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When it comes to indestructible smartphones, almost everyone seems to be a kind of “brick” with characteristics of five-and even ten years ago. The truth in this bias really is: many manufacturers focus on the survival of the gadget, and a set of chipsets complement as a residual.

blackview bv8000 pro reviews

The New device from Blackview completely destroys the stereotypes and the model BV8000 Pro can be called a breakthrough in the segment of mobile devices. The device got on Board the attractive and powerful “stuffing”, and its capabilities are comparable with the usual premium smartphones.

So the character of the article – smartphone Blackview BV8000 Pro. User reviews, the advantages and disadvantages of the gadget, and the feasibility of its purchase will be considered in this review.

The package

The Device comes in a white box made of thick cardboard. Design can not be called original, because the entire design rests on a solid white color with modest blue accents in the corners of the package. There are no beautiful girls, holding the phone, no sunsets – only a bare white background.

On the flip side there is a sparse specification, icon awards at some shows and a couple of custom owner reviews for Blackview BV8000 Pro in the form of praises. And, again, all made “black and white”, without a hint of other colors. Why such a paucity is not entirely clear, but we are still more interested in the contents of the box, not the wrapper.


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blackview bv8000 pro ip68 reviews


  • The smartphone Blackview BV8000 Pro;
  • Reviews and other advertising information leaflets;
  • AC charger for 2A;
  • USB cable for recharging and synchronization with your PC (type C);
  • Headphones
  • OTG-train;
  • Adapter USB -> micro-USB;
  • A tool to install the SIM card and external SD media;
  • The manual, including the Russian language;
  • Warranty.

The Package can be called full, that is the principle – got and enjoy it. Owners in their reviews Blackview BV8000 Pro especially were pleased with the presence of rare OTG cable and a USB adapter, which usually had to be bought separately. Tool-small screwdriver looks impressive and not like the regular Chinese consumer goods. The only instruction was a confusing and with too much of the original design, so it will have to study seriously and carefully.


The Main objective of such devices-it's nice to look and to work where other smartphones can not do it. Our Respondent fully complies with this requirement. The design is noticeable that the designers tried to give the gadget the external similarity to the premium phones. Judging by the owner reviews on Blackview BV8000 Pro (IP68), then half of the users felt the smartphone is brutal and expensive the device.

smartphone blackview bv8000 pro reviews

The Housing is made of metal and high quality plastic. Almost the whole front is a five-inch display, protected by a strong glass of the third class from the venerable “Gorilla”. The bottom is located the usual platform “Android” buttons: “Back”, “Home” and “Menu”. There you can see the front camera lens and sensors of lighting and approximation.

Design Features

The Device has a metallic perimeter, and corners are rubberized inserts. Last with reliability to protect the device from drops. On the right side, you can see the power button, fingerprint sensor and press the camera shutter. The manufacturer listened to user suggestions and feedback on past generations of gadgets and moved the fingerprint scanner on the side. On the one hand, it is unusual, but, judging by the reviews on Blackview BV8000 Pro, very convenient to operate. It should also be noted that the sensor works quickly, correctly, and almost instantly gives its user access.

blackview bv8000 pro owner reviews

On the opposite side is a volume rocker and button functions, which can be adjusted on almost any action, for which also many thanks to the designers.


The Device is protected from moisture and dust according to IP68 standard, the device will be quite normal to feel and work at depths up to three meters, with no time limit. In addition, the smartphone is not afraid of falling on bare pavement from a height of human growth and sharp change of temperature conditions.

Users in their reviews on waterproof Blackview BV8000 Pro (IP68) particularly grateful to the designers for the lack of caps with the preservation of protective features. Incorporating technology Capless USB manufacturer completely got rid of these forever coming off and interfering elements.

blackview bv8000 pro ip68 owner reviews

Minijack headset also has no caps. Afraid of getting moisture in this case is not: the technology has been thoroughly tested and field tested, so no cause for concern no. Such solutions can often be found in smartphones And group, such as “galaxy” series S8 from “Samsung”, the Xperia XZ from “Sony” and LG G6.


The Device has got sensible IPS-matrix, which can easily handle high resolution on the schedule of 1920 x 1080 pixels (Full HD). An acceptable pixel density of 440 ppi allows you to give a good picture, and good contrast. Supply of brightness is quite impressive, so on a Sunny day the information is easy to read from the screen.

In addition, we were pleased and the viewing angles are maximum, the IPS-matrix angle allows you to easily browse through photos or watch a video in the company of several like-minded people. Actually, judging by the reviews on Blackview BV8000 Pro (IP68), users are happy with the screen. The results of the mobile (according to the benchmarks and visual) is not worse than the models from the premium segment with the only difference that the latter do not have such protection.

As mentioned above, the display received reliable and bulletproof glass from the “Gorilla” of the third series coupled with a good oleophobic coating. Except the glass top still has factory film: it is superfluous does not happen, and some no, but the protection provides. Especially since the latter does not happen much.


Responsible For the performance of the processor sub for "multimedia libraries" of the series Helio P25 and graphics rests on the shoulders of the same modern accelerator “Mali” Т880 MP2. RAM for the device manufacturer did not regret (6 GB), and internal – 64 GB.

blackview bv8000 pro 4 g reviews

If you want to save money, you can buy a more modest version with 4 GB, but it's not worth it. Judging by the reviews on Blackview BV8000 Pro, 4 g igabit already not enough for today's applications and smartphone on some particular “heavy” the application begins to misiti, SAG and lag. So better to splurge and get a normal, not a stripped-down version of the gadget.

As for speed, there are no questions no: the interface is lightning fast, programs installed, and run in a matter of seconds and applications run without problems.

Standalone operation

The Gadget has got non-removable battery on 4180 mAh. Even with the most active use of the smartphone will be enough for a whole day, and this despite the voracious platform “Android”.

If you are a fan of prolonged trips and toys are not important to you, then you can set the maximum power savings mode, where the battery life will increase almost three times.

Summing up

Reviews of Blackview BV8000 Pro entirely positive. The manufacturer finally managed to construct not only protected mobile gadget, but make it tech savvy.

The Model turned out beautiful in every way – from the look and ending with stuffing. In the end we got not only a good smartphone with impressive technical capabilities, but also fully protected gadget. Blackview BV8000 Pro is a unique device, which has no analogues, so the verdict is unambiguous – recommended for purchase.

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