Meadow moth, how to deal with it


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Meadow moth from time to time gives a flash of a large-scale reproduction and greatly harm agricultural land. This pest is characterized by a broad spectrum of cultures eat them, a high degree of harmfulness of caterpillars, butterflies ability to fly long distances and domesticate a wide territory. All these features make the moth one of the most serious pests.

meadow moth

Meadow moth goes through four stages of transformation: from the egg comes the caterpillar, which, in turn, becomes a pupa, and from pupa imago appears — a butterfly. Fully grown moth is gray-brown. In a quiet position it is similar to the triangle. Its wingspan is 25 mm. a moth Flies short but rapid zigzag flight.

Caterpillar has a greenish-gray color, with dark stripes on the back and sides, between which is a winding yellowish stripes. The head is black with a white pattern. Caterpillars feed on both cultural and wild plants. The most popular sugar beet, peas, sunflower, corn, melons and vegetable crops. The caterpillar feeds on mugwort, pigweed, bindweed and even bitter and poisonous herb. During its development, the caterpillar moults four times and held five ages. The most malicious time of life of a caterpillar — 2-5 age, then its length is from 0.8 to 3 cm At this time the caterpillars eat all day and stop only to molt.

meadow moth control measures

Meadow moth. Measures

The Areas seized by caterpillar, should be deeply plowed. Loosen and mound plants. A young caterpillar, covered with earth, can't get out. Destroy weeds not only on fields but also on side roads and on prelease site. This should be done before the summer butterflies. It is possible to destroy the weed, using drugs ‘Gelfoam” or “Hurricane Forte”. The primary symptoms of the action of these means will appear in a week. Due to the action of drugs, the butterflies have nowhere to lay eggs, and meadow moth will fly further. Or eggs they have to postpone, but the larvae will remain without food.


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meadow moth photo

But during the breeding period of meadow moth especially its second generation, appears quite difficult. Will help the use of insecticides “Kinmiks” and “Fufanon”. Track copes “Lepidocide” — biological preparation. Its use is permitted even for vegetable crops in the five days before the beginning of harvest. Processed drugs and all the surrounding plants.

If SADOVODCHESKOE TOVARISHHESTVO chosen meadow moth, a photo of which you can see, it is very important to get pest control collectively. The main emphasis should be laid on the destruction of caterpillars, this will help to preserve this year's harvest, will reduce the number of pests and for the next season.

Especially the moth likes to destroy crops of sugar beet, which are huge areas. Mass reproduction of the pest is able to cause considerable economic damage. You must be very careful to monitor the phytosanitary situation of crops.

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