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Rowan refers to the number of low-value fruit trees because of the characteristic bitter taste of its berries. However, being very common, it is widely used as ornamental plants. Durable and resilient wood is also often used in joinery.

Botanical description

ash grade

Under the name "mountain ash" species and varieties which you will find in the article, in modern botany is commonly understood as a genus of woody plants from the low of the large Rose family. The number of types exceeds a hundred, with about a third of which freely grows on the territory of Russia. Rowan is widely distributed in North America, Asia and throughout Europe. It is a deciduous plant as a shrub or tree especially impressive in autumn, when the leaves painted in crimson tones, and the branches are decorated with huge bunches of bright.

Using and the properties of mountain ash

Wood ash differs elasticity and high density, which allows its use for the manufacture of joinery. Flowering tree or shrub – an excellent honey plant.

Rowan Berries are eaten, especially contributed to the breeding of new varieties, the fruit of which lost a bitter aftertaste. You can eat them fresh, canned (compotes, jams, preserves), make marmalade or candy, to dry, pickle or soak. Some properties of the ash, but rather its berries, is used in folk medicine. Among the useful qualities of the following: a diuretic and choleretic, laxative, hemostatic, diaphoretic, antiscorbutic. The bitterness in the berries help to get rid of the first frosts. They lead to the destruction of specific glycoside.


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Common Rowan: varieties and types


The Most well-known and widespread species – the mountain ash. Its Latin name comes from the phrase “attracting birds”. This is due, perhaps, to the fact that the bright red berries remain on the Bush, not only in autumn, but almost all winter, providing birds with food. The species is distributed worldwide in temperate climate. Most often it is the tree, at least – a shrub with a rounded crown and a height of 12 m, but usually only in the range of 5-10 m.

Experts in the field of selection of divide the varieties of the mountain ash into two types: Navaginskaya and Moravian. The first includes hybrids of Eastern European descent, and the second – Central European. The differences are not only Rowan berries (for taste, color, shape), but the plants themselves – the shape of the crown, leaves, bark, etc.

Rowan Moravian

Rowan sweet, or Moravian, is a variation of the common. It was first discovered in the 19th century in Moravia, in the area of the Sudeten mountains. In culture introduced thanks to the beautiful and delicious fruit. Tree height of 10-12 m at a young age has a narrow-pyramidal crown, large leaves up to 25 cm, in fruit to 1 cm in diameter are of Greatest interest varieties the Central European group, represented below.


seedlings of Rowan

Not really tall tree (10-15 m) is not only sweet fruits, but also for its decorative appearance. Narrow-pyramidal crown, leaves large, leathery, pinnate, looks like a delicate, painted in the autumn in rich red and yellow hues. Flowering begins in late may, inflorescence corymbiform, dense. Fruits ovate, large, with juicy sweet-sour flesh, scarlet red. Rowan class Edulis has a high winter hardiness, light-requiring, but can withstand light shade, prefers fertile and well-drained soil. Not tolerate waterlogged and excess moisture, reacts badly to the fumes and smoke of the air. Used as a fruit crop, as well as in group Alleyne plantings.


Hybrid with a narrow compact crown shape grows up to a height of 11 m. Decorative throughout the year, thanks to a large, beautiful pinnate leaves, small size and bright berries. The bitter aftertaste of the fruit was missing. Like many other varieties of mountain ash decorative, Biscari not afraid of cold, but is sensitive to polluted city air, waterlogged and heavy soils. Prefers Sunny, well-lit areas, tolerates light shade.


Aronia varieties

Another Western European variety with a pyramidal crown shape. The leaves are large, with a whitish underside with serrated edges. The fruits are oval-round shape, shirokorulonnye, color – bright orange, collected in dense flap 70-100 pieces, have good flavor without too much astringency and bitterness with a juicy orange flesh. The variety has high resistance to frosts, diseases. Prefers loose fertile soil without stagnant moisture, good lighting.

Navaginskaya Rowan

Navaginskaya Rowan is also a variation of the common, and on external signs to distinguish them unless specialist. As mentioned above, Rowan berries have a characteristic bitter taste and become edible only after the first frost. However, navarinskoy species has a distinctive feature. Its berries are devoid of bitterness, even in immature form, and the levelsaturation of vitamin is comparable to that of lemon and black currants. The tree was not obtained by breeding, and is a natural. The history of its discovery is very interesting. The tree was found by a farmer in Shelkunova Andrew woods, which was located near the village of Nevezhino. Planted it in his garden, he did not know that hardy and undemanding tree spread across the country. The villagers planted saplings of mountain ash and sold them in the neighboring area. At the moment, has withdrawn a large number of varieties, we draw your attention to the known and proven.

Eastern European varieties

  • VAT - average tree with crown shape paniculate, large thin leaves and elongated bright orange fruit. Is characterized by a high frost resistance, light, undemanding to soil, but prefers a medium or light loam. Rowan cylinder engine variety has no bitter taste, moderately tart, the flesh is bright yellow, juicy. The fruit of weight 0.5 g.
  • Sugar Petrov - small tree (to 5 m) with decorative large leaves. The variety is valued for its high content of sugars in the fruit without astringency and bitterness. Hardy, unpretentious.
  • Light - early variety of multi-purpose. The plant is medium height with straight ascending branches, located compactly. The fruits are large, weighing 1.5-1.7 g with yellow flesh, ripe as a red-orange hue.

Michurin varieties

Rowan grade titanium

Varieties developed by the well-known Russian breeder Michurin, I. V., found in contemporary gardens rarely. At present, some of them lost, the other simply mixed together and hardly discernable. But there are surviving hybrid Michurinskiy Rowan. Grade Titanium (photo above), in particular, to this day is bought and sold by the growers. He is bred by pollination of flowers Rowan pollen of pear and red Apple. The plant is a small tree (up to 3.5 m) with a rounded crown shape. Large berries collected in bunches powerful, has a distinctive flavor without bitterness and a deep dark shade of red. The tree is highly resistant to even the most harsh climatic conditions. Close to a grade Titan all the characteristics of hybrids Liqueur, Pomegranate, Burke.

Rowan berries

Do Not forget that the ordinary and Aronia varieties which are also very numerous, – this is not the same thing. Even if you compare the appearance of plants, we can see significant differences. Chokeberry or Aronia Michurina, belongs to an entirely different genus-Aronia, but the same Pink family. Removed the view was in the 19th century in the nursery, Michurin. It is a low shrub (to 3 m) with large dark green leaves and spherical black (sometimes with purple tint) fruits with seeds. Popular as a melliferous, medicinal and fruit culture.

Features of cultivation of mountain ash

Sorbus species and varieties

  • Rowan is a very large tree, so it makes sense to plant the trees on the perimeter of the site. The plant prefers well-lit places, tolerate light shade in the shadow develops bad fruits weak.
  • Almost all varieties of mountain ash is hardy and undemanding to soil, but still better developed in a light substrate, in the loam. Does not like excessive moisture and waterlogging.
  • All Rowan (grades don't matter) prefer autumn planting, or early spring (before growth). The harvest was abundant, it is recommended to plant several different hybrids.
  • Basic tree care is the timely removal of root seedlings and shoots that develop below the site of inoculation, watering (if necessary), the loosening of the soil and the treatment against pests and diseases.
  • Rowan starts into growth quite early in this regard, appropriate pruning and fertilizing in a short and early period.
  • From the third year after planting, it is recommended to feed the trees with complex mineral fertilizers in three stages: before flowering in spring, in summer during fruit formation and in the fall after harvest.

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