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The Company Stihl is known in the market as a manufacturer of reliable and efficient chainsaws. German developers manage to combine functionality with ergonomics and high power, while not forgetting about the high security requirements of the tool. This is confirmed by model Stihl 250 MS, which will be discussed later in the article. This unit is suitable for performing construction operations, and for private purposes, for example as an assistant in the garden the or firewood.

General information about the model

stihl ms 250

The Model shows an example of a successful combination of lightness and high power. First quality offers convenience in the use of chainsaws, and the second allows you to use it to cut small trees and thick branches. Maneuverability and compactness also provide the possibility of point clearing garden plots from unnecessary knots. At the same time, the Stihl MS 250 unit is fairly modern, in terms of technological support. The designers gave the model a wide range of options that enhance the safety of the saw, its reliability and functionality. Of course, the power filling this modification can not compete with full-fledged professional chainsaws, but for universal common operations sawing wood material its engine is well suited.


stihl chainsaw ms 250 reviews

For starters, it is worth noting that the model comes in two versions – with the length of the tire 14 and 16 inches. Otherwise, the manufacturer claims the same settings for different versions Stihl MS 250. Characteristics of the unit are presented below:

  • Power potential – 3,1 HP
  • Capacity – 2.3 kW.
  • Engine capacity – 45,4 m3.
  • Tank Capacity for petrol – 0,47 liters.
  • Tank capacity oil – 0.2 liters.
  • Noise Figure – 111 dB.
  • Chain Width groove – 1.3 mm.
  • The Number of chain links – 55.
  • Weight saws – 4.6 kg.

These data do not reveal the full image of the German tool, as many advantages become apparent only in the process of operation. For example, designers have provided a fairly economical carburetor that has a low fuel consumption. This point fits in with the concept of compact chainsaw with optimised properties.


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Design features

repair stihl ms 250

The Unit is provided with a special compensator, whose function is to maintain a constant power level. Regardless of contamination of the air filter, this system allows to maintain the quality of the exhaust together with fuel consumption. By the way, repair Stihl MS 250 often it is this part that is linked to the clogging of the filter.

Extend the life of the unit will help the timely cleaning of the air membrane. Usually this operation is performed when there is a serious drop in power. Also, the chainsaw is pre-heated carburetor. This Supplement is especially important in the winter. The device provides warm airflow of the intake air flow, eliminating the risk of icing. However, you should remember about switching the operation mode with airflow during the transition to the summer season of operation. It is worth noting the protective mechanism of the chain brake which immediately stops movement of the chain after pressing the special emphasis.

Technological content

stihl ms 250 reviews

One of the most noticeable and useful features of the model is damped system. Strong fluctuations in the process of working with chainsaws – a common problem which quickly tired hands. In this case, from the engine to the handle is transmitted is minimized vibrational effect that allows you to easily perform working operations. The ease of use of the unit contributes to the single-lever control. The developers have created such a mechanism of interaction with the Stihl MS 250 chainsaw, in which all basic commands are executed with a single lever. Deserves attention and the Ematic system, which is responsible for chain lubrication. This device is a kind of circuit in the feed tires in which oil is directed to the circuit point.

Additional options

To improve ergonomics, the company provides logistics models quick pull. Such mechanisms have gone through several stages of technological development today to adjust the chain does not even require the use of special tools.

Model Stihl MS 250 is complemented by a special nut at the site of the location of the sprockets. Manipulating this component, the user can loosen or tighten the working bus in accordance with the requirements for action. In addition, the company offers system ElastoStart, whereby prevented is characteristic for all chainsaws shocks at startup. As practice shows, these power effects of overload the joints working, in the long run leads to development of diseases. In turn, the trigger ElastoStart reduces the harmful effects due to the damping element of the handle.

Positive feedback about the model

chainsaw stihl ms 250

A Lot of good experiences from users of this Assembly is due to the high ergonomics, which is complemented by assistive technologies. Small size, rugged design handles the controls and the mechanism for vibration reduction – all owners are entered in plus. As for performance, of course, expect from models of this class of high force impact and not necessary, but in its segment it is a very worthy option. For example, there is a convenience in sawing the logs, which are easy to Stihl MS 250. Feedback on the fuel consumption and lack of criticism.

We Can say that the designers point approached different aspects of the operation of the chainsaw itself, in the case of this model tried to minimize the negative factors. In the end, experience shows that users upgrade saw largely failed.

Negative feedback

There are weak spots at the unit. Among the common problems noted are reluctant to run. And this applies exactly to the cold start chainsaw, which is necessary to perform a series several times. But a warm start does not cause complaints. It is worth noting a disadvantage that is associated with the failed introduction of new technologies. The system oil flow was conceived as a way of optimization of grease consumption. Overall, it works and balanced feeding liquid. However, in some cases operation there have been problems with the bus direction of the oil supplied to the chainsaw Stihl MS 250. Reviews of this kind point out that the grease goes very slowly, not having time to properly process the chain.


stihl ms 250 specifications

German manufacturer positions its product as a high-tech product with rich functionality and balanced capacity. By and large, the practice of using this model confirms these characteristics. Especially considering the fact that the Stihl MS 250 chainsaw available on the market in an average of 27-30 thousand rubles For a corporate unit with high-quality circuitry, sound power filling and new technologies a bit. Of course, the model was not without flaws. The owners of the chainsaw noted minor flaws during use of the device, but in General, this option deserves attention from both professionals and DIY.

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