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If you are going to spend vacation in Russia, then you will Primorsky Krai. Resorts, located here, is an example of how should be organized the rest. Are waiting for you here at any time of the year. In summer you can swim and sunbathe, and in winter opens the ski base, which gives an opportunity to breathe fresh air and do sports. There are many reasons to visit Primorsky Krai. Resorts, located here, provide the opportunity to relax without any extra costs, in accordance with their financial capabilities. We will tell you in detail about the most famous places where you can spend the time to make it easier for you to make a choice.Primorsky Krai recreation center

General recommendations tourists

All Russians living in the Eastern part of the country, in summer, flock in Primorsky Krai. Recreation facilities located here are so diverse, that there is a decent selection for each of you. Especially crowded on the coast in August-September, although the beach season closes at the end of October. It is easy to explain summer temperature on the coast is higher than in Sochi, but the weather is very capricious. In June, the fog and rain, in July, the unbearable heat in the first half of August, typhoons are frequent. But then comes a Golden autumn, the autumn season, which is never wanting to visit Primorsky Krai. Recreation pre-sell all tickets, so don't be surprised if the only option would be camping. This option is actively practiced by the residents of Vladivostok.

People vacationing in this way, there are many. It's inexpensive and simple: come by car, have pitched tents and are enjoying the holiday. If you can afford the trip just for the weekend, this is the best option. To live in a tent for a week or more – this is not for everybody. On the other hand, if take care in advance, you can book a ticket to one of the best bases. A huge quantity of them will make a worthy selection for people with different incomes. recreation in Primorsky region in winter


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The Village of Andreyevka, recreation

Is this town on the shore of Trinity Bay, Posyet, at the mouth of the same river. Today the life of this village closely connected with tourism. The entire coast is a series of cottages, camp sites, which are vying to offer an awesome stay. Map of Primorsky Krai shows us that the village is connected by good roads with a total length of 12 km from the highway A89. Distance to district center, which is Slavyansk, about 46 km, and to Vladivostok-210 km.

Stay here – it's not only stunning sandy beaches, and scenic surroundings with a walk, fishing and a variety of adventures. Since all the local people involved in the tourism industry, you will be offered a diving school, rent ATVs, boats. Children and adults can enjoy different kind of water rides. There is a base for the youth audience, where you can enjoy fun events and discos, but also have a place for lovers of solitude and silence (this is base in a Rice Paddy).

As already mentioned, bases are very much. This “forest Nursery”, “Sun 15”, “Forest 2”, “Russ”, “Velvet”, “Bali”, “Sunny”, “Sun”, “Sail”. We'll have more to say about one of them because it is impossible to describe everything at of Primorsky Krai

The Village of Andreevka, “Ocean”

Located near the Bay of Trinity. This is an excellent, well-maintained recreation center. “Ocean” fulfills the desires of adults and children, here is a terrific climate, a large number of rare species of birds, plants and animals. No need to be a naturalist to enjoy the pleasure of communication with nature. And here is something to see. Marine sanctuary, sanctuary “Barsovo”, Park waterfowl conservation.

The First thing that strikes on arrival – the territory of the base. It includes 8 hectares of the coastal strip, clean beach equipped with sun loungers and parasols, rocky cliffs. The entire infrastructure is located on the stunning natural backdrop. To assess the local scenery, you need to visit once here. For adults and children include a water Park. Visitors are accommodated in rooms of four-story hotel, or small wooden houses for 4 or 2 people. The rooms have everything you need.

All year Round base welcomes guests. Plenty of entertainment: diving, surfing, catamarans, scooters, jet skis and more - not available.eagle recreation center

Recreation complex “Surf”

The database is Located on a picturesque Bay of Great Okuneva. There are many sports and recreation facilities, but worthy of special attention to recreation “Surf”. It is a versatile vacation spot, it offers accommodation in cosy rooms or location in the camp. At the base is not organized meals for tourists, but a grocery store is the place for cooking. To services having a rest a sauna and an outdoor shower with hot water.

Recreation “Surf” is located in the most picturesque and ecologically clean Bay in the South of Primorye. Beach with white sand and crystal clear water will delight your entire family. Here yoube in the atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The enchanting beauty of these places will leave far behind the hustle and bustle of daily life. Warm breeze, soft sand and enticing waves - it's all about what we dream of winter.

Accommodation in wooden houses. The total number of tourists on the database – 28. Tent city may take another 50 people. In addition to “Surf” in this Bay are such base, as "Robinson", "Cote d'azur”, “Bay”, “Mirage”.Baza Otdykha Vostok

Scenic Bay Treasure

Indeed, one of the most beautiful bases of the sea of Japan. She just recently opened for tourism, as included in the border zone. So the beauty of these places yet untouched by man. Add to this the lack of industrial centers and you will understand that it is better places to stay.

What is the Bay Treasure? This stunning hills that are covered with dense green forest. These green dunes hide countless treasures, there are plenty of mushrooms and rare plants. The coastal waters are full of fish, so even a novice fisherman will not go without a catch. Why is it so poetically named this Bay? Because on the coast the forces of nature have created three stunning lakes. It is a natural pools in which the water warms up very quickly. Because of this, local recreation is very popular with families with children, swimming in the sea can be dangerous, and here you can splash around all day.

Holiday in Treasure

Recreation “Treasure" - a holiday in the Bay of stunning beauty. Nearby is the beach stretching for 2 km, and three freshwater lakes. Just near the base is a sandy strip with a width of 100 meters. For vacationers houses as year-round and summer only. There is the option of staying in tents that can be set on the sandy strip. Food vacationers organize their own, for this there are special places and equipment. At the base there are showers, a volleyball court, a tennis court, a Russian bath.

Recreation “the Bay of dreams”

Map of Primorsky Krai provides us with information that in this Bay there is another beautiful resort, which is located 40 km from Nakhodka. This is a stunningly beautiful place. Sea with emerald water, the quartz sand on the beach, beautiful and mysterious rocks, surrounded by inaccessible taiga forest. This is the best framing a summer vacation and fresh air is very healing.

For tourists, there are three major buildings with all amenities. The rooms have bathrooms, furniture, TV. Vacationers free of charge Parking facilities, medical assistance. Also has an outside shower and pool, sports and playgrounds, additionally you can rent baths with tubs and gazebos with barbecue facilities. The rate includes Breakfast and lunch, dinner can be ordered separately.

More than quiet are base “Age” and “Sea breeze", which are also located in the Bay of Treasure. This is a great place to retreat with family or friends. The food here can be arranged upon request guests can prepare their own meals. There is a rental of sports equipment and water equipment. In General, there can be a great time for rather modest money.recreation in the ocean

Indoor «East»

This is really one of the most secluded vacation spots. It plays into the hands of others, in addition to staying tourists, outsiders can not enter or exit from the territory. This is an isolated case, if not to take into account the luxury cottages on the seafront. Recreation “East” located near Cape Impregnable. On its territory there are two-storeyed hotel of a summer type for 20 people. The bathrooms and showers are on the first floor, dividing into male and female. But since the hotel is only rated for 20 persons, it's not such a big problem.

Here is a grocery store where you can buy necessary products, the large kitchen will allow you to cook dinner without disturbing other guests. If something is not in the store, available to order.

Most here will appeal to those who love Hiking. The hilly terrain is conducive to excursions. Located near the base of the famous mountain Sister and a sandy beach. For tourists are offered diving equipment and a variety of sports equipment and all night you can have fun at the disco. If the active leisure and tourism – this is your creed, you here.

Slavic Bay

It includes harbour seals, Northern Cormorants, which have hosted many beautiful recreation facilities. But the one I want to mention especially is a recreation “Slavyanka”. It is located on the coast and is very well suited for family holidays with shallow waters. Accommodation is offered 60 wooden houses on the beach. This is an amazing place where you can relax in harmony with nature. Food self-sufficiency, and the lack of noisy parties only adds zest to your holiday. But you will be offered a large number of excursions to the most beautiful monuments of nature.andriivka recreation center

RecreationIn Primorsky Krai in winter

Almost any of the local bases can be visited all year round, but especially interesting is the ski resort. It is located in a picturesque place of the Ussuri taiga of the Primorsky territory, 16 km from the village Shtykovo, among ancient pines and cedars near Kucheryavski reservoir. This place is amazing at any time of year, but if you decide to visit the recreation in Primorsky Krai in winter, there is no better place to find it.

On the mountain Kocherinovo there are four ski slopes with a total length of 3100 m. rental equipment. You can come for one day, but in order to get warm, use a tablespoon. Or to move into one of the provided houses. Recreation “eagle” is an amazing place of peace and tranquility, majestic slopes and stunning forests. Unique air filled with the aroma of forest, allows you to forget about the disease and fatigue. Access to recreation is by car or using the services of travel companies.

Other local activities include not only skiing. You will be able with a breeze to sweep on an inflatable supersonic - tubing, to visit the rink, or rent cross-country skis. If you're cold, it invites to take a bath, good rest, and then go on a tour in the forest. Together with the instructors you will take an amazing journey deep into the taiga. For fans of challenging Hiking or experienced hunters is an unforgettable adventure.

In the summer, there was fishing on the banks of the reservoir, ride a catamaran, or take a walk and sunbathe. Sports grounds will help to make the stay more memorable.


Whatever recreation you choose, the impression is invariably positive. The abundance of holiday homes allows you to choose the level of comfort that is acceptable to you. Tourists say that despite the price, the rest goes fine. Judging by the reviews, here enjoy going students and retired athletes and the disabled. They find all suitable conditions, and get wonderful experience. Especially seasoned travelers celebrate the beauty of nature, mild climate, amazing clear sea. Browsing through numerous reviews, it is difficult not to notice that there is not one in which he complained to bad staff or discourteous attitude. Apparently, on the bases of the Primorsky region are exceptionally friendly and welcoming people. Of course, the level of service at many bases distant from the 5 stars (although there are exception - luxury cottages on a fenced beaches), but, as emphasized by tourists makes the experience more natural, without artificial plaque of gold.

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