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Russian operator MTS is most popular in the country due to the most advantageous tariffs. Services the company offers at prices lower than the competition. Due to this, the network serves more than 107 million people.

Read More about one of the most favorable rates offered by MTS, “Smart mini" (reviews will post below), we will discuss in this article.

MTS “Smart mini» reviews

Line of “Smart”

So, the operator has several tariff plans, called a common name “Smart”. As you might guess, are intended for use on smartphones – this is explained by the features of these tariffs. In particular, they offer the caller as the Internet connection within a specific amount of data and a certain number of minutes for calls to its network and to subscribers of foreign operators. Thus, connecting to the rates “Smart”, the subscriber receives “all right”.

There are four rate included in the line developed by MTS. “Smart mini” (which reviews will be shown in this article) is the “basic” among them, because it is available at a lowest cost. However, under this rate is available less data than provided by other – Smart, Smart Non-Stop and Smart Plus.

The Three most recent plan also may be interesting to the subscriber of MTS, but in this article we consider the features possessed by the rate of “Smart mini" (MTS). Testimonials from those who directly use it, will help us to understand the issue in more detail.


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MTS “Smart mini” tariff

“Smart mini”: calls

To Begin with, what tariff plan, which we analyze in this article, requires a subscription fee. This means that the person who uses it, is obliged to pay monthly companies of 200 rubles. With these funds he receives a certain package of services. They include, in particular, and minutes for calls.

If the subscriber wants to make calls to MTS numbers, which are assigned to its home region, he can do it without restrictions. In turn, for communication with subscribers of its network located in other regions of Russia, the user is only 1000 minutes per month. As for the remaining operators, the conversations with them are billed separately. In particular, the home area is charged at a cost of 1.5 rubles per minute (optional, on top of the above 200 rubles), and conversations with numbers of other regions of the Russian Federation – 10 RUB per minute. Such tariffs of MTS. “Smart mini” (the comments about it speak as about the available plan with the best value conversations) also suggests the presence of a free 50 SMS to the numbers of their region and the cost of each message by 3.8 ruble to send to other networks across the country.

“Smart mini”: the Internet

tariff “Smart mini” MTS reviews

Rate “Smart mini" (MTS), feedback for which to find is easy also gives the opportunity to use mobile Internet. Remarkably, this service is included in the monthly fee in the amount of 200 rubles, which we have mentioned. The subscriber provides 500 MB of Internet to use in the mobile network. In that case, if it exceeds the specified limit, additional billing is not charged, but the connection speed drops significantly.

Basically, if to speak about work with a modern smartphone, 500 MB may be sufficient only for a single mail check or send messages in a social network. Obviously, MTS “Smart mini” tariff, designed for people who are not used to spend most of their free time on the network.


Under the terms of the plan, which can be found on the official website of MTS “Smart mini” (the user reviews to prove it) supports roaming service, connection with other countries. The cost of services is determined by the minute – special table of prices, depending on the direction of the calls are posted on the website of the company. Here you can see that minute of conversation with the CIS will cost 29 rubles, with Europe – 49 rubles, and the relationship with other countries – 70 rubles per minute. SMS to numbers of foreign subscribers will cost 5.25 rubles. Is MTS “Smart mini” fare.

MTS “Smart mini” which options to use

Additional options

What are the advantages of MTS is the possibility of ordering additional options and tips, some of which can be really useful. For example, the page rate stated information about opportunities to save on calls by connecting packages “at home Everywhere SMART” and “Best long distance”. They are designed for people actively traveling across the country for which it is difficult to reside exclusively in the home region. There are other options that can be attached to MTS “Smart mini”. Which options to use, you decide. Here only the list of the services: available services: additional Internet traffic (500 MB or 1 GB on top of your fare), and it is also possible to activate the automatic replenishment of your account.

Manage rate

MTS “Smart mini» how to disable Internet

Howto manage this tariff plan, you can read on the page dedicated to him on the website. Here are two ways. First – is the sending of short USSD-request *111*1023# number of MTS. In response you will receive instructions on how to proceed, if you want to activate this option.

Another option – control room through the so-called "Personal account". Everything is very simple: register under your number, you get a password and note what services you would like to use and which are not. It's all available on the website of MTS. “Smart mini” to connect here as well.

User Feedback

In General, the volume of services offered mobile operator to a subscriber, connected to tariff “Smart Mini”, we told you. Therefore, each may form at least your own attitude to the plan and calculate how best to work with him.

As for the reviews, they are mostly positive as unlimited calls within the network and the Internet – it's a really good offer for 200 rubles. As for some negative evaluations, then you can find them is that in the address of MTS. For example, people often complain that they have suddenly disappeared funds from the account. Perhaps subscribers really made a mistake and just not noticed have used some service. And it may be that the money really disappeared due to the operator. To avoid such a situation, you need to abandon wireless access to MTS online “Smart mini”. How to disable the Internet, you need to look at your model. Most smartphones have a button called deactivate mobile access point.

Alternative to

MTS “Smart mini” the new tariffs

Sure, there are subscribers who would like to get more than 500 MB Internet and 1000 minutes for calls within the network. Accordingly, if they are willing to pay more, they can offer alternative tariff plans from MTS.

In particular, is a Smart, Smart Non-Stop and Smart Plus.

The First costs 450 rubles, while with him, the subscriber receives 3 GB of Internet and 500 minutes for calls to other operators from your region.

Non-Stop will cost 650 rubles. Here offers unlimited wireless Internet and the same number of minutes of conversation.

SmartPlus different rates (900 rubles per month), traffic volume (5 GB) and the ability to get 1100 minutes for calls to any number in your area. The difference in the price of a minute on other people's numbers all over Russia: if the Mini is $ 10, then the Smart, Non-Stop and Plus it's 3 of the ruble.

Learn how to order and what parts are hidden in these tariff plans, you can learn more on the official website of the company. In principle, nothing new there, the only change is the short code USSD-request. However, regarding working with Non-Stop and Plus it should be noted that more profitable to order additional options to reduce call costs from other networks in other regions of the country. Also if you feel that you do not have enough data package (where it is restricted), you can purchase the extension option.

That's the plan from MTS “Smart mini”. The new tariffs, the company produces regularly. This, for example, “Second”, “Night” and the other, but the range of “Smart” is a basic, evidence of its success.

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