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Infrared radiant ceilings are systems that have built-in heating. Based on the principle of propagation of thermal energy through infrared rays. Their action is directed to the heating of solid surfaces, not air. This allows you to more efficiently heat the room, creating comfortable temperature.

Feedback about the design features

warm ceilings

If you are interested in warm ceilings on the basis of infrared film, you have to get acquainted with structural features. The heating elements in such systems have the form of a polymeric film whose thickness is equal to one micron. She is responsible for the distribution of infrared radiation.

According to the buyers, film covered carbon paste, to which is fixed a thin carbon filament. As a pretty important element of such a heater are electrical contacts, they are made of copper foil. Film with two sides protected by a laminated polyester. The latter has a flame-retardant electrical insulating properties. The temperature of the radiation can vary from 30 to 110 °C, while the heater power is 500 watts.

Feedback about the principle of operation infrared ceiling systems

warm ceiling infrared reviews

Users like that the design is quite thin so it saves space. Warm ceiling work according to a certain principle. First the material is heated to a state, which is required to distribute the thermal radiation. The next step is the heat given out objects and designs in the room. From the heated solid surface begins to assume a radiation that is evenly distributed through the air. According to buyers, the result of the infrared heater the temperature of the floor and ceiling are the same, which greatly reduces power consumption.


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Reviews about main types of infrared ceiling heaters

warm ceilings reviews

Infrared ceiling film can be classified according to the radiation temperature and wavelength, they can bite:

  • Nizkotemperaturnye;
  • Srednetemperaturnogo;
  • Vysokotemperaturnye.

The First kind, as emphasized by consumers, is a household system that is heated within from 100 to 600 °C, whereas infrared waves can have a length of 5.6 to 100 microns. Medium temperature of the film can be heated in the range from 600 to 1000 °C, while the wavelength they have changed from 2.5 to 5.6 µm. If we consider a warm ceiling, then you should definitely made more and the high temperature film. The temperature range is higher 1000 °C, while the wavelength is equal to the limit from 0.74 to 2.5 microns.

Customers especially emphasize that each type of device involves the need for a certain ceiling height. First you need a room with ceilings up to 3 m, the second variation requires that the height of ceilings from 3 to 6 m, whereas the third type of ceilings can be installed in rooms where walls have a height greater than 8 m.

Setting the warm ceiling with his hands: the methods of installation

warm ceiling mounting PLEN

Warmer infrared ceiling reviews, which you can read above, can be installed in a closed way. This technology involves the masking film under the finishing trim, as it can be the following:

  • Lining;
  • Plastic panel.
  • Wood construction;
  • Drywall.

If the installation is carried out in an open way, such Parking may be temporary or optional.

Technology works

construction warm ceiling

Warm the ceiling, which is important to read before purchasing the product must be installed in a certain order. To start a plan that will allow us to understand how the scheme will be film. It is important to determine the area of land on which you plan to install the system. If heating will be the major area of the film should be about 70% of the area of the ceiling.

Wiring, which will take place on the surface, should not be placed from the film is closer than 50 mm. cables shall be separated by insulating material, which fills the hollow space of the ceiling. The wizard will calculate the capacity of the heating system, to determine the power potential of the electrical network and calculate the number of thermostats.

The current intensity should be determined in order to select the wire cross section. This work is required to determine the suitability of the wiring for the power loads. You will need to choose the right model of the thermostat. For example, if the conductor cross-section equal to 1.5 mm2, the allowable current for copper wire is equal to 16A. For aluminum this value is 10A. For sections that are equivalent to 2.5 mm2 The allowable current will be 25A. If the cross-section is 4 mm2, the corresponding value is 32.

Technique works

installation warm floor on the ceiling

The construction of the warm ceiling in the next stage involves fixing on the surface of the insulation with a reflective layer, its thickness must be 5 mm. Insulation is strengthened according to the variety of reason, and the will to use:

  • Furniture brackets;
  • Screws
  • Plugs.

The joints of the insulating plates or mats necessary to cover the construction tape. Insulating layer should occupy 100% of the surface. Edge bands need to have on the wall at the perimeter of the room by 15 mm. This will prevent gaps at the joints, through which can penetrate the cold away.

Expert Advice

film warm ceiling PLEN

Add a warm floor to the ceiling is carried out after preparing the desired number of tapes that must be cut along the heating elements. Heating film has a certain length of the cut, this information can be obtained by consulting the user manual. Electrical wire needs to be connected with conductive copper busbars with pin clips. Inside the heater is one half of the clip, while the other should be on the copper bar.

Making sure that contact is quite reliable, it is necessary to provide isolation of the cutting line, which is at the end of the heating film. Use to do bitumen tape. Following the calculations of the current, it is necessary to prepare wire, the cross section of which is equal to 1.5 mm2 or more. After Stripping the wire connects to the tip and clamped with pliers.

The connection of the copper busbars and wires is accompanied by the application of the tip, and insulation bitumen tape. Through the thermostat strip are connected to the network. The total maximum capacity of the thermal elements connected to the thermostat must not be greater than his own power. If the load on the network will be more impressive, you should connect the ceiling separately, which will have automatic safety switch. This approach involves connecting the heating elements to the thermostat via a contactor.

Setting the warm ceiling “plain” with your hands

In the market you can find warm ceiling “plain”, the installation of which is usually done with their hands. The film may be fixed to any surface, and simplified technology as follows. First we need to create a protective intermediate layer of insulating material. The thermal energy should be directed inward. It is recommended to use the material, the thermal resistance which starts from 0.05 m2C/W.

Film warm ceiling “plain” can be attached to the crate, his front side should be facing inside the room. For installation, use:

  • Screws;
  • Stapler;
  • Brackets.

In the next step carried out electrical work and flooring is a decorative layer. Great importance has the choice of the place of installation. Special attention should be paid to areas above Windows, doors and ventilation exits, because they serve as basic structural elements, through which heat loss. This is true if all other parts of the building are insulated well enough.

Before you insulate the ceiling, floor you can also be considered. By the way, the described system is usually installed on the floor. If we are talking about a warm ceiling, then it is necessary to consider the climatic conditions. For example, under the “plain” it is best to take area in the range from 60 to 80% of the ceiling area. If the average temperature is below -7 °C, the area should be increased to 80% and more. If the first value does not fall below +3 °C, the film can be placed on the square from 50 to 60%.


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