Lively Piraeus (Greece): ancient beauty of the modern port


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The Largest port of the Mediterranean, remaining from the ancient Greeks in the inheritance, is the economic center, which provides sea connections with almost all the Greek Islands. In town, the number of inhabitants does not exceed 200 thousand, is actively developing tourism infrastructure, and more and more foreign visitors come to experience ancient settlement located on the Aegean sea.

Resort with a developing tourist infrastructure

Colorful Piraeus (Greece), the history of which dates back to the ancient times – quite noisy and busy city, offering visitors great opportunities for recreation. In the country of settlement entered in the XIX century. After the construction of the railroad that connected the resort with Athens, he became the chief port of the state. It was carried through international transfers, the sea gate of the country has received the reputation of a tourist center, began to develop economically.Piraeus, Greece

Unfortunately, many travelers do not stay at the resort, and use Piraeus (Greece) only as a transit point. However, it makes sense to look at the scenic area, where the combination of fresh air, amazing nature and warm hospitality of the locals will leave a good impression.

The Resort, located on the lands of Attica

The Port of Piraeus is located twelve miles South of Athens, in the Bay of the Saronic Gulf. From the state capital can be reached by public transport or subway. Lying along the shores of the Aegean sea, it is located in the cradle land of ancient Greece-Attiki. Attica (Greece) is the true heart of a diverse country where life on the myths and legends. This region is divided into two parts: Athens Metropolitan area, which includes the port, and the rest of the field.


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The Main source of income of the resort, given its geographical location, is shipping. Here daily arrival of cruise ships and ferries. However, in recent decades the tourism business is gaining momentum, and in the city, new hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shops.

Climate and weather

A Large number of Sunny days and comfortable Mediterranean climate – ideal conditions for a wonderful holiday on local beaches. The swimming season begins in may, lasts until October.

The hottest months are July and August, and the best time for Hiking and sightseeing is the autumn or spring. And even warm winter does not scare travellers looking to explore the city, which for many years has maintained his own face.

Hill and district Kastella

Piraeus (Greece) famous for its hill of Castella, which is the highest point in the city. With its summit offers fantastic views of Athens and the picturesque Bay, and no tourist leaves without making a photo of enchanting panoramas of the surrounding neighborhoods. Here is one of the most interesting areas of the resort – Castella, and admire the neoclassical mansions, which are connected to a quaint maze of narrow streets.Halkidiki, Greece

The Bustling harbour

The city Centre is the port of Piraeus (Greece), at the entrance to which are the ruins of ancient docks and watch towers, as well as estuaries, where it is always noisy, and the endless cycle of people causes dizziness. To look at the fishing boats, head for the picturesque estuary – Mikrolimano.

In the Harbor Passalimani (zei), you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes, to admire the expensive yachts are more like floating palaces, dine at the local tavernas, where beautifully cooked seafood, a ride on a speed boat "Flying Dolphin".

What else to look at?

Welcoming Piraeus (Greece) attractions which is able to move a few centuries ago, famous for the square Corais. This is a great area for evening strolls, romantic and business meetings. Here is the municipal theatre, opened in 1880, the city Cathedral built in neo-Byzantine architectural style.Piraeus, Greece attractions

Archaeological Museum, near which are the ruins of the ancient theatre, surprise collections of bronze sculptures before our era, funerary objects, pottery. Many artifacts that reflect the rich history of the port, raised from the bottom of the Harbor, such as stone bas-reliefs with images of Amazons fighting with Greeks.

Ancient beauty of the modern city

Attica (Greece) is an ideal area for those who wish to obtain not only a beach holiday in the resorts of the country, but also to get acquainted with their rich history. Peninsular area with mild climate, unforgettable landscapes and a variety of excursion programs.the port of Piraeus Greece

Active at any time of day, the center of seafaring – it is a city with the atmosphere of eternal holiday. Piraeus (Greece), ancient beauty which blends with modernity and the hospitality of the people and the amazing landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent, will be appreciated by fans of beach rest and active entertainments. Every tourist who visited the resort, will be ablego shopping, enjoy delicious seafood and appreciate the quiet charm of the surrounding area near the bustling port.

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