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All well-known manufacturer of Bosh, before you present to the world another new, not only conducts many tests, but uses all available methods to ensure maximum safety. To washing machine MAXX 4 pleased his master as long as possible, the set to her compulsory included detailed instructions to help ensure proper care and use.

It is Worth noting that some people find it easier to understand the material described by visualization, therefore, to explain important issues especially as the add-on has schematic pictures. But before you start using the device, you should be familiar with the safety precautions and General rules and recommendations of the Bosch. bosch maxx 4 manual

Safe operation

In accordance with the instructions for the washing machine Bosch MAXX 4

  1. The Device must be connected only to cold water supply. The lineup is intended only for use in the home.
  2. Not recommended to keep the device small children and Pets.
  3. Heat protective glass cover during washing can reach high temperatures, so to touch him during the process is not recommended.
  4. Touch in the control system and the electrical cord of the washing machine only with dry hands.

To reduce the likelihood of premature failure of the device and causing harm to consumers, you must comply with all rules of operation of the device prescribed in instrukcii for Bosch MAXX 4.

The Process of installation: features

When the washing machine is brought home, the first thing you need to remove the transit bolts. As a rule, they are installed in the store to maintain the proper condition of the internal parts. Most often used four bolts. To get rid of them, you must use SW 13.


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washing machine bosch maxx 4 manual

As for connections, in accordance with the instructions for the washing machine Bosch MAXX 4 there are two ways you can attach a hose to the water supply: using a separate pipe or by mixer located in the bathroom or the sink in the kitchen. In each case, the inlet hose should be fastened to the special tee. The second part is connected to the machine.

As for the organization of the drain in any case, the hole must be located a minimum distance of 60 cm from the beginning of the floor. Definitely need to use a clamp, which will help to reduce the likelihood of leaks.

In accordance with the instruction manual Bosch MAXX 4 WFC 2060, the installation of the appliance must be level. For this purpose, suitable special building line or a regular glass of water. The maximum slope should not be more than 2 degrees Celsius.

First launch

The Manufacturer in the operating instructions for Bosch MAXX 4 recommends that the first time running the device without underwear. This can be done with a special starting means or ordinary washing powder. The composition is poured into the compartment for the main wash and run the standard loop on the “Cotton 60". Such activities will allow you to clean the washing machine from industrial dirt and prepare it for a load of Laundry.

 bosch maxx 4 instruction manual

Programs and functions of the model range

Select the desired program a using the universal handle, which turns in both directions. Speaking about the functionality of the MAXX 4, with the various modes it is possible to cope with the serious and old dirt, washable without any harm to delicate clothes and children's clothes, sports gear and even shoes. Although each mode implies its own temperature and, if necessary, all parameters can be changed independently.

bosch maxx 4 wfc 2060 manual

Also, separately, you can initiate the rinse and spin cycle. It all depends on the task representation by the user. In addition to the machine is not strongly vibrated, the number of revolutions can be reduced down to 600. But in this case the linen will be more saturated with water. If the thing is delicate, the additional rinse cycle also, always have handy. The a quick wash, usually used in case if clothes or linen you just need to refresh. In the instructions for Bosch MAXX 4 WFC 2063 OE in more detail, you can see the table where for each mode shown. Maximum wash time is 135 minutes.


For those who have this model is not the first washing machine, start washing, do not make the big work. As a rule, first we need to make sure that she really connected to the power supply. It happens that because of the rush of consumers make mistakes in choosing the wash program. Do not despair, because to choose another mode it is still possible. It is necessary to carry out the following procedure:

  1. Move the controller select the program to zero.
  2. Expect a couple of seconds, and then select the program that you planned to use previously.
  3. Press start and the washing machine begins the process in accordance with the newly selected mode.


In the instructions for Bosch MAXX 4 the manufacturer notes that the device will lastlonger, if it were cared for properly. It is also important to use it only for its intended purpose.

Dispensers of where to put washing powder, fabric softener also must be periodically cleaned, because over time, the plaque, the powder will not be removed from the compartment. As a rule, the procedure must be repeated every four washing.

bosch maxx 4 wfc 2063 oe manual

In accordance with the instruction manual, Bosch MAXX 4 is not recommended to use for washing not intended for washing machines means. For example, powders for hand wash creates a rich foam. You also cannot use the finely grated soap – it can clog boroscoping.

Only exact matching of user manual Bosch MAXX 4 will assess all the benefits and quality equipment is a leading manufacturer of household appliances.

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