the canadian thunder Bay at a distance of 30 km classical style.

Success in Trondheim

The Most successful of his career was the world championship in 1997, which was held in the Norwegian Trondheim. For the tournament he came with an experienced mentor, Olympic champion 1980, Vasily Pavlovich Recebim.

The First distance - 30 km free style with separate start. Wins a brilliant victory Prosecutors Alexei. A short biography of an athlete must contain the time in which he went the distance. 1 hour 6 minutes and 28 seconds. His closest rival, the Norwegian Bjoern deli behind for 17 seconds, even more lost to another Norwegian, Tomas Alsgaard.

A few days Later at a distance of 10 km classical style Prosecutors and Bjorn Daly swapped. This time he won the Norwegian, driving distance in 23 minutes and 41 seconds. And the Russians fell behind by almost half a minute. The third was a Finnish skier Mika myllyla.

The same three athletes were on the podium in the pursuit of free style. Norway again took the gold, Finnish athlete climbed to the second tier, and Prosecutors became the third. The fight for the silver medal was fought to the last, the winner was decided literally in the final shot. Prosecutors lost six-tenths of a second.


Alexei prosecutors skier

Officially, the end of his career, the hero of our article was announced in 2002. After the world Cup in Lillehammer. At the time he was 39.

Four years Later, after returning from sabbatical, Prosecutors, was appointed senior coach of the national women's team of Russia in ski racing. Began actively to prepare the team for the upcoming tournaments, willingly shared their rich experiences. Many noted that he was easily able to find a common language with clients.

However, long time to work out as a coach, he failed. In October 2008, Prosecutors died as a result of a traffic accident in his native Vladimir. His death hit by car VAZ-2114,when he crossed the road on the street Uritsky in the district of the Vladimir train station.

As the investigation revealed, while driving there was a drunk 23-year-old local resident, who also did not have a driver's license for six months.

At high speed he was unable to fit into a corner and knocked down a pedestrian. Farewell to an Olympic champion was held in Vladimir, in the building of the local Palace of culture. Prosecutors were awarded a place on the walk of fame a city cemetery.

His bright career, which began with big victories, ended a modest performance at the world Cup. But life does ended ridiculous and accidental.

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