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Every second person familiar with this situation: came to his home, and the lock doesn't open or just the key is missing. And what to do in such a difficult situation? To change the lock in the front door or to perform any other actions? Depending on the specific situation developed a few simple choices. Sometimes you can cope by yourself, without assistance.

change the lock

What to do?

In case of key loss you want to change the lock, but still use the funds that are on hand to open the door. Depending on the structure, there are specific and simple manipulations:

  1. Use the drills. Require to drill a small hole above the keyhole. This is done in case of mounting front door inner lock cylinder. After drilling the pick clings constipation and moves the hook. Such a hole is possible to drill holes in the cylinder. In the hole is inserted a small piece of wire and is rotated in the direction of open the door lock.
  2. The Use of a simple screwdriver. In the presence of the tongue in the locking mechanism, screwdriver – effective tool. The tool need to be pushed inwards to engage the tongue and drive into the keyhole. The door extends itself and then opens. Instead of a screwdriver you can use a card of plastic.

how to change the larva in the castle

Actions before the replacement of the lock

When applying the lever locks required to perform the following procedure. This method is absolutely not similar to the instruction on how to change the ignition switch, so more attentive otnesites to the user.


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To Change the ignition lock is different. Need:

  • Loosen the bolts.
  • Brand new ignition lock key is inserted in the No. 1 position.
  • Next is mount to the steering column.
  • If everything is OK, the bolts are stretched to the failure of heads.

And to change a door lock is much simpler:

  • Pull the door handle on himself slightly, shifting the door from the box as far as possible.
  • Gently through the slit delicate instrument.
  • To Move the levers inside the door lock.

The presence of a door lock with a latch in the form of a pen is required to Unscrew the locking mechanism and gently remove it. Then a metal panel that covers the mechanism removed, and a screwdriver or stud squeezes the latch, helping to open the door.

Remember: to avoid unnecessary problems with lock acquire mechanism without the presence of the keyhole, the benefit in the modern world possible. Today has a huge selection of goods.

change the lock in the door

Tools to replace the castle

The Second common problem where you cannot open the door, is the failure of a key in the keyhole. This can happen owing to the diverse and different reasons, which means that the solution will be completely different. Consider many questions: how can I change the larvae in the castle, what tools you need and more.

What you need?

In a self-replacing door lock require to have on hand at least simple tools. The replacement requires the following:

  • Pliers.
  • Drink.
  • Nail File from the jigsaw.
  • Crowbar.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Drill.

Of Course, such tools are needed in order to change the door lock cylinder may not be at hand. But then it is necessary to hire the services of a neighbor on the landing.

how to change the ignition

Operation Procedure when replacing the lock

To replace the castle apply certain tools and actions. How to change the lock or how to retrieve the key? Here's the popular variants of problems and solutions.

  1. The replacement must adhere to the following: you need to pull the cylinders, remove the bolt on the end of the strap, then the larva may easily and without much trouble to remove.
  2. Now it is necessary to dismantle the bar: Unscrew the fastener screws, remove the handle and strap.
  3. The Next step is to Unscrew the fasteners and very carefully pull the housing of the door lock.
  4. A mechanism that removed the need to go to the supermarket or the nearest hardware store to purchase similar clasp (this eliminates the most difficult work on the fit).
  5. Often it happens that when you purchase a new door lock there are incidents. It is slightly different from the previous one, and to replace it would be a bit difficult. But nothing! This too can be overcome! Will have to customized. Brand new body fit in the groove that exists and is viewable, it is important to know its extension. The case in no case should not touch the walls.
  6. The Next step is the fitting end of the bar.
  7. Drill a hole the desired diameter, then note the location of the holes for the new lock cylinders. Unnecessary remove.
  8. After everything is tailored to the elements of the castle, is to build a new mechanism.
  9. Insert the housing and fasten it with two screws on the door end. How to change the larva in the castle?
  10. Need to install grub, install the retaining screw is also at the end of our front door.
  11. Next to insert the installation shaft input and drive knobslatch, wear handles with decorative straps and a firm grip to pull the screws. To fix the return plate to the door box.
  12. And the last touch to the work entitled "How to change a door lock" is what you need to check smooth operation of door lock. The key turn without any binding, the rods move without any flaws. All well and good, the work is done efficiently and competently.

to change door lock cylinder


In conclusion, I would like to note that if you fail to change the door lock, then you need to seek the services of a specialist. Wizard efficiently and competently perform all by themselves – is coming, would remove a key from an internal or external lock and open the door or simply change a door lock. This work will be taken by them the minimum wage.

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