What is pastis? When and how to use it?


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What sacrifices do not go to women to seduce men: don not always comfortable Thong, buying expensive underwear, decide on the painful procedure of hair removal. In General, doing all that male attention went only to them. But today, the representatives of the stronger sex is almost no surprise. Perfect body in beautiful lingerie I see many, but not every man sees a girl on the chest which there is no bra, but at the same time her nipples are covered. We are talking about the lining, called pasticada. Today we learn what these erotic stickers, how to wear and properly care.what is pastis

General information

Some people don't know what pastis. But now increasingly, you can hear it from the lips of a fashionable and modern women. Pastis — it's a silicone pad on the nipples. She stick on his chest, covers only the core of the breast. These pads do not smell, do not cause allergies, they can be used many times.


What is pastis clear now, but looks like this accessory, many people do not know. Nipple covers can be different, for example:

In heart.

- In the form of roses.

- Pestici colorless round.

- Stickers in various patterns: red roses, bows, butterflies, skull, maple leaf, palms, strawberries, bells, lips, etc.

- Pastis with tassels hanging.

- furry Lining.

- stickers with the chains.pestici colorless

How to use overlays?

Some women don't know how to fasten pastey, but actually it is very simple. There are 2 ways of attaching these brackets.

  1. With the help of adhesive strips. A small piece of strip is glued to the chest, there is pastis. The advantage of this method — the fastness of adhesion of the overlay. Drawback — an unpleasant procedure peeling of pastis.
  2. With a special adhesive. Glue is applied to the pad, pressed to the chest. Plus the method — pestis lasts long enough. Minus — glue long soaks.

When to use?

Many celebrities are used at various events pestis. Why are these pads? To show the chest, to attract the attention of others? Actually use pastis possible in different situations:

  1. On the beach for a smooth even tan.
  2. As the erotic complement to the diversity of sexual life.
  3. To hide your nipples under sheer clothing easy.
  4. In the Solarium for protection from ultraviolet radiation.

By the Way, the first time pastis demonstrated Dita von Teese. After that, the silicon cap was used, and other stars of the screen — Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and of course, Lady Gaga.why you need pastis

Pastis sun

To Stand out with something on the beach hard, especially if you're not the owner of a bust of the 5th dimension, or priests, like Jennifer Lopez. The girls, dressed in simple suits, men won't stare. You can not say about those ladies, on the nipple which will be pastey. Even if the woman will not differ a big bust, anyway it will draw the attention of the male gender. Pastis — is the choice of bold girls who want guys admired and was fond of them.

In addition, these pads provide a women a great tan. Swimsuit body will tan unevenly. Where the skin is covered from sun, will be visible bands. And it looks in the end is not very aesthetically pleasing. The body was covered with a beautiful even tan, you can use these pads. Then the nipple will be closed from the sometimes harmful sun, and the skin will become dark everywhere.


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This is a type of pestsov. Stikine use only in a Solarium. These pads are small in size circles, which is also glued on the nipples. Stikine, most often made of foil. The purpose of these linings — protect nipples from harmful radiation. The difference stikine from pastis — shelf-life. Pads that are meant for tanning, disposable.

Decoration of an erotic nature

Dance beloved man on February 23, the strip — this is a great gift. Of course, some erotic dance can be beautiful without underwear? It is a prerequisite. Transparent negligee, lace panties drives men crazy. But the boys just could not see behind the transparent underwear your nipples, you can hide with the help of pestsov. That way she will be able to delay the moment of approach of, to surprise her chosen new accessory. Certainly, these pads will please every man. They will attract the attention of the opposite sex to the chest, will incite in men a desire for closeness, passion.how to fasten pastis

Storing Rules

What is pastis should know all the girls, but they also have to buy this accessory and take advantage of them. Since these pads are reusable, you need to know how to properly care for them to extend their life:

  1. Store pestici can attach them on glass or mirror. You can also save this erotic sticker in plastic film.
  2. If the overlay is already poorly attached, you can lock it using any cream that issafe for the skin.
  3. Glue pastes only on dry and clean chest. Before using this accessory you need to get rid of cosmetics: creams, lotions, and other tools. If not washed off the perfume and care products, that can damage the adhesive surface and then the decal will not stick.
  4. If a woman wants to remove pastes, she needs to know what to get him should be very careful not to damage the skin. After removing the sticker it is necessary to rinse with water, blot with a soft cloth.


In this article, you learned what pastis and why do you need this plate. Erotic accessory, protection from ultraviolet radiation, absorbing object for men — it's all about the sticker. World stars are not ashamed to appear in public in a revealing outfit, in which they cover the nipples pestis. Maybe normal women should try this erotic accessory? Men from him, will definitely delight.

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