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If you need to change the IMEI on your phone, this article will provide complete and correct information about what is IMEI code, what is it for, and how to change it.

What is IMEI

You May have already encountered this concept, then you know that the IMEI is used to identify your phone. But all is not so simple as it seems at first glance. IMEI - abbreviation of the name International Mobile Equipment Identity. It stands for "international mobile equipment identity". This set of numbers unique to each phone device. This number is used in phones, tablets, as well as some satellite phones. In addition to simple identification IMEI is used to block device access to cellular network. The frequency of the thefts of smartphones are big worldwide, and the IMEI of the phone has become a necessary security measure.


Why you actually need this code

If your cell phone was stolen you can notify the service provider. It blocks the access of the device to its network. Code the police can identify stolen device, because the missing phones recorded in the database. The owner needs to take responsibility for their gadget and store pre-recorded code in a safe place in case on the phone to see it fail. ID has nothing to do with the SIM card in the stolen phone even after factory reset and replacing SIM card, phone IMEI is the same. When you buy the phone from the hands using this identifier to easily determine whether the net ins and outs of the device. Also with the help of IMEI you can lock your phone through your mobile operator. Among other things, the interests of the investigation on the IMEI of the device can be bugged.

How to test

There is no standard command to check the code. Most phones will display the IMEI when dialing *#06#. When ordinary inspection on the street or for handwritten checks that is enough. Of course, there are other ways to find IMEI-code, they are different for different manufacturers. On iOS you need to go to "Settings", section "General", "About phone". On an Android device in "Settings" "About phone". When talking about the phone Sony or Sony Ericsson - press the keyboard command Right, Left, Left, Left. On devices such as the Blackberry or the new Sony Ericsson, you want to find in the options menu section “Status”.


How to change IMEI on Android

To begin, you must enter the engineering menu. It is hidden, but revealed when typing special commands for each individual model. After enter the menu sequence is the following: go to Connectivity -> CDS. Information, to expand the Radio Information tab, and click on the line 1 Phone. Active IMEI will be written in the first field. To replace it, write EGMR=1,7,"New ID", and need a code to specify in parentheses. In conclusion, you need to confirm actions completed by pressing SEND AT COMMAND, and restart the phone.


IPTV settings

IPTV settings "Rostelecom". IPTV channels

Analog TV is gradually disappearing into the background. His place faster pace is a free IPTV Rostelecom. And it's really convenient, because digital channels to look better because of better picture, sound. But first you need to clarify some points....

In Addition to this method, it is possible to replace IMEI with the help of special software. A number of utilities, such as Mobile Uncle, Xposed IMEI Changer, allow to change IMEI without much difficulty.

For example, analyze the procedure in the application Xposed IMEI Changer. After running go to the tab "Modules", to mark the module IMEI Changer and reboot the device. After that again open the program, in the field for the new ID to enter the desired numbers and restart the phone.

Before applying these methods, it is necessary to carefully check whether this method is suitable to your phone model.

phone imei

How to change IMEI on iPhone

Simple and safe way to change the IMEI code of the gadget from Apple does not exist. Unfortunately or fortunately, those numbers are embedded into chips, and modify them by some simple manipulations impossible. But, of course, there are hacking tools and techniques. They are mainly used by cyber criminals to implement the stolen technology. To change IMEI is possible only together with the motherboard of the phone. But then it will be a completely different device, retained from the previous only case.

how to change imei on iphone


Changing the IMEI-code is a category of criminal acts. It's good to know those who are trying to do this procedure on someone else's phone. Detailed information is given in the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, articles 272-273. Also, be aware that changing the ID can cause malfunction of phone and in any case would deprive him of the warranty. Self-change IMEI - very dangerous and unpredictable action. Do not start any manipulations with the phone, not being sure of a positive result.

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