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Almost everyone has friends. And all his friends from time to time there are such holidays as birthday or anniversary. Many women friends that are representatives of a strong half of mankind. And many of us are faced with the problem of what to prepare congratulations friend on a birthday or anniversary. I want to congratulate your friend, make him happy and surprise. I present to you some useful ideas for the realization of this idea.

First, congratulations to the friend of a man should be unusual if you want it to always remember your surprise. You can secret from your friend to prepare a party with a bunch of your good friends and acquaintances, then everything will be fun. Friends will take turns to congratulate and toast, so that even the host would not be necessary. You can play with your friend: you need to prepare everything so that directly from the street or from the house he was taken “police” and brought the confused birthday in a Banquet hall or cafe, where they will expect it all friends.

Prepare games and competitions to ensure that guests do not get bored and not addicted to alcohol, or the party has all chances to develop into a regular booze, after which the birthday boy the next morning even can not remember.

As a congratulations with anniversary other, you can start the gala evening with the presentation, it's good that now everyone has a personal computer or laptop with the help of which it can be prepared. Take the most interesting and funny photos of your friend, which will bring pleasant memories. These photos come up with funny comments, and then the evening will be started on an optimistic wave.

Learn or invest in a nice big card a few beautiful toasts that you say in honor of your friend. Fun to prepare a gift for the celebrant – a roll of toilet paper. As the unfolding of the roll of the birthday boy read some kind of ridiculous story written by you and laugh at funny pictures. Type a funny story with pictures and affix with tape the entire length of the roll. Such a “valuable” and original gift sure to please the birthday boy!

Preparing congratulations to each man, and don't forget about the guests, and they can get bored and start looking for entertainment glass. You can spend funny skits and games. For example, after a toast, uttered in love, to hold “love” competition: pass the orange to each other without using their hands or a bottle clutched between his legs; crush balloon booty.

The Main thing is not to let the evening went by itself, you need to entertain guests gaming and comic competitions. If you have not enough imagination, after all, contact a professional toastmaster, who will pick up any scenario of the birthday party.

If it so happened that the birthday or anniversary of your friend you are in another city and are unable to personally congratulate the other, you can use the services of mail and send a gift with it. Only go there in advance, let the gift come to the destination a little earlier than late. Also allowed the option to send voice greetings to a friend-a man on a mobile or landline phone, fortunately now there are many services that provide this service.

True friendship – the great happiness is not given to all people, so you must strive to maintain this warm, stable relationships. And preparing for the birthday or another important day in the life of your friend, turn on all your imagination to pleasantly surprise their mate. The gift need not be purchased and expensive, and using a roll of toilet paper to lift the mood of the person so that he will remember this day for life!

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