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Probably every modern user somehow familiar some models of iPhones. This is not surprising, because these phones are amongst the best in the world of mobile devices. Huge functionality, excellent appearance and status - all this is given to the buyer any model of the iPhone.

Most familiar with contemporary models of the device, but the company in its history, managed to release a range of smartphones. Each generation has made certain additions and improvements, which are pushing consumers to purchase the product.

This article describes the iPhones. All models, photos, specifications, features and so on.

IPhone 2G

model of the iPhone

The First phone that was released by Apple. He received in 2007. Almost all models of iPhone differ in their popularity. Not an exception and a novelty that has gained immense popularity worldwide and especially in America. At the moment, the latest model of the iPhone has firmly occupied the market, and the first hard to find anywhere else.

The Smartphone has touch-sensitive controls and a redesigned operating system. The phone was realized a longtime dream of Steve jobs - multitouch. He was allowed to refuse the use of keyboard and mouse, to make multiple taps. For the market introduction of the first iPhone model, it took several attempts that were unsuccessful.

At that time, the smartphone could boast a lot of features that cannot be found in other mobile devices.

IPhone 3G

a latest model of the iPhone

For the release of the second iPhone model, the developers put a huge force. Appeared in selling it in 2008. Was redesigned model. There are new features and functions. Was a modified operating system. The smartphone has become more stable and "smart", disappeared many bugs.


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The market phone came in two colors and with a choice of internal memory. To buy this smartphone can be about eight thousand.

Not too much to say that the new updated system was much better protected from hacking by hackers. New model of the iPhone has allowed users to download software from a special store - App Store.

The disadvantages include the inability to set a background image on the desktop, and lack of multitasking.

IPhone 3Gs

models of iPhones

Despite all the pros, the latest model of the iPhone at that time could not boast of great speed. the iPhone 3Gs was obliged to fix all the flaws. Appeared in selling it in 2009. The smartphone has a extra in the name of the letter s, which indicates the speed of the iPhone.

For more great Apple device has started cooperation with the famous companies are Samsung and LG. The first provided a more powerful processor, and the second involved the creation of a high-quality screen.

The Phone has got a 3 megapixel camera, and user provided models for 8, 16 or 32 GB. The company decided to abandon the memory card slots. According to them, external cards considerably lowered speed. Although for many purposes it is quite enough built-in memory.

This model has a number of innovations: a more pleasant appearance, capacious battery and so on. To buy the device for eight thousand rubles.

IPhone 4

iPhones all models photo

In the Summer of 2010 on sale new from Apple. The demand for the smartphone was huge. For the device, lined up in long queues. A few days had sold more than two million smartphones.

The Smartphone has a new processor that was developed by Apple, and increased the amount of RAM. Used new materials to create it. The screen is resistant to scratches and fingerprints.

The Phone has all the popular features. Has a good battery which will allow a long time to stay in touch.

IPhone 4S

Significant differences from the previous model iPhone 4S has. More powerful was the CPU and was also a modified camera. Therefore, you can buy the previous model and save money. Perhaps because of this, the smartphone has only a prefix in the name.

IPhone 5

model of the iPhone

Is one of the most beautiful smartphones to date. Went on sale in 2012 and has gained huge popularity.

The Developers worked hard and released a thin and light device and at the same time very powerful. Due to the new processor, significantly increased performance. Camera became smaller, but more functional. The screen is designed according to advanced technology and perfectly conveys the image.

There are new apps that simplify the work of a user.

5C and 5s

a latest model of the iPhone

In Fall 2013 Apple introduced two new smartphones, which received some additions and improvements.

IPhone 5s got a new processor and, on assurances of developers, it became several times faster. Superior was also the camera and flash. The rest is all the same iPhone 5.

IPhone 5c got a new case which is made very colorfully. The novelty has received the updated operatingsystem, and a more powerful battery. The other parameters are quite similar with the older model.

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