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When you create a electronic equipment and devices applied conductive adhesive. It is used for mounting electronic parts chips and should have the appropriate parameters for electrical and thermal resistance.

Conductive glueIn this article we will discuss the composition and application of the adhesive.

The Conductive adhesive must have a low specific heat and resistance. Thus the contact properties should be strong, reliable and durable.

To Create a stable electrical characteristics of the adhesive can be, by entering into its composition, the Nickel powder. Sometimes used for these purposes palladium, silver and gold. The more metal fraction in the adhesive composition, the better ekopokolenie, however, the contact strength will be lower.

Conductive glue your handsConductive adhesive is elastic, and the connection is stronger if its members to introduce a polymer binder. They provide good adhesive properties and low density of the adhesive.

Adhesive polymer base protects the chip from shock, vibration, and constant temperature changes.

All modern requirements are met by a conductive adhesive “Contactor”. It includes viscous composition based on synthetic resins. The electrically conductive provides a fine silver powder. Adding glue various alcohol solvents, it is possible to adjust its viscosity.

Many experienced hams make a conductive adhesive with their hands. They know universal formulations of glue that you can glue the resistors, transistors, integrated circuits and radiators.

The Big secret in this, so below we'll look at how to prepare homemade conductive glue at home.

1. Take a small tube of superglue, made by Chinese craftsmen. Open the foil packing from the opposite side. Fall asleep there pre-prepared graphite, in an amount equal to the amount of glue. Graphite can be polished with a pencil for drawing (a simple pencil). The stylus must be soft. The resulting mixture was thoroughly stirred with a match, then close the foil packaging. The conductive adhesive is ready to use.

Homemade conductive adhesiveIf the hand is not superglue, you can apply for these purposes zapalac.

2. You can use a graphite rod penlight batteries and the same zapalac. Powder graphite must be mixed with napolcom cream until thick. This glue is perfect conductivity. It should be noted that this homemade glue restaurerede only tracks television remotes.

3. This composition includes finely ground graphite and copper sawdust. For the connection of these materials used glue or varnish. Graphite can be retrieved from   stylus, pencil, nastrogat it. Copper filings get processed fine file a piece of copper. Combine two parts copper filings, and one portion of the graphite dust. Combine this mixture with glue. If there is no glue, you can apply a cedar varnish.

4. Universal composition with excellent conductivity and strength. We need 15 g of graphite powder, 30 g of fine silver, the same quantity of a copolymer of vinyl chloride and 32 g of purified acetone. The composition is made carefully. To keep the glue should be in a glass container.

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