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The Diversity of modern building materials allows to realize almost any architectural idea. Especially if we are talking about the so-called combined houses, which have always been in demand in the European housing market. This variant allows the home to quickly and effectively build your vacation home for relatively little financial costs.

The Appearance of the architectural style

The Style combined houses – when a building combines two different designs of the floor. That is, the lower (or ground) floor is executed from stronger material, and the top (or attic) floor – from a lightweight material, such as wood.

projects combined houses

To that edge and the rational decision came the ancient Olympic shepherds who graze their cattle on the mountain slopes and there's also staged their home. Stone for the device a solid Foundation and laying the first floor they had enough, and the presence of coniferous forests in the slopes are allowed to build up over the first solid stone of the second floor - the attic of wood. Of course, this add-in is allocated for bedrooms and other accommodations.


The birthplace of the combined houses – the European Alps and Scandinavia. Even in the fifteenth century in the mountainous Northern regions of Europe like mushrooms began to grow a kind homes of the local shepherds and of mountaineers, built of stone and wood. They were well adapted to the harsh conditions of the mountains. Over time in Austria and Germany, the construction of such houses were formed in a constructive style-half-timbered (German Fachwerk, where Fach-section, panel, and Werk-construction). The peculiarity of this type of buildings were wooden frame house with cells, which is between the uprights and braces were filled in with stone, brick or other material.

combination home

In the middle Ages the cities of Central and Northern Europe were massively built up that is half-timbered.

The Chalet-Style

A Little later from Austrian German Fachwerk was born the so-called construction French style Chalet (from medieval Latin calittam which translates as “shelter, shelter” or “shepherd's hut”). In such houses is lower floor is executed from a dense material, for example natural stone, and the top – of a wooden frame and a light filler between the timber.


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This exquisite the style originated in the ancient French region of Savoie, on the border of French and Swiss lands in the Alps. It combines all the local traditions of timber-framed buildings.

combination home

Great houses in the Chalet style are fundamentally different broad, relatively flat roof, which is strongly retreating your shed from the walls of the house and took away rainwater flows further from the wooden walls. The roof itself was detained by a large mountain of snow precipitation and thus naturally insulate attic sleeping floors of the house. For example, in the canadian Francophone province Quebec any summer ranch or cottage called the Chalet.

Even later in the 14-17 th centuries we, the Slavic lands, appeared his similar style of construction of houses – cubes when the first technical floors were brick, and the following from the logs.

Design options combined houses

The beauty of the constructive project of the combined houses is that the wood that built the second floor of the house remains durable thanks to a separation from the earth through the stone first floor. In addition, the building is well protected by a roof from rain and snow.

There are many combinations of structural materials in the construction of the combined houses. Traditional or artificial stone with the laying of the first floor is replaced by brick, reinforced concrete structures, foam or aerated concrete. Functional first floor has kitchen, boiler room, garage and living room, if you plan to place the fireplace. Usually the first floor is connected with a spacious viewing deck.

Stone and wood

The Combined houses of stone and wood-style Chalet. Because these homes were built in the highlands and was a temporary and then permanent shelter for herdsmen and their livestock. The uniqueness and convenience of the buildings is that a building material was the shepherds in the way, but mighty coniferous forests on the slopes of mountains – as much as you want.

combined houses of stone and wood

A combined houses of stone and wood was later used as a farm for the summer season. They are home to shepherds and harvested cheese, milk, butter. With the onset of winter, all descended from the mountains in a more intimate valleys, and the houses had expected the inhabitants to the new summer season.

The Alps – the edge of the stern. Rugged terrain dictates the conditions, so the Foundation always chalets built of natural stone. He was resistant to landslides, storms and rains. The top also lined up a powerful log frame framing cell, which was filleddifferent material. The frame beams under the influence of heat, moisture and cold, over time, darkened to black. It was made in the image of the house being harsh. And in combination with a stone base and a massive sloping roof of this building looked very reliable, sturdy and even beautiful.

Modern Chalet in stone and wood, in fact, has not changed in comparison with their historical predecessors. Along with only natural materials, there are artificial finishing materials employed and the nature of the stone, and under the form of a wooden beam.

The Modern technologies are taking their toll. But the principle of the bottom-stone, and the top – tree – remains a fundamental in the development of projects combined houses.

Blocks and wood

Over time, the Chalet was modified. Unchanged it has remained top, which was built of softwood (pine, larch), but the lower, ground floor, with the advent of new building materials, capable to replace natural stone is constantly improving.

One of these options in modern construction of private houses Chalet are the combined house of foam blocks and wood. Such constructions are quite practical, because they create comfort and save money. The use of concrete blocks for the construction of the first floor of the house allows him to breathe. In turn, the weight of the concrete blocks, like wood, is small, so the load on the soil is minimal. This will provide additional savings in Foundation house. The walls of foam blocks quickly, because the blocks typically have a size of 20 x 30 x 60 cm as well conveniently and quickly made finishing of these walls.

combined houses of timber and brick

The Brick-and-wood

In the modern housing market, becoming popular combined houses of brick and timber. The basement and the basement is usually arranged from the concrete, but the first floor is laid out of brick, often from the front. It is very refreshing construction.

The Second floor, made in the timber gives the house solidity and warmth. The elegance of the brick and the brutality of the logs, plus the design refinement combine to give a wonderful example of a modern Chalet.

Concrete and wood

The foam, however, appeared with aCopernicus for construction. Increasingly now construct a combined home of aerated concrete and wood. Aerated concrete does not differ from its predecessor, in addition to cooking technology. Foam concrete is produced by the chemical reaction of foaming special substance, as aerated concrete is produced on the basis of specially prepared foam. Different special additives allow you to change the parameters of these materials. Already pre-frozen mass is cut with a saw on foam or aerated concrete. The more technologically advanced gas processing and inferior in weight to his opponent the foam block. It is easier and brick.

Due to the fact that the concrete has sufficient strength and frost resistance, it is advantageous and convenient to be used for the construction of the basement and first floor of a combined home. The advantages of aerated concrete is unquestionable.

projects combined houses

How to construct a Combi-home

Everyone planned for the construction of the facility requires the design and detailed engineering, technical and other consideration. And then attention is focused on two directions: the construction of the basement with the first floor and a separate tree on the second floor. Experienced construction crew always knows how to divide these processes and how to build a combo building, as it is well aware of all its pros and cons.

Advantages of the combined structures

The commonly Accepted advantages of the combined structures over the classic is that they are designed for construction on the difficult mountain terrain, when the Foundation and first floor should just merge with the landscape and be a solid, well planted on the ground. Otherwise, the structure will be demolished mountain streams, snow avalanches, or rain.

combination home

Top Kombi-house should be as light as possible, so as not to create unnecessary stress on the Foundation. Otherwise the house is in a mountain area, just the laws of physics sit down under their own weight and slides down because it would be difficult to resist on a steep hillside. That's why combo the style originated on the Alpine slopes. And moved to the plains combined home – it is exotic, functionality and efficiency.

What house to choose?

The Eternal question: which is better – classic private residential facility or combined home? The pros and cons of those and other famous. And yet Kombi-house have several advantages. The main ones – durability, adaptability and economy, plus the originality of the image.

Each combined structure has its own unique character.

The Wooden top of the house-Chalet from the ground separates stone, brick or Penology first floor. This increases the durability of the structure. The roof of the house-Chalet allotted at a great distance from the walls of the house that does not allow precipitation to get to the wooden construction of the second floor. The interiors of houses-chaletsoffer traditional simplicity, functionality, and the Union of wood and stone creates a unique rustic coziness and sense of security.

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