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In our article we will talk about how to make and draw with your hands a coffee table. Versions of this piece of furniture a lot, and make itself pretty quickly. The main thing-to have on hand detailed instructions and drawings. There are folding tables of the type which are equipped with special mechanisms. Such devices can be purchased in furniture stores, but with a strong desire you will manufacture it for a couple of hours from scrap materials.

In this article you will learn how to make your own beautiful coffee table, and even so it was convenient to use. But pay attention to the aesthetic and creative side – after all, this piece of furniture is used more often than others. Except for the sofa and chairs, of course.

Design Features

Should pay attention to the fact that the requirement for only one table. And this is the height of the coffee table – it must be in the range of 40-50 cm And then enlist the help of your imagination – create, invent, use different shapes and decorations. Of course, the design – this is the most important because it affects the appearance. In advance think about how you will design the table. This allows to solve one important question – do your own design or use ready-made.

Coffee table size

It is also Worth noting one feature of coffee tables – they affect a small load, so at any time, even after final fabrication, you will be able to easily make design changes. This will spend a minimum of money and effort. Now let's look at the most popular options for finish tables. As previously mentioned, the height of the coffee table not more than 50 cm, so the sizes will not get hung up.


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Finish Wallpaper

Yes, the simplest Wallpaper – it is a material that can handle any table. Moreover, it is possible to use even the old and shabby, as long as they were strong. Features in the sweep of the surfaces, putty and primer no no. Definitely need before starting work to produce a coloured surface. Laid a layer of Wallpaper adhesive to the base. On top, always need to apply a clear or tinted lacquer. If you have prepared a drawing of a coffee table (with your hands you can draw it in any program for the simulation), then immediately after the varnish mark the location of all the fasteners.

All the layers of paper, except the last, must be subjected to grinding. Used for this purpose velvet skin. But one rarely can be found, so go to the trick. Take two sheets of sandpaper with 240 rooms and pound each other until, until you appear basis. This material and make grinding. Abrasive, which will sciatica from the sandpaper, you can collect, they can be treated glass surface. If you want you can make a coffee table with drawers and all surfaces treated with a Wallpaper.

In the case when you are using embossed Wallpaper, start to do polishing of the layer above which have no irregularities. The varnish should be applied profusely, especially the first layer. Sure that he was asleep for the ends. Install the countertop on the stand, and make sure you cover your whole floor with plastic wrap so as not to smear. The layers are subjected to the polishing, it is necessary to apply a little shagivalieva. We need to make sure that you have a taper lacquer (maximum thickness not more than 4 mm) to the edges. Will appear below the drop, which subsequently must be cut and sanding.

Drawing of a simple table with a shelf

To add design elegance, hammer along the edge in a number of pushpins or tacks. The main thing that hats were located at the same distance from each other and on the same line. To do this, use a metal area. On one of its sides need to neverlet holes with a diameter of 1.2 mm. This area is used as a template, it must be moved to the perimeter and assess the position of the buttons.

Design stones-seashells

Surely everyone has been at sea and brought with them empty shells and pebbles. If you make the table such a scattering, it is possible to achieve a romantic look. It is not recommended for production use bamboo – pick the stalks in thickness is difficult, and if you take the narrowing, the gaps will begin to accumulate dust. And scrub it pretty hard. And another feature-glass to the round surface of the stick very difficult. It is worth noting that coffee table in classic style, you can easily make a “sea”, it is enough to produce a new countertop, which is filled with shells or stones.

To make “sea” of the table it is best to use a plain plinths. In the market you can find various options which differ in size, tone, texture, price. And the glass using aquarium silicone to the surface of the moldings can be stuck literally tightly. Such glue can be purchased at any pet store. Usually it is transparent and durable, able to withstand any load. But there are adhesives black and white, so we can assume that the choice is wide.

Making coffee table

If the countertop has dimension 400 x 750 mm, used for her glass with a minimum thickness of 6 mm. If you decide to increase the table top size 600 x 900, it is better to use glass over 8 mm. For larger sizes it is desirable to use glass 10 mm thick and more. The glass must be mirrored, it is not allowed the presence of the undulations and cord. It is recommended to do on the inside of the plinth a small sample under the glass so it is flush. In this case, the table will turn out a safe, secure and very beautiful. You can make your own hands a coffee table made of particleboard-this material is quite durable to work with him very comfortable, and most importantly - the fact that he has a low cost.

A Little history

A Little over 30 years ago, a French factory made a splash on the world stage. She has released a line of very exclusive furniture-tables-aquariums. Through the perfectly transparent tabletop could be seen as inside swimming fish and algae. The manufacturer assures buyers that the resource of this piece of furniture over 40 years, but here and there was a little confusion. The fact that the system is completely closed, and when breeding fish was a violation of the biological balance. And this table simply turned into a mass grave for a large number of fish.

Trim mirrors

Table Mirror, you can enter literally into any interior. Because mirrors reflect all that is around them, therefore, fit into the overall picture as accurately as possible. As the basis for the manufacture of the table uses a simple box. He should have smoothed all the corners. It is also necessary to take into account strength characteristics. Before making sure dye based. It is possible to cover a coffee table made of wood with mirrors.

But it is not recommended to leave gaps, which is a tree. Because the wood will be evident, the mirror surface will go by the wayside. Allows painting with silver paint, because the color will blend in perfectly with mirror. But always pay attention to what the design of the room. Black or white color will look great in a classic art Nouveau. In the case of registration in a minimalist style, you can use only one tone that is common to all pieces of furniture. So, if the room in pale shades of green, the same color need to paint and base under the table.

A Little about decoupage

The Original way to design – decoupage. In fact, this procedure of gluing on the basis of pre-manufactured parts of any picture. We can say that this modified decals. Technique works is quite simple, and everything you need for work, can be purchased in a set. Main – to prepare the grounds for work. To paste the correct picture should be neat. But how to make a coffee table with his hands that he was attractive and not spoil the look of your room? With this issue you need to understand more details.

Of Course, some may argue that decoupage furniture has long been considered a symptom rather bad taste. But it is worth noting that the technique is constantly being improved, and options for final images very much, there are plenty to choose from. In the manufacture must be carefully sanded the table top, the maximum level the surface, seal all existing cracks and chips. Then the primer solution on the basis of chalk and transparent furniture Polish.

Height coffee table

Water primer to use for this purpose impossible. The entire surface after the works it is necessary to varnish an acrylic base. You can also use nitro lacquer and furniture. Please note that you will have to apply 2-4 coats. With which each is applied after fully...

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