Country shed is insulated with stove, veranda and shower


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The house was insulated shed may be a necessary addition for a summer vacation. But before building one you need to consider some features of the work. It is important to determine whether the design porch, shower, and furnace.

Features of the construction of verandas

summer cabins insulated

Prior to the start of construction, you must decide to build a veranda or immediately after. Country shed is insulated should have a porch to protect from the wind the kitchen, in the space of this component of the structure to keep inventory or relax. If you do not have sufficient experience in conducting construction works, the veranda is better to install after the erection of the main building. It will be easier to build the box, and a veranda which has no reference to design after.

Warming huts

country cabins insulated

Country cabins insulated can be used until late autumn. You do not have to expend energy on heating. It will be sufficient to produce thermal insulation of space under the floor, otherwise the elements of the system will dampen and will become worthless early. To solve the gaps between the pillars of the Foundation necessary to fill it with something, it may be rubble stone, paving stone or brick battle.

Features of the arrangement of the cabins with shower

country shed with insulated stove

Suburban dog house should be insulated and equipped with a shower, it will need hot water. It should not be used when installing the boiler or oven, which have a hot water system that is not only comfortable, but safe. In the summer time can be used for water heating solar panel. Today, such equipment can be purchased for a relatively affordable price.


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Construction of Sewerage system

outdoor shed is insulated with showers

Country Cabins insulated must have a sewer system if the building has a shower, because the water will need to take. In accordance with the requirements of sanitation, pit latrines or septic tank to the water supply system, as well as residential buildings that also applies to those who are in possession of the neighbours should be maintained to the maximum distance. In addition, it is necessary to provide a specific location for the entrance of the sanitary barrels. If possible, during the construction of the cabins you can cooperate with neighbors in order to 4 adjacent site could use one septic tank. If the house was winterized cabins with showers will be built on the technology, which involves construction of septic tank of the type described, it is not necessary to lay underground sewage system, which is accompanied by high costs.

Features of the construction of the Billboard country cabins

country insulated cabins with veranda

Country Cabins insulated lining up quite often with conventional shields. This method is the most simple. The frame must be assembled on the ground, which will be more convenient, only after that it will need to knock in a single structure, which must have the form of a box. Should be tiling the floor and walls to be sheathed with plywood, OSB or sheet of plywood. After you need to install doors, Windows and install the roof system with lightweight materials. This can be considered that the shed is ready. Such structures are typically used only for one season, as very short-lived. The country shed is insulated with the stove can be built using SIP panels. If inside, you need to install the stove, the floor should be protected steel sheet, the dimensions of which should be longer than the design of the furnace 20 cm on each side. In addition, it will be necessary to protect before installing the oven and close the walls, which should be coated with a refractory material. Choose the model of the furnace is necessary because of the expectation that she should not have unduly large weight to not required to build the Foundation. In addition, the design should not exert excessive pressure on the floor of the cabins.

Holding the construction of logs and lumber

These designs look very presentable, but be aware that you will have to pay quite a large sum in the construction. If you want to convert such a structure under the bath, then this option is just suitable.

The Use of metal for construction

Country Shed is insulated with the stove can be built from metal. This option is suitable for those artists who have the skills to work with welding machine. The construction of such structures will not be necessary to build the Foundation, the structure will need to be installed on concrete blocks. If after the construction of the cabins after a while it will disappear the need, the structure can easily be dismantled and removed. As the basis in this case, use a power circuit of the container. To frames and corner posts will go a profiled tube 80 x 80 x 4 mm. The top and bottom of the sheathing should be made of United corners 60 x 60 millimeters. You can use t of appropriate dimensions. The walls will need to install the wooden frames that have openings for Windows and doors.

Features of Foundation construction for cabins of wood

Country insulated Cabins with veranda are built of wood long enough, it will have to spend about 1 month. All the elements before use is necessary to treat with antiseptics and water-repellent mixtures. Lay under design can not buried columnar base. On the surface, you will need to assemble base frame made of timber 150 x 150 mm. It will be the lower crown. It is necessary to install the lower frame of the frame. A pit for the Foundation you need to dig with the seizure of 1.5 m around the perimeter. The excavation necessary to lay a geotextile and to fill the bed of sand 10 inches. After the posts are set, the pillow should be dosepan to the soil surface. Typically, cabins are built on the territory of our country for long-term use, that is why the process needs to be given due attention.


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