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Natural building and finishing materials valued at all times. In modern interiors they are also actively used for the cladding of walls, floors, structures since they have high aesthetic properties. But along with the beauty of wood products have unique technical characteristics that make their use convenient and practical. Solid wood floor can be successfully replaced by modern materials for coverings. According to the functional and aesthetic properties, it bypasses even the most advanced developments.

General information

Solid wood is a single piece element for a floor covering, fitted with a locking connection “tongue and groove”. On external qualities reminiscent of the parquet, but it has increased the size of one product:

  • Width – 10…20 mm;
  • Thickness-18…22 mm;
  • Length – 1…2.5 m, sometimes up to 6 meters.

Solid wood on the floor is made of solid timber without the inclusion of additional layers, which makes it an environmentally friendly material. solid wood floor


The Production boards produced on special machines by cutting the boards of wood, then the workpiece is cut grooves and spikes, then treated the surface. In some cases, interlocks may not be such elements assembled with screws or glue, but this method is rarely used.

Different methods of production to create products of a certain type:

  1. Board-radial obtained by means of a radial cut. This wood has a nice homogeneous structure with minimal gaps between the rings. High durability, ability to maintain their characteristics over time and low product yield (13-15%) make the cost of this element is high. solid timber flooring pros and cons
  2. By Tangential cut receives a Board select. It is characterized by having a wave-like pattern with few small knots of the same color. Produced pilotenkanzel way solid wood floor is prone to swelling. solid wood to the floor
  3. Product such as "nature" like untreated wood. It is produced in different ways: radial, poluradialny, tangential. Coloring this Board uniform, but the slight tonal differences and the inclusion of knots that do not violate the integrity of the product. solid wood floor photo
  4. Rustic – the simple view of a solid Board. It can include a significant color variation, large knots, small cracks. Invalid only mechanical damage, which cannot be eliminated by sanding, putty. This solid wood on the floor looks most natural, but is relatively short-lived. solid wood floor


For production use wood larch, oak, maple, ash, teak, merbau. In Russia, the most common izdaniya of the species native to our regions.


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Solid wood on a floor made of oak has a nice recognizable color palette, high durability and minimal durability. This coating is able to last for more than 100 years with proper care.

Solid wood floor from Siberian larch affordable, therefore very common among consumers. In addition, it has an attractive color and texture, the moisture resistance of the breed allows its use in premises with high humidity. With proper care and timely treatment is a coating of larch is long – up to 100 years or more.

Methods of treatment

Solid wood the floor is laid in draft form. In the production after the stage of cutting process it and decorate in various ways:

  1. Traditional grinding. This method of finishing allows to get rid of surface roughness, the Board is perfectly smooth with natural color and pattern. solid wood on oak floors
  2. Antique wood Effect is achieved by a method of scraping the top of the fibers, increasing the structure of the natural material. For the safety of such Board cover finish varnish or special oils.
  3. Rendering surface helps to make the colour of the rock more deep or bright. Kohler may have a rainbow hue, then the product will be green, red, blue etc. Often traditional for our latitude, the wood gives colour expensive imported varieties, allowing you to save on the purchase.
  4. Coating bronze, brass allows to achieve unusual natural Board effect, metallic different shades. Such solutions are suitable for design interiors in the art Nouveau style and hi-tech.
  5. Brushed with a special brush selects the texture of the upper layers of the tree. In contrast to the aged, this Board has a more pronounced surface relief.

Advantages and disadvantages

Solid timber flooring pros and cons, of course, has, like any building material. The advantages include:

  • Absolute ecological purity. Board isa piece of natural wood without any chemical processing and therefore completely harmless to human health and the environment.
  • A Long life with proper care.
  • The Effect of warm floor electric heating.
  • Maintainability. Board can be replaced when necessary, and the surface of the floor to refresh 5-6 times.
  • The aesthetic due to the diversity of patterns, textures and colors.


  • The Ability to warp from the change of moisture content have with each tree species. In the dry summer and winter season, the Board has minimum dimensions in the wet season it swells.
  • Installation of floor covering to make uneasy – there are many nuances. In addition, the dimensions of the products can create additional difficulties. The work should be entrusted to the master professional.

You Should take into account all advantages and disadvantages, which has solid timber flooring. Pros and cons define the rules of styling and care products. Adhering to these methods, it is possible to emphasize the features of the material and to minimize unpleasant consequences.

Solid wood or engineered wood?

Often these types of flooring confused with each other.

Parquet is a complex element made up of 3 layers:

1. The top – wood, often valuable, 3-4 mm.

2. Medium – HDF plate or thin lot of boards of softwood.

3. Lower – softwood.

As mentioned, solid timber flooring consists of a saw cut. This is the fundamental difference between these products.

In addition, massive parquet Board for a floor in the price: composite product much cheaper. However, the life of him below and the ability to update the surface only 2-3 times.

solid wood floor from Siberian larch

The Most noble still looks solid timber flooring. Photos clearly illustrate this.


Solid wood floor lasts a long time and reliably, you need to put her down. This process is very troublesome, it is better to trust a professional. If you do decide to do the repair yourself, you should consider some subtleties:

  • The Surface under the coating must be perfectly smooth.
  • Regardless of the design and composition of the floor, there is a need for waterproofing of the Foundation and structure of the rough plywood flooring or system lag.
  • Indoor humidity should be above 60% and the air temperature in the range of 10…30 0C.
  • The First Board should be placed spike on the wall.
  • Along the wall need to leave expansion gap, to the expansion of the floor boards is not swollen.

These are the main features of the paving. All the nuances and technologies are only available to skilled masters to which it is worth to apply, because of the quality of placement depends on the lifetime of the floor.


After laying a solid wood subjected to grinding with fine sandpaper to remove small irregularities and clues. If there is minor damage, they need zashpatlevat and clean up after drying.

An Important step – floor covering polyurethane-acrylic varnish. It will give the Board a high luster and finished appearance. It should be noted that the composition of water-soluble and has no harmful volatile substances. When the coating dries, apply another layer. After a week in the room to put furniture.

In addition to the varnish, surface treatment using special oils. They do not give a high-gloss mirror effect, but gives the surface luster and a natural glow.


The Tree – whimsical material, sensitive to temperature and humidity. Therefore requires special care for the prolongation of life and preservation of aesthetic properties:

  1. In the room to maintain a constant humidity of 50-60% that the floor had not cracked and does not swell.
  2. The Optimum temperature for the Board – 18…25 0C. It shall not vary dramatically within a short period of time.
  3. Periodically necessary to refresh the protective layer. Worn coating (made of lacquer or oil) as needed sanded and re-treated the Board.
  4. Use special tools floor care from an array.
  5. To avoid any scratches from furniture and sand under the legs of heavy objects enclose soft materials, and the center of the room carpet rugs on a rigid Foundation.
  6. To clean the floor from debris using a vacuum cleaner. Allowed wipe boards with a damp cloth, but are eliminated in full contact with water in large quantity.

By Adhering to these simple rules, you will be able to enjoy the flooring from solid Board for many years.

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