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The Cookers came to light much later gas, but has already gained a solid position in the market. These boards have a better design, have a wide range of additional features and functions. An important advantage is also the fact that the connection is electric, unlike gas, it is possible to carry out on their own.

connecting plateIt Should be noted that the connection of the home appliance requires certain knowledge and skills. The correct implementation of this process depends on the duration of the period during which your equipment will work smoothly. For the introduction of the plate it is first necessary to lay a separate cable that is connected directly to the shield.

On the rear panel of each appliance shows the connection diagram. It can be single-phase, two-phase or three-phase. Currently, most of the panels are single-phase wiring diagram, so you'll need a three-core cable. Experts recommend to use the cable with copper core with a diameter of 4 mm2 at least.

Once you've installed your cable, you can start a direct connection of the appliance. Before that, I advise you to read the instruction to the appliance. For attachment to the wiring block has six contacts. To include in single-phase network 220 V, you need to install jumpers in accordance with the “land”, “phase” and “zero”. If you are in this business the layman, we suggest you contact an electrician, because this will depend on the fate of not only your appliance but also the entire wiring, if you do something wrong.


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connect applianceSocket plate must be installed next to it, and no other devices to include in the is not recommended. The appliance connection is in the socket with three contacts which must maintain a current of 25-30 A. the outlet must connect the earlier cable.

In a cable the wires are different colors. The blue wire connected to “zero”, black to “phase”, yellow-green to “earth”. Now you can connect the stove to the outlet, previously putting her on the level.

Next, you need to check: “earth” and “phase” should be no contact (ohmmeter with 2 MW shows the sign “infinity”); the resistance between the “zero” and “phase” must be in the range of 4-10 Ohms (checked at all positions of the switch plate when the ohmmeter to 100 Ohms).

embedded plateEmbedded plate are connected similarly, but this process requires more accuracy, as the correct installation of this device relative to other kitchen furniture is of great importance for its operation.

It should be noted that the connecting plate preferably left to an experienced electrician. So you can be sure that everything is done correctly. Another argument in favor of this: according to statistics, most of the electrical plates gets repaired it is because of wrong connection and commissioning. Typically, the stores specializing in the sale of electrical equipment, have a staff of experienced employees that will help you connect and set up the stove efficiently and in a short time. Therefore, I advise  to invite such specialist and obtain the pleasure of cooking delicious dishes in your brand new plate.

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