Josta berry – planting and care


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Josta – is a spreading perennial shrub, obtained by crossing black currant with gooseberry. He can reach one and a half or two meters in height. On the stems of the plants are missing the spikes. This differs from the gooseberry plant josta. Planting and care of this flora is simple and easy. The leaves of a shrub shiny, it has a dark green color and large size. In the winter they don't fall off. The berries of this flora very large, tinged with purple. The plant is great for growing in the country or the plot.

Josta planting and caring

Josta Berry – planting and care

Put the berries on a flat, well lit area. It is better to plant the plant in mid-autumn. To do this, prepare a pit depth of 40 cm, with a diameter of about 60 cm Distance between the bushes should be about four feet to the spacious feel of the plant josta. Planting and care required fertilizer in the planting deepening and subsequent mulching. Ready in the pit to add 10 kg of organic matter, 200 g of superphosphate and potassium fertilizer - 60 g. the Soil under the stem plants need to be mulched with peat or humus. If yostoi to plant currants and gooseberries, it will develop well and be productive.

One of the most picky of plants – josta. Planting and caring for them is very simple. With a lack of natural moisture the plant needs to be watered, remove weeds and feed them. The first three years josto cut. After three years of age in the Bush to cut dry branches. In their place will grow a new one. The maximum yield of this species is achieved in the fifth year of life.


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berry josta

Reproduction josta berries

Multiplies the flora cuttings, which should be stiff. They make two sections: at the top of the seedling (above the kidney) and the bottom (below the Bud). Length of cuttings should be about 15 cm and a thickness of 1 cm. In the prepared soil they are planted so that the top Bud didn't rise above ground level by more than 2 cm Planted plants need timely watering. If you put the cuttings in autumn, then in spring, they will actively develop and grow. From one Bush you can with normal to harvest about 10 kg of berries.

Useful properties of berries josta

The fruit of this plant contains vitamin C is somewhat less than in the currants, but much larger than in the gooseberry. In large numbers they contain vitamin e and anthocyanins. Berry josta has different useful properties. It is especially good in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. By eating this berry also improves blood circulation, excreted heavy metals.

Useful properties of berries josta

Used in cooking

Josto consumed as fresh, and prepared her meals. Berry delicious (sweet, with a pleasant acidity) and is extremely useful. From Jost make compotes, jam, jam, jam, jams and jellies. Berries can be frozen. To grow this representative of the flora on the plot of the big work does not require, and benefit from this plant very much.

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