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Modern plot – an amazing sight. Fruit trees and shrubs blend harmoniously with the ornamental plants. And vegetables are frequent guests. And with all the variety of plants there is always area for an amazing representative of flora – grapes.

The Selection of varieties for a garden plot

Every gardener, before you purchase a particular plant, faced with a huge selection of existing crops. Currently, each of them has a wide range of varieties. When choosing a buyer has a desire to find something new and promising. Preference is given to crops unpretentious and resistant to weather, disease and pests. Detailed descriptions give full information about a particular grade. This information helps not only to make the right choice, but in the future to avoid mistakes when growing plants.

Grapes Victor description

Main features

Before us a table hybrid named after its Creator - breeder-lover of Victor N. Kraynova. It is obtained by crossing varieties of Talisman and Sultana radiant. The result of this work has been appreciated. After testing, he joined the list of top ten grape varieties. Many gardeners are devoted to the breeding of this amazing culture have in their collection the grapes "Victor".Grapes Viktor

A description of the variety, you can start with the ripening of the fruit. The harvest will ripen in a hundred or one hundred and five days. There is a ripening of the whole bunch.

Vine this hybrid has a strong branching shoots. They are perfectly Mature, and after the formation of branches grow rapidly. In addition to such qualities as earliness, is important for this variety is resistant to strong frosts. Grapes "Victor" and withstands temperature up to twenty-four degrees Celsius. Gardeners, adding to their collections of this plant confirm the good properties of cold-resistant shrubs. In some areas this culture doesn't even require shelter.


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The Addition to early ripening and resistance to low temperatures is the resistance to damage of different diseases.

The Grapes "Victor": the description of the class

A Powerful vine after Bud break is covered with bisexual flowers. This property facilitates their rapid pollination. In the first days of June there is a friendly flowering. After pollination begins to form a bunch of grapes. Berries large, oval, slightly pointed shape, have a pink or purple color. Some of them reach a weight of fifteen grams. Its tender flesh has a pleasant slightly acid taste. Powerful heavy bunches weighing six hundred grams up to one kilogram will please their masters grape variety "Victor". Grapes Victor description grade photoPhoto-maturing crop can't stop admiring this plant. You can also say that due to the dense skin (which has no effect on the taste of the varieties) the berries have a reliable protection against insect pests, such as wasps.

The Grapes "Victor-2"

Usually, breeders do not stop on achieved results. Following the author's work Kraynov V. N. - variety, very similar to grapes "Victor". The description of their similarities. However, there are differences. A new species, which is considered a brother to the above instance, is called "sympathy". What is the difference? Grapes "Victor-2", or "sympathy", is later maturing. Harvesting begins in one hundred twenty five or one hundred thirty days. The harvest will surprise owners of this miracle heavy clusters of delicious berries. The weight of individual Hron reaches four pounds. Berries 'liking' differ in larger sizes: normally each of them weighs from twelve to eighteen grams. But that's not all the advantages of this variety. Having a decent weight grapes "Victor-2" is characterized by an excellent transportable properties. In other respects these two varieties look like brothers.


When growing grapes should take into account its characteristics. Strong branching plant requires some care. Grapes "Victor" well fruiting on high poles.Grapes Victor description This method will allow you to grow powerful roots of the bushes. Plant your tree in well-lit Sunny spot. Enough heat provides ripening high-yielding crop. Watering should be moderate. Not excess during the vegetative period will be dressing fertilizer.

Resistance to frost in the regions where the temperature in the cold season does not fall below twenty degrees, allows not to cover the vines for winter. And since this variety is highly resistant to all kinds of sores, you can reduce the number of prophylactic measures against major diseases of grapes.

How to use the grapes "Victor"

A description of the variety, a photo that perfectly illustrates his dignity, says the cafeterias. This is a great dessert for the holiday table. And during the week, hardly anyone will refuse to eat a delicious treat.

grape Victor photo

The Variety has high and stable productivity. One plant will receive up to fifteen pounds of well ripened berries.

Ripe grapes perfectly tolerate transportation. Dense ripe berries do not crack. Harvest is well kept. Heavy clusters are particularly attractive. The berries intended for fresh consumption, have great taste and amazing aroma.


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