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Vologda airport is located ten kilometers from Vologda and constitutes an air transport unit, which deals with the service of regional flights.

Airport History

old airport Vologda

In the twenties of the last century near the village of Kovyrina were assembling biplanes.

Later, in the thirties, the district began to receive the first passenger aircraft. Immediately began to actively establish a system of regular transport on the route Arkhangelsk-Moscow. Of course, the flights were carried out with transfers, which were carried out in Vologda.

Until the late seventies there was a tremendous traffic flow. The turnover also had a fairly impressive performance. Due to such a huge number of flights, the terminal was overloaded. Moreover, because any minor errors traffic controllers could pass aircraft collisions in the air and on the runway.

Due to the inability of the airport to maintain such a large passenger flow, the management decided to close the building, which happened in 1978. At the moment this territory, called the “old Vologda airport” is made up of various warehouses.

In 1981, has been the commissioning of the new terminal building. The airline began its active development, for the carriage of passengers began to use several new models of aircraft, possessing greater storage capacity.

General airport information

Vologda airport

Vologda airport is located eight kilometers from the city centre. No other airports, the city does not have.

The Airport serves only domestic flights, no international messages, it does not. Check-in of passengers and baggage check-in opens two hours before departure and closes forty minutes before it.


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To register for a flight, you will need to present your ticket and passport. If the flight the passenger has purchased an e-ticket to check in for the flight, he will need to present only your passport.

Runway airport (Vologda)

The Airport has at its disposal two small strips, designed for takeoff and landing. The total length of one of them is six hundred twenty-five meters, a width of each of them is thirty meters. As a coating using a special asphalt.

The Second runway almost twice as long as first – its length is a mile, and the width – forty-two meters. As a cover the band used armobeton.

Due to the characteristics of Vologda (airport) can accommodate small planes and helicopters of any type.

Airport Infrastructure

airport Vologda how to get

In fact, the airport infrastructure is not as well developed as we would like. Currently on site there is only a cafe and a shop.

The Nearest to the airport the hotel is located in the city, eight kilometers from the place of landing.

Airport (Vologda): how to get

Vologda airport is located eight kilometers from the city, so passengers do not have any problems with how to get to it.

It can be Done in several ways.

Bus No. 36 which goes daily from six am to eleven PM. The cost of the road will be only sixteen rubles, the bus passes through the city. Vologda (airport is, as we have said, 8 km) - the city is not very big, so will have to go long.

Bus No. 133, which moves in the direction of the airport from the train station, too, can get to the runway.

As a personal car or taxi. Such services are rich in Vologda. The airport is located to the North of the city, it is necessary to go on the highway M8.

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