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Many young parents start searching for the dowry for your baby long before his birth. Mom likes to choose small clothes, bedding for Cribs, accessories and care items. But the transport and furniture, as a rule, - care of the future father, he will be able to assess the reliability of the mechanisms and durability of items is much better. However, there are many children's products, causing equal excitement among both parents. And a clear example of this highchair Peg Perego Tatamia! Versatile, very beautiful, reliable and solid, he is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. And the best proof of the popularity of this model, which has become one of the most sold in the past few years. High chair Peg Perego Tatamia reviews, which is just full of delight and gratitude, can be called a real people's favorite, despite its fairly high price.

highchair peg perego tatamia

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Of Course, mom will first assess the rigor and conciseness of the main structure, softened by smooth half-ovals details. The design of this chair was designed to fit into any modern interior apartment. Developers managed to combine in one thing two seemingly incompatible qualities - neutrality and expressiveness. In the basic model, solved in soothing beige tones, embodied an authentic Italian style. But the manufacturer took care of the fashionista, giving them the opportunity to choose the color of the seat upholstery, which, in addition to basic beige, can be silver grey, autumn orange, rich green or brown, like hot chocolate. This abundance allows you to choose the Peg Perego Tatamia high chair suitable for kitchen or nursery.


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From the first days of life - a comfortable cradle

Do What dad while mom admires the new purchase? Of course, first check the reliability. Of course, it provides a convenient mechanism for regulating the inclination of the seat, because with just one hand you can install it in one of three positions. This allows you to use the highchair Peg Perego Tatamia from the birth of the crumbs as the home of the cradle where the newborn can sleep or be awake, watching mom or considering the toys. Another handy feature is the ability to adjust the height from the floor. Will delight the young dad and safety: five-point seat belt securely fix the baby in chair, not letting him slip out.

high chair peg perego tatamiaNext stage - feeding with a spoon

Highchair Peg Perego Tatamia grows with your child, turning from the cradle in a convenient kitchen furniture. It is still possible to take a NAP, but with the beginning of the first lures he needs to move closer to the dining table. However, this is not necessary because the chair has its own removable table so can be where the mother to feed the baby. And if necessary it is easy to roll into another room, it's on wheels! Cares about the comfort of the passenger and the footboard: it can be increased as the child grows.

peg perego tatamia high chair reviews

Grow and develop: a space for creativity

Baby is growing and becoming more active. His life already is not only a sweet sleep and a delicious sauce. There comes a time of experimentation and creative exploration. And then the highchair Peg Perego Tatamia turns into a creative mini-workshop! The baby can be given water color or finger paints and a sheet of paper - whether it is placed on the table. If drawing need water, glass can be put in the Cup holder, then a young artist accidentally topple it. Kid splattered paint or is it bottled water? Not a problem! The upper part of the table is removable, and the textile can be easily removed for washing. After all, this chair is designed for comfort of babies and peace of mind for his parents.

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