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Old tires many owners of land plots are considered as waste that must be disposed. A very good reason. After all, these seemingly unnecessary things, you can take advantage of, and create masterpieces. Crafts made from tires can be different. If desired, one may construct even pieces of furniture. The main thing is to include fantasy, to have the right tools and materials.

Interesting ideas for using old tires

Why use old tires on the farm

Old tires when they are single use to further decompose in the atmosphere, polluting the environment. If you use old tires that have become unusable for a car, again, you can make a significant contribution to the preservation of the ecology of the planet. If it is to think about the globality of the issue.

Also, crafts made from old tires would allow to translate into reality the most daring ideas that can come to mind. This will allow you to show off your creativity and to Express their creativity.

What materials will you need for "new life" of the old tires

In Order to collect old tires for some product (the subject of garden accessories for children's amusements) may require the following tools and materials:

  • Paint for coating the surface of the tyre.
  • Screws or nails.
  • Old sections of tissue that also begs the package prepared to send to the dump.
  • Various plastic parts, the remnants of broken glass or tile.
  • For work, you may need a hammer.
  • Pliers.
Fun crafts made from old tires
  • Sharp cutter to create desired shapes.
  • Screwdriver may be required to create complex structures.

This is just some of the tools and materials that should be on hand at the time of creating Handicrafts made of tires. The list of these accessories may vary depending on the complexity of the work and ideas of the owner of the land.


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The benefits of using old tires

There are many positive sides to indicate that is to make crafts from tires with their hands. The main ones are:

  • The Ability to create unique designs that will be similar to those sold in finished form.
  • Saving money in the secondary use of raw materials. After creating his own hands different crafts, pieces of furniture, you can save considerably budget.
  • On Their own, equipping the station with old tires, you can fill the area of mood and comfort.
  • Also has the advantage that the person who made something with their hands, will be able to satisfy their vanity, because he will get a lot of praise from friends and acquaintances, who saw the outcome of the proceedings.
What to make out of old tires

This is just the basic benefits that indicate that is to do this for such an unusual mission as creating crafts of tires. The photo in the article suggests that they can be really unique and significantly change the view of the site. Therefore, it is necessary to include fantasy and to give a second life unusable for its intended purpose tires.

Crafts from tires for the arrangement of the garden

In the organization of land on which to grow fruits, flowers and trees, all methods are good. Crafts for the garden of tires will allow you to organize the space and make the appearance of the site neat and well-groomed. Old tires can be done:

  • A Bed of flowers. To do this, you can leave the tyre in the usual way, painted them the desired color. Then in the empty space of the bus poured earth and planted flowers. If you choose the right shade for painting rubber products, flowerbed turn into a real decoration for the garden.
  • Also tyres can make a fence for the trees or garden beds. For this you need to think about what height should be the fence. Then trim pieces of the desired size and paint them. After drying, just enough to deepen the prepared elements in the earth.
  • For the garden and for the garden made from tires, a photo of which is surprising, may be intended for cultivation of fruit crops. For example, will look great assembled from three, four or five tires high design, for cucumbers. Besides the fact that it will beautify the area, the fruits can grow in the right conditions. To interconnect the tires in several ways:
  1. Twist the rubber elements by means of screws.
  2. Glue the tires melting.
Useful tips for working with the old tires

In the case of heavy and bulky tires, it is better to give preference to the connection of the parts using screws. When the elements are assembled, you can start decorating the surface. You can paint the product, and you can upholster it with plastic to make smooth.

These crafts of tires for the garden will help to organize the space of the land with fruit crops and create the right conditions for the plants. And also, to show imagination and decoratethe territory as a whole.

DIY from old tires for the arrangement of outside space for relaxation

Many owners of private houses spend on pieces of furniture for organizing areas a lot of money. For those who have their hands on old tires, it offers a great opportunity to save the budget and to make a reality of their fantasies. Crafts from tires for the arrangement of street space for rest can be the following:

  • Ottomans. You can create them without much effort. It is necessary to prepare a plastic or wooden squares, the size of the tire to close the space. It is best to fill the available space within the lid with something hard. Then take the piece of soft material which will serve as the inside Seating. On top it is covered with fabric or leather that are sewn together or fastened with a construction stapler. To the tyre seat is attached using thermal glue or staples, the sharp part of the tire.
  • Table. It need tire, split into two parts. One of the segments is mounted on a piece of wooden coasters or pre-prepared legs from metal. Rubber coating can be pre-covered with fabric selected color. The very top can be made of plastic, wood, metal. It all depends on the preferences and imagination of the owner of the land. To fasten the table top to the lid using a screwdriver. Another version of the design table, set in two rows at a distance from each other bus in three or four pieces in each row. The first tire to be fixed on the ground. To do this, it joins the mixture of concrete and waiting for it to harden. Then on top of the screwdriver, attach the following tires. They also can pour the mixture for stability. On top of the tires, a wooden plank, which will serve as a countertop. It also should be pre-painted. Attach it with screws or a liquid adhesive.
Tables and chairs made of old tires
  • Chairs. It is an amazing solution for saving money and imagination. The legs of the high chair can be made from segments of wood raw branches that will give peculiarity and refinement to the product, merging with nature. The top is the lid, pre-covered and painted. And you can assemble the chair entirely of old tires. This should be fixed one on another, the back half of the bus to make the back and handles are constructed of line segments.

These are just some options of things from the tires with your hands. Photo of such products indicates that it is worth the effort and time. But leisure work is really beautiful and unique.

Crafts to organize your space

From old tires to make a kind of chests for storage of small items and household supplies. Depending on the height of the products that you want to hide, and their number is determined by the size of the stores. For their Assembly doesn't need a lot of time and effort. Simply connect the required number of tires and to attach the opening mechanism to the top of the product. Painted parts can be pre-or after Assembly.

What you can make from old tires for children

In caring for the younger generation, too, can use tires that have lost their useful qualities. For the children of the tyres have the opportunity to do:

  • The Sandbox. To make it from one wheel, securing it on the ground using a mixture of concrete or cement. Then pour the sand. A place for the summer games will help your child, without having to leave the site fun to spend time. Once installed, the wheel should be painted in bright, iridescent colors as well, to install the roof, assembled from wooden beams.
garden Design old tire
  • Swing. Solid rubber wheels can be an unusual swing that will give many pleasant moments to boys and girls. For this you need to make a seat, the bus can not paint. In the lid are drilled holes in which to attach the rope. This process must be carried out with special care. After all, how securely attached the rope to the tyre, depends the safety of the child. Exposed parts of the tyre must be closed by screwing a wooden or plastic plate. You can also put a padded seat for extra comfort.
  • Bench. The children's play area should be a place to stay. To do this, you can build a bench. To make it very simple. It is necessary to interconnect several tires, mimicking the seat. The interior should be laid in soft material, or nail plate, which will allow you to sit comfortably on the bench. Also from the United sides of the tire creates a backrest.

Such interesting solutions for decorating children's play areas will be appreciated by boys and girls. Should work with you to create a cozy corner for the younger generation.

Unusual fence made of old tires

Last one in the garage tyres which can no longer be used for its intended purpose, it is possible to make a fence. It can protect the area of land or demarcate different functional zones of the territory. The fence can beto collect, simply locking the tires at each other. For stability inside poured concrete or cement. Creativity gives an unusual color combination in a design.

Interior decoration for house made of old tires

Made from tires for the garden is not all that can be drawn from such “unnecessary” parts. There is also the possibility to collect items of furniture from tires, which will be located in the summer house. Laying tires on the second one and fixing them together, you can build:

  • Sofa. Over Foundation it will be necessary to put a mattress or soft blankets.
  • Chair. Wrapped yarn around the circle, or covered with beautiful fabric, an appropriate color scheme for the interior, the chair of the tires will create comfort and coziness in the room of a country house.
  • Table. The procedure of Assembly of the tire is standard, but the worktop can be an unusual, for example, of glass or of wood construction on top of which are glued pieces of broken tiles.

These ideas will help to significantly save on the purchase of furniture for the house and pour into the interior of the peculiarity and uniqueness.

Fun crafts for garden made of old tires

From old tires can be done not only useful and functional objects, but also to create fun decorating the territory of crafts. Tyres can be collected:

  • Design in the form of cups. They can be just for beauty or to serve as beds.
home Furniture from old tires
  • Swans of tires can be constructed. If you have imagination, time and space, you can construct a whole lake with swans.

These are just some ideas. By incorporating imagination, the owner will be able to design even the most seemingly complex decorative objects from tires to decorate the land.

Helpful tips

  • To tire easily cut, prior to starting work, to wash them to get rid of dust, dirt, which make it difficult to cut the desired items.
  • It Is recommended to draw the project of future construction. This will help you to quickly and easily get the job done.
  • For painting it is necessary to choose water-resistant materials that will not suffer from rain, temperature changes.
  • To make the tires more stable standing on a surface, they can either deepen into the ground, or pour a mixture of concrete and cement.

These secrets will help you create unique and special products from old tires.

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