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Among the many ways to predict the future occupy a place of honor interpretation of dreams. And really, a lot of times, it was noticed that to see a specific event or item for sleeping – to specific changes in fate. So they drew up horoscopes – alphabetical predictors of dreams. Using them is very easy. For example, you want to know what dream of his own death. Looking for verbal list beginning with “”, and find the desired word. Some interpreters of the book and even give the extended meaning of an event in a dream.
In this article we will try to explain the meaning of death in dreams. You will know what dream of his own death, the symbolic interpretation of this vision in different dream books. Let's start with the dream book of Gustavus Miller.

Gustav Miller and his dream. What dreams own death or the death of someone

If in a dream die is one of the people close to you warn you again. Obviously, you are coming ordeal, which it is better to try to survive with honor. When you hear the voice of a dead friend - that's bad news. If your deceased father talks to you in a dream, do not do anything that is not considered as it follows: perhaps you built against the wiles and intrigues. What happens when in a dream he saw death? Whether you are a man or a woman, after such a dream try to be more thoughtful in life, not to commit rash acts. Otherwise you'll have regret. Sometimes in dreams you can hold a conversation dead mother. Then make time for your health, try to be more professional and control your emotions.
If you dream of a dead brother, and you are talking with him, you need to show someone mercy and compassion, perhaps, to help this man.
If you talk with the dead, which looks joyful and laughing, a life-path you somewhere «missed”. Now need to fix their mistakes before they become a stumbling block in your life. Conversation with the deceased relative who requires you he promised to do, indicates a future depression, lack of vitality. During this period, you will kindly advice your friends and relatives. By the way, when you hear a deceased relative, your perception is set to a specific warning from the near future from a higher power. When you do something in a dream deceased loved ones, it is better to listen to their parting words. These dreams affect the subconscious, awakening hidden knowledge about the future in your head.

What dreams his own death according to the dream book of Nostradamus
If you saw yourself dead, when you sleep, all the way around. Many years of life you provided. And when you dream of death of a loved one, the survivor will be it. And to live this man will be happy. If you died a lot of people, and you dream about it – congratulations. It was you who canceled the proverbial end of the world in his dream. Mankind will live for centuries. If you die in your dreams, some known public figure with a world name, for example, a politician, expect the cruel strife in the struggle for political power after his real death. For the scale of a single country it would end a public feud, or even to start a world war.
What dream of death ill person? To the Grand events predicted by Nostradamus. Depart a terrible disease of the twentieth century, which was considered incurable – AIDS. Against her will find a powerful medicine, and by the time the disease is completely destroyed.
Too bad to see the suffering of dying in my sleep. It is a cruel and dangerous event in your personal life or even the fate of an entire people.
You got a common symbolic interpretation via e-dream interpretation. Own death or someone dying in a dream - all of this will have an impact on your life. Heed the warnings, and your life will be smoother and more enjoyable.

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