Useful plant ginger. How to grow it at home and at the cottage?


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The Ginger plant is quite common. In the food use of the root as a seasoning for vegetable and meat dishes, in baking, make it a healthy drink. Often buy at markets or in stores ginger, how to grow it in suburban areas and at home on the windowsill, don't know everything. The technology of growing this plant is simple. Shoots ginger externally somewhat similar to to grow Ginger

To Grow ginger at home on the window quite easily

Growing gingerTo begin, go to the market and buy fresh ginger root. It must be clearly visible to the eyes of them later developing shoots. The root should be divided into delenki, each should be 2-3 buds, can be planted with one eye, but Bush will take longer to develop and the window will look weak. Cuts it to preporuciti wood ashes and dry. If ash is not, then you can do without it. Then replant the roots in the nutrient solution, suitable for any soil, well, if it will contain humus. The pot should be a drain hole at the bottom, it is desirable to pour a little sand. Once planted ginger, how to grow it, you should not worry. Now we have to wait for roots to increase root system, only after that, runners will go up. It is only necessary to periodically irrigate the land so she doesn't dry out, keep it slightly moist. Pour should not be, otherwise the roots may rot. The first shoots will appear in about a month and then will go up very quickly. In winter, watering is moderate in the spring and summer and abundant. If shoots begin to bend under its own weight, they should put support. If necessary, transplant the ginger in a pot with a larger diameter (if the drainage holes protrude the roots). By next spring, ginger bloom, a special decoration in the flowers there, but still nice when your Pets feel good. Ginger root after flowering will ripen in 1-2 months, it will be possible to gather the first harvest, if you do not, the pot may crack. Shake the plant out of the pot and cut a piece of rhizome with 2-3 shoots. Ginger cultivation in the countryYou can put in a new nutrient mix, and the rest of the root used as food. A great plant ginger! How to grow it at home, we understand. Now let's go on, let it be planted in the garden.

Important ginger - growing in the country

Buy fresh ginger root and as well, as in the first case, cut it into several telenok, sprinkle the slices with ash and dried. Now put on the dacha ginger. How to grow - will be discussed further. Planting should be carried out as early as possible, it resembles a potato. Ideally, this is the beginning of March, but this is only possible in warm regions. In the rest of this time on the plots is still snow, so planting ginger move at the beginning or the middle of April. Plant to a depth of approximately 15 cm in well fertilized with humus soil. Next you need to weed, to loosen, if necessary, watered. It is better if the area where grows the ginger, is bright and protected from the wind. After some time there will be shoots, and by July it will bloom "panicles" of reddish color. The crop is dug in autumn, in late September - October in the southern regions you can leave the tubers in the ground until December.

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