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Numerology as the phenomenon is very common in different Nations. In addition, it gives you this kind of ancient cultural phenomenon that even approximately to specify when she came to us.

One of the earliest sources of the acts of the Vedic system in which whole sections built entirely on the magic of numbers. In both Western and Vedic system of numerology of names is most often ensured by conducting different sorts of activities on numbers the values of the letters. This is understandable, because, as a rule, people known and samoidentifikatsiya, first of all its name or by its name.

A Feature of Vedic tradition, is that there usually is taken to consideration first and last name together at the same time. To explain this, too, is quite simple, since ancient times, the Hindus, the name evolved from the name and the ancestral (clan), and therefore it was assumed that in these two words lies the focus of your own destiny and devoted by inheritance. Later, as mention of the Upanishads, to these names were added one word that represented either a nickname, or a nickname that was given to man in accordance with his social status or recognition of his position in society. By the way, this tradition existed in Europe, for example in Ancient Rome, where the most distinguished citizens received the right to name a triple – Titus Lucretius Carus, Julius Caesar, each of which corresponds to the above value.

Thus, for numerological procedure, we have three words-name, surname and patronymic.

Vedistov the effect of these words is manifested individually, that is, in one case, a person can only be called by name, in another – by name, in third – on a middle name. And if numerology name and date of birth already contains the original number, then the Vedic tradition suggests the necessity of an initial assignment of numeric values to words-their names.


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Vedistov numerology name, surname, patronymic comes from the universal recognition of human rebirth-samsara, which is remarkable in that each subsequent cycle of life contains within itself something of the previous and transferred it from one cycle to the other using the vibrations of fate-karma. These vibrations manifest in the fact that the family name carries the hereditary destiny of your ancestors. Own name – active and represents your personal will in this world. Patronymic – passive; it represents your closest relationships and features.

Vedic numerology name, surname, patronymic allocates “Soul” and “Fate”. These numbers are determined by the middle name and surname. The main is the “Name”. It defines human social life, for example, the Hindus it was shown that the husband's name was added to the name of the bride after the wedding.

The importance attached to bedesteni and the first letter of the name. This letter, or rather its karmic value, communicates directly with rush – with the corresponding sign of the Zodiac, or with parameters works – consistent with the letter of the constellation.

Vedic numerology name, surname, patronymic draws attention to the differences that exist between people and which are determined by the parity/odd parity of the Number Name. Those who possess an even number, as a rule, people of the mysterious, gifted, prone to philosophical exercises and glamour. The owners of an odd Number Name - shy, their creative potential, as a rule, hidden, calm, it's people who have “reveal”.

The name of the person, as already noted, contains, and simultaneously emits a vibration. It is important that these vibrations were in harmony. You can check this on matching harmonic matching Numbers, Souls, Name and Destiny.

The Harmony between the first and the second creates excellent conditions for development of friendship and friendly relations. The one whose Number of Name and Destiny in harmony will remain a good memory about themselves for other people, even after death.

But, says Vedic numerology name, surname, patronymic, if you found the disharmony between the Name and Numbers of Souls and Destiny, then you should think about what in your life should change and change immediately.

So says the Vedic tradition.

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