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To manage a variety of often very powerful schemes and mechanisms using low-current electrical signals or other factors (heat, light, mechanics), using special devices. They come in different power and design, but their meaning in one – to enable or disable the electrical circuit when receiving a control signal. Relay 220V helps to protect your network.

relay 220V

What is relay electrical

In electrical relays single Electrosignal controls the other electrical signal. There is no place to modify the latter, and only the switching. Signals can be quite different in appearance, form and power, but one thing is important - once the control circuit begins to flow current, the circuit switching is triggered when connecting or disconnecting the load. With the disappearance of the control current, the system returns to its original state.

The Electrical relay is a kind of amplifier, for example, if a weak signal commutes strong, and while they are similar in form and mind of tension. Can also be considered such a device by the transmitter if the signals differ from each other in the form of voltage.

time relay 220V

Principle of operation

Clearly we can consider the relay action on the example of electromagnetic. This mechanism contains a coil with a core of steel and a group of contacts that are movable are moved, closing and opening the circuit. The coil core serves the control current. This current, according to the law of electromagnetic induction, creates in the core a magnetic field which attracts a contact group, and that closes or opens the circuit depending on the relay type.

delay relay 220V

Types of relays

The Described devices klassificeret on several parameters. For example, based on the voltage, isolated relay AC or DC. Structurally, these instruments differ from each other only by the type of core, but rather its material. For regular relay characteristic core made of electrotechnical steel, and they are of two types:

  1. Neutral.
  2. Black.

First different from the second those that can operate in either direction of the current passing through the relay.

If we consider the kind of the control signal and the appropriate design of the device, the latter are divided into:

  • Electromagnetic, which contains an electric magnet switch contacts.
  • Solid. Switching diagram collected on thyristors.
  • Thermostat working on the basis of the thermostat.
  • Delay Relay 220V.
  • Optical, where the control signal is a light stream.

Relay voltage monitoring

To control electrical networks, and more specifically, the voltage developed by relay 220V. They are designed to protect appliances from sudden power surges. The basis of such devices is a special microcontroller for rapid response. It monitors the voltage level in the network. If for any reason there is a deviation of voltage in the higher or lower side of the permissible limit, a control signal to the device that disables the network from consumers.

Threshold relay 220V is in the range of 170-250 Volts. A common standard. Produced and when a network disconnection, the control voltage level continues. Upon return of the voltage within acceptable limits, the system operates the time delay, after which the devices re-powered.

These devices are usually installed at the entrance to the circuit after the meter and automatic safety switch. Power should be more than enough to withstand the surge when breaking the circuit load.

relay delay time 220V

Relay delay time 220V

The Device, meaning the operation of which concluded in creating the conditions where the electric circuits in the mode sequence, is called relay time. For example, if you want to create the power mode of the load does not instantaneously on arrival of the control signal, and after the prescribed period, apply specific system. The following types of equipment named:

  • Time Relay 220V electronic type. They can provide temporary exposure within a fraction of seconds and up to several thousand hours. They can be programmed. The energy consumption of such devices low and the dimensions small.
  • Delay time in the solenoid for supplying direct current circuits. The scheme is based on twoelectromagnetic coils, which arise simultaneously, the magnetic fluxes directed in the opposite direction and thus weaken each other for the delay.
  • The Device, where the response time slows down by means of a pneumatic process. Exposure can be in the range of 0.40-180.00 seconds. The delay of the pneumatic damper is carried out by adjustment of the inlet.
  • Devices on the anchor mechanism, or clock circuit.

relay 220V

Intermediate relay 220V

This device is an auxiliary device and used in various automatic schemes, as well as in management. The purpose of the intermediate relays is a function of separation in the chains of contacts of the individual groups. Also it can produce the simultaneous operation of one circuit and turning off the other.

Circuit for relay 220V intermediate are of two types:

  1. On the principle of the shunt. In this case, all the supply voltage is applied to the relay coil.
  2. Serial type. Here the winding mechanism with the coil of the switch connect in series.

In the circuit of relay, depending on its design, can present up to three windings on the coils.

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