Bitumen emulsion and its high-quality production


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Very often, for surface treatment of asphalt and waterproofing of various structures using bitumen emulsion - a peculiar system in which the particles of the main component presents in the aqueous phase in the form of separate elements. This environment did not exert an adhesive action, actively used various additives-emulsifiers. It cannot be denied that bituminous waterproofing is beneficial in terms of saving resources and environmental friendliness. Usually specialists in dealing with different brands of base material. The resulting compositions can vary significantly from each other in properties.

Bitumen emulsionAny bitumen emulsion requires the addition of solvent, and its amount should be pretty accurate. Otherwise, might occur to precipitate individual components or excessive dissolution of the mixture. The solvent is used as the agent that reduces the viscosity of the composition. As to the water contained in such waterproofing, cationic mixture is less sensitive to the added volume than anionic counterparts. The last of them intensively react to the amount of impurities contained in the added liquid.

plant for the production of bitumen emulsionIn the manufacture of mixtures, the special installation for the production of bitumen emulsion, which has a complex structure. It consists of: main unit with a colloid mill, electronic control systems, dosing lines, water and bitumen, containers for storage of various materials, as well as pipelines and pumps. The work is conducted on the principle of thorough mixing, further involving the emulsification of the composition. The quality of the final product depends very much on the homogeneity of the mix and pre-processing.

Bitumen waterproofingAlmost all units of equipment made from materials not subject to corrosion, that allows to achieve maximum service life. This is especially true of components and parts that have direct contact with the aquatic environment. Currently only used by automated equipment, allowing to receive a quality product when bitumen emulsion meets all the requirements. The number and characteristics of the products are measured by special sensors. On the assumption that the properties of the mixture depend on the emulsifier, to produce, capable of sucking the components in two directions.

Before the bitumen emulsion is coated on the surface, the substrate must be carefully prepared. To do this, get rid of the old cover and from various debris, aligning the holes larger than three millimeters. The next step is a priming emulsion composition. The flow rate of the mixture of particular influenced by the type of the treated surface. Looking at the packaging, you can see an average consumption of the product. When water from a solution evaporates, the surface will remain a thin film of bitumen, the following protective coating.

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