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Probably every expert will agree that hunting deer – a serious challenge for a real hunter. She is such a danger, as a bear, elk or wild boar, ROE deer but you'll be careful.

Desirable prey

To get to her at a distance of direct shot can not everyone experienced hunter, not to mention beginners. To check out become successful, you need to know some secrets of hunting for deer, as well as be prepared properly. An important advantage is the fact that to go on this beast can be both alone and with a big company.

The Choice of equipment and ammunition

Much of the success of hunting deer is depends on how to choose the right equipment, what kind of ammunition you will use.

To Begin with, what are you going to get a very sensitive and gentle animal. Any sound or strange sound scared him. And for the deer to run for a few minutes a few kilometres is nothing. You will then have an hour to go on her trail, and perhaps quite unsuccessfully.

Therefore, great attention should be paid to shoes. If hunting is in the warm season, it is best to approach well-worn ankle boots or light sneakers. In the cold season, a good option is the boots or boots. To wear new leather boots on a hunt just not worth it – they can creak when walking, and this sound is sure to attract the attention of the deer as unknown.

Good camouflage is half the battle

Attention should be paid to clothing. She has as well to hide you in the woods. Therefore, many experienced hunters choose army camo. For most forests is well suited to domestic "birch" and "flora", Ukrainian "Dubok" or German "flektarn". These colouring allow you to literally melt into the woods – standing behind a Bush, the hunter becomes virtually invisible from a distance of 3-5 meters.

In winter, the best choice would be a white dress – you can also use army camouflage Bathrobe.

It is also Very important to choose the right ammunition. Most hunters use the smoothbore weapons of domestic and foreign manufacturers. In this case, it is desirable to use large buckshot – 6. The bullet hit the target at long range is problematic. And smaller buckshot, not to mention about the roll, often seriously hurt the prey, but it gives her the opportunity to get away for a great distance before dying.

More and more hunters are complaining about the low quality of the purchase of cartridges, I prefer to fit them at home. In this case, it can be loaded in the cartridge a bullet of smaller caliber (e.g., 20 for shotgun 12 caliber) and several large buckshot. This increases the chances of a successful shot.

Choosing the best weather

If you're going hunting, don't want to know the weather forecast.

Summer weather is less of a factor. The constant rustle of grass and foliage hides the sounds blurs them. And to hide in the thick underbrush and green bushes is much easier than in the December woods, where the trees are bare.

But if you're going hunting for deer in the winter, be sure to learn more about the upcoming weather. It will be clear weather and light wind. Thanks to the cloudless sky production will be seen from afar. The wind will also turn off the steps of the hunter and, more importantly, to bear the smell. Of course, it can help both people and production. Because the ROE deer has a very keen sense of smell. You need to skillfully use the wind, coming from downwind, so that the beast wouldn't notice anything for as long as possible.

When and Where to shoot?

One of the prerequisites for successful fishing is knowing at what point and what distance to shoot – there are certain rules about hunting for deer. If you're holding a shotgun, loaded with buckshot large, the optimal distance for shooting is 30-40 m Closer to get almost never fails. Besides, at a distance of 15-20 m the spread of buckshot is usually small. As a result, to get to the ROE deer is much more difficult, and if the shot is good, the carcass is literally crammed with mangled and lead.

Same Shoot from a greater distance is meaningless. The probability that the buckshot, piercing the animal's skin, just don'tgets to vital organs. Because of this the hunter is able to boast a trophy and the deer will get very painful wounds, which are unlikely to kill her, but will bring a lot of pain. Of course, a true nature lover would never want to hurt an innocent animal so much pain.

lucky shot

It is Very important to know where to aim. The most successful places are:

  • Head;
  • Neck;
  • Chest:
  • Front shoulder blade.

Hit in the head allows you to instantly put deer – ideal for the experienced shooter. Once in the neck, you can be sure – the pet will quickly bleed out and die. Don't have long for him to run, and to suffer it won't be long.

Hit in the chest and under the front blade almost always leads to failure of the heart or lungs. Deer die pretty quickly.

Hunting of waiting in ambush

The Most quiet, but as it seems some hunters, boring kind of fishing.

You Must wait until the mining suit, sitting in a specially equipped rig. It is in close proximity to the trails of the animals for which they are at least a few times a day. Often the tower from the inside upholster with felt, set the bench there. Have to wait a long time, so the opportunity to sit will be very useful. And thanks to the felt is used as sound insulation, reduces the likelihood that the animal will hear the hunter – he can sneeze, awkward to turn or something.

It is very important perseverance and patience. It's really complicated – over several hours of sitting, almost motionless, not talking, not being distracted by extraneous classes.

The Advantage is the fact that hunting for deer do not get too active – the production itself will approach to the desired distance. You have to wait for the right moment and just shoot.

Hunting with the approach

This method is much more complicated as described above. Sometimes you have to walk many miles before you can find loot. Usually hunting deer with an approach gets in the winter. It is desirable to have smooth-bore guns, rifled, at least with the weak, for example double, optics.

Reliable SKS with optics

The Hunter had to look for places where they feed the animals, to determine the wind direction (some experts specifically carry in my pocket a few light feathers out of a pillow or a handful of talc in this case) and get to leeward. Also is very important in complete silence. But to pass on the crisp snow, under which are hidden the branches and dry grass without attracting attention of the deer, very difficult. She's barely let hunter's to themselves at a distance of 40 m (distance steady shot from a shotgun). If you have a rifled rifle or carbine (SVD, Tigr, SKS, saiga-M), dramatically increases the likelihood that hunting deer with approach will be successful.

Hunting RAID

Pretty simple, but productive and very exciting kind of hunting. It requires the participation of several, and preferably several tens of fans of this truly masculine hobby.

Hunting for deer paddock is in two groups. First up the chain on the well sweep the area. Second, moving away for a few miles, goes to meet them, actively noise-talking, whistling, shouting, banging on trees with a stick. Scare deer run to the first group and fall under the shot.

Get in this will not be easy

It is Worth noting that such hunting deer is quite dangerous. Arrow must completely trust each other and have strong nerves. Otherwise there is a risk that inexperienced hunter, captured by the excitement, shot noise and hurts his own comrades.

Let's stay on track

Most Often it is hunting for deer in the winter. And here is also useful rifles – often necessary to shoot at a distance of 100-150 m, and even more.

Hunter wanders through the habitat of the beast until, until you find fresh snow. Therefore, it is best to go after the light snowfall – he will primorosa old path, after you need to track. This requires perseverance and serious physical training, a weak man, not accustomed to the woods will not stand.

From Afar, seeing the prey (in this case it would be useful to have a 4-8-fold binoculars), the hunter chooses a suitable route and moving very cautiously, approaching to the distance of the shot.

Using a decoy

A Quality decoy in experienced hands can dramatically improve the chances of a successful hunt. Suitable for both single and group check-out.

Decoy certainly be useful

There are certain, clearly defined timeframe hunting deer with call – from mid-July to end of August. This device simulates the sound of a female, the males, which at this time is the gun, hearing the cry of conscription, be sure to rush right to the hunter. This is especially true in late summer. By this time the rut ends, the females ready to mate, becomes smaller, the males pay maximum attention to each of them that plays into the hands of the hunter.

Whether to Take the dog?

This is a very good question – not always the dogable to help his master when hunting deer. Still, it's a very careful production, and many dogs are not ready to sit still in silence, the risk to spook the animal when it increases significantly. Greyhound is usually not able to catch up to him.

Beautiful husky

But hunting deer with husky acquired considerable popularity. However it is usually used only for persecution as long and hard on the trail, helping the owner to navigate in a dense forest. The presence of well-trained dogs makes it easy to find a wounded deer, even if she managed to escape for a few kilometers – to independently overcome such a distance, not having lost the trail, only by very experienced hunters.


Now you know everything you need about hunting the deer in different ways, as well as the correct gear. Due to this, your chances of returning home with a rich trophy seriously increase.

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