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install apk

Starting work with any android gadget, you will find pre-installed Google play market. After clicking on the icon the device will prompt you to register. Be sure to do it as otherwise you will not be able to download the updates of installed programs, synced through cloud services and much more. After completing the registration process, the user enters the online store, where you can download free apps, music, movies, e-books or purchase them. Here you will find everything you need. At the moment in the market is more than 700 thousand apps. In theory, set all of the programs from there, install APK automatically, but in this case, it is a lot to pay.

android install apk

There is an alternative way to install apps. The fact that there are craftsmen who hacked the downloaded content and provide him free access to the Internet. Users only need to find a resource on this topic, then download and write files on android. Installing the APK is not a difficult task. You only need to run the file Manager and click on the appropriate file. Then you can sit back in his chair, as installing the APK as a direct download from the store Play market, will happen automatically.

However, there are two cases worth mentioning. First, the built-in file Manager can not read APK. Setting the content in this case will be a little difficult. Secondly, your machine manufacturer can not set the file browser. In such cases, before performing the above steps, you will have to download a file Manager app from the official market. For example, free Astro file manager. To download just enter the name of the desired conduit in the search bar on the online store.


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Unfortunately, installing the APK often not the only procedure that you must perform before you run the program. This is particularly true when it comes to games.

apk install

Often the amount of data one game can be equal to 2-3 GB, and of-the-art it reaches 6 GB. Of course, if the installation files were this size, then install the APK, even on the most powerful gadgets, would last for several hours. The solution is simple: you install the APK, create a folder in which you want to copy the cache (main game files). It should be noted that if you have access to high speed Wi-FI, the cache, and you can download.

In conclusion, I want to say that if you decide to purchase the first android gadget, naturally you will have questions. Never fear, because with time you will master your device, and in return receive everything to which have grown accustomed modern man: access to a worldwide network anywhere, Skype and social networks, as well as fun. Modern tablets and smart phones can play videos of almost any reasonable resolution, play high-end graphics comparable with a computer, and the extension displays some models is just tremendous, which guarantees high quality images.

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