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Everyone knows the gardener puts compost is a special place, as the latter – is the Creator and source of life power plants and their main natural fertilizer. Plant health and the future harvest depends on the quality and structure of the compost. If properly prepared this compound, the gardener will not need to apply fertilizer. What is compost, how to prepare it will tell that story.

Compost – what is it?

Compost is an essential component of fertile soil in any garden and the most accessible in all senses of the fertilizer, which is produced from plant residues. If you cook it right, it will not only fill the needs of plants in nutrients, accelerating growth, and will greatly improve the soil structure, which depends on its looseness and how it will be able to absorb and retain moisture.what is compost

Compost at the cottage or the garden – one of a kind natural organic fertilizer, is obtained by fermentation, earthworms and bacteria.

The Manufacture of this fertilizer is to compost heaps or kompostnyh. They can be built just like a hole in the ground, but the best option would be a specially equipped place. It is, as a rule, is the capacity of the closed or open type or a box inside.

Sometimes gardeners-gardeners interested in what is compost «American». This is usually a bucket that food scraps are added and diluted with the earth. As filling mass is shifted in a large container or poured into the main composti.


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Conditions for compost

In a compost pile is allowed to make all the organic substances which may decompose. These include, among other things, wood waste, hay and straw. Do not add compost with fresh faeces, because they are composted separately, mixing with peat and earth for at least several years.


To microorganisms, providing fermentation, was able to handle all that added to the compost pile, and then to produce from this humus, creates certain conditions, as for work they need good nutrition. From vegetable waste to produce carbon, and nitrogen should ensure that their respective supplements, which is animal manure.

Cow manure is added to about twenty per cent of the entire pile, and concentrated bird droppings require less. If the presence of this ingredient there are difficulties, then it is replaced with legumes, bone meal, young nettles or grass.

Composting Can not do without components such as fertile land, rich in microorganisms, and stimulants of fermentation. To create more calories of the composition add processed phosphate or phosphate fertilizer from the calculation of six kilograms per cubic meter and potassium (wood ash or sulphate of potash) in an amount of two kilograms per cubic meter.

When you create the right conditions and proper design of compostie a bunch of warmed up, accelerating the decomposition of residues.

From which do not make compost

One of the most popular Hobbies people have is gardening. For successful management it is necessary to possess certain skills, one of which is the knowledge of how to make fertilizer for garden plants.

the fertilizer of the earth in autumn

To obtain high-quality compost it is important to understand what are the components of it should not be:

  • Plastic;
  • Fats;
  • Synthetic materials;
  • Bone;
  • Fat;
  • Meat and dairy waste.

The Last three are undesirable because of unpleasant smell and attract rodents. You can add them in small amounts for quick digestion and in the middle of compostie.

Remembering what is compost, you shouldn't do from a pile of garbage pit, putting in the following components:

  • Human feces and waste from Pets to prevent parasitic infection;
  • Rags, paper, glossy, stones, bones, rubber, as they do not decompose in kompostnye;
  • Disinfectants and chemical substances;
  • Residues and waste from food of animal origin, causing the decay;
  • Disease and pest management of plants subject to combustion;
  • The roots and stems with the seeds of weeds because in the process of perepravnaya they do not lose their germination capacity.


Components of a compost pile can be divided into two categories:

  • “green”, that contains a significant amount of nitrogen;
  • “brown”, which has virtually no nitrogen, but includes a lot of fiber.

The green group includes kitchen waste, leaves, bird droppings, hay legumes, green leaves, cake, and various fruits. The processes of decay of these components is done quite quickly, with the heat and rise in temperature inside. For the most favorable course need to correctly prepare raw materials.

To prepare compost from grass, herbs and leaves before inserting in composti podvyalivayut. If this is not done, the weight in your compost heap will be compacted and will not pass air, it will not lead to rotting and souring, and you get a poisonous fertilizer. Also layers of green shift with dry leaves and sawdust.

tips gardeners

An excellent basis for compost is hay, but you need to remember that each layer must cover the ready-made mold or make wetting herbal infusion for faster growth of bacteria and hence accelerate the composting process. Dried hay is watered with a solution of manure, kitchen waste or water.

Kitchen leftovers and fruit brown shift elements and bird droppings diluted with water.

“Brown” component of the compost heap

Brown category bark, seed husks, paper, dry leaves. Also included are sawdust, corn cobs, straw, chaff, manure. Compost containing these components, acquires the necessary porosity, so as they play the role of leavening agents and inhibits air and moisture.

The Processes of perepravnaya these components is quite long and occurs without formation of heat. During their putrefaction in the compost decreases the amount of nitrogen. Therefore, when forming the pile of brown ingredients should be supplementary layers that feed bacteria. A good way to maintain this process is watering the pile with urea in the proportions of one and a half to two kilograms per cubic meter heap.

The Most suitable manure for compost is straw, or horse, worse – pork. The latter should be transferred with straw, sawdust or husk, before laying to produce lime in the ratio of kilograms per cubic meter of raw materials and can withstand up to full maturity.

Proper application of fertilizer

After the compost and turning it into organic fertilizer is important, with benefits for the plants to use. Tips gardeners can give the following:

  • With a prepared compost, mixed with ash, you can make digging tree trunks of young seedlings, if they are weak and do not grow. Mix a layer of earth about twenty inches.
  • Need to add compost under the bushes of currants and gooseberries between rows of raspberry bushes and strawberries.
  • After adding the compost and lime mixture make the cabbage and cucumbers, mixing with the soil ten centimeters.
  • Ground Fertilizer in the autumn can produce a soil application of immature compost, covering for the winter these places the film so that sediments are not washed away valuable substances. By the spring the fertilizer will ripen.


Dimensions of compostie

Components for preparation in a certain way are formed in kompostnye. If the tab to make right, a lot will not allocate to the land of harmful substances as well and won't annoy strong odor.

Thus, keeping the size of compostie is quite important, otherwise there will be created a comfortable temperature and wet mode for the maturation of compost. The most appropriate size of compostie can be considered a four-foot wide and four feet-tall. Length is optional, but more than one and a half meters. A bunch of smaller will not be able to warm up well and will lose moisture quickly, which will slow down the maturation of the fertilizer.

It is Also desirable to arrange composti constantly in the same place. This will lead to the reproduction of the desired microorganisms and rapid colonization of new piles.

compost in the country

How to make compost pyramid

Ground Fertilizer in the fall Is of great importance for the maturation of a good harvest. Therefore, the right to organize composti to produce useful organic fertilizer – task of any gardener.

The Recommendations will be as follows:

  1. In a shaded area to highlight the area under Komposti and prepare it: to align, to remove the post...

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