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The Radisson Blu Resort (5 stars especially) are so well known and recognized brand of travelers that their buildings have a symbolic meaning. Beautiful interior and infrastructure, top class service, location and food – all this allows the guests of the hotels of this line to carry their guests to the type “Suite”. “Radisson Blu» hotels in big cities and on the beaches near airports and resorts. But in this article we will look at only some hotels of this chain, which in its name have the word “resort”. That is, hotels near the sea, and also five-star. Description of services and facilities in these hotels, and also feature reviews from guests will help you to focus on what the resort offers you the best deals.

Radisson blu resort 5

Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh

Radisson Blu Resort Sharm 5 – it's not even a hotel, but a fabulous Palace. It is built in the South Sinai, right near the red sea. It is a thirty square kilometers, where there are some real “gardens of Babylon”. Waterfalls, openwork bridges, rivers and lakes, rainforests and alluring scents flowers – in the midst of all this splendor are building. Each of them has its own style. There is the body “rain”, “sea” and “Arab tale”. Guests are offered three hundred and thirty rooms. They are big, cool, equipped with mini bars meet all the standards of the best of the rest.

A higher category of rooms – “Exclusive Deluxe” provides an additional set of amenities-Bathrobe and Slippers, free Internet, tea and coffee. In short, this hotel will offer you all imaginable and unimaginable pleasure, which attracts tourists Egypt. Radisson Blu Resort 5 has a private beach stretching for over two hundred meters, with the whitest sand, three huge pools, a SPA centre with saunas, Hammam and Jacuzzi and a variety of equipment for the sport – tennis courts, volleyball right on the beach, Jogging tracks…

Since the Sharm tourists who know about the famous multi-colored fish these places, they opened a special center for diving. And younger guests can enjoy the services of the club «Nonsense», a special pool and a Playground for games.

Radisson blu resort 5 Sharm

How this hotel is characterized tourists

Guests are very impressed with the grounds, facilities and a luxury complex the Radisson Blu Resort 5. Sharm El-Sheikh – is in itself an expensive resort, and mostly come here are wealthy people. But the local beauty and viscolelastic staff amaze even seasoned travelers. People like the design and the decoration of the rooms, and artificial lakes, geysers, waterfalls and caves. Tropical fragrant flowers as if you are somewhere in Thailand, not in the middle of the desert.

A Lot of good reviews about the tours organised from the hotel, especially in the nature reserve “RAS Mohammad”. The hotel as a bonus note the free Wi-Fi in the hotel lobby for all than can not boast, perhaps, not a single hotel in Sharm. The food is so good that guests mention special delights, such as hanging six-foot tuna for cooking individual sized portions. Also note the large number of fish, crabs and squid. On the beach a good sunset in the water, and after dinner it is possible to swim to the pontoon in the mask and to observe the bizarre fish of fantastic colors. Staff at your request will occupy you into the room with the sea view without any extra money.Radisson blu fujairah resort 5

Hotel «Radisson” in the UAE, Fujairah

Although the Egyptian complex line better known among tourists, its Arab namesake - Radisson Blu Fujairah Resort 5 – ranked in the top best hotels in the world, and certainly is the most popular in the middle East. It stands on the banks of the ocean, amidst the scenery of the mountain wilderness, and at the same time is not very far from the city center of Fujairah. About one and a half hours to drive from here to Dubai.

The hotel has two hundred fifty rooms, “superior”, “Deluxe” and “Suite”. Interesting and individual design, designed for the finicky eater, the beautiful furniture, the latest equipment, Internet high speed – everything is available for the guests of Radisson Blu Fujairah Resort 5.

In the hotel not only has rooms for conferences and seminars, but even the ballroom. Serve customers round the clock. However, the Web access and Luggage storage the hotel the. The hotel has a fitness center, SPA and poolsun beds and umbrellas. On the sandy beach you can go scuba diving and practice other water sports. Unlike many hotels Arab Emirates, Radisson Blu Resort 5 (Fujairah) practiced the system “all inclusive”.

To meet the gourmet needs are all necessary. Restaurant “a breeze” offers Mediterranean cuisine, “quiet” and “al Nahada» Arab, located directly on the sea “Marco Polo" - Japanese. And then there are great bars, two of which are directly on the beach.Radisson blu Fujairah redort 5

Welcome to the guests

Primarily tourists vacationing at the Radisson Blu Fujairah Resort 5, write a very pleasant sense of peace and Oriental sensations and total immersion in another reality. All smiles, greet each other. The rooms perfectly clean, and every day. Linen is changed several times a week. Almost all kinds – the sea. Toiletries in the bathroom – the best quality. There is even a body cream. A nice bonus of the hotel is the presence of the kettle and the possibility to prepare hot drinks in the evenings.

Many praised the free Shuttle of the hotel to the city center in Fujairah hotel by bus. The hotel beach is called great. Not particularly happy with the hotel kindness of the staff who works on the beach. A very positive feedback about the pools, in particular about their cleanliness. Guests very happy with a wonderful and varied selection of dishes. Sauna, Jacuzzi and gym are free for customers at any time. Has staff that speaks Russian. In short, in this hotel you can find everything you need for a pleasant and relaxing stay.Radisson blu resort sharjah 5

“Radischevskaya five” Sharjah

It is located in a great location. Of course, this is a resort complex, situated on the shore of the Persian Gulf. Near it was built the Palace of the Emir of Sharjah. This suggests that place is chosen very successfully. Five minutes walk to the sea waves, the same – to one of the best shopping centers of the city. With all this, the hotel is near the airport.

This is one of the best hotels line Radisson Blu Resort 5. UAE is famous for luxury hotels, and therefore every beach resort needs to match the best standards in the country. The hotel has a huge area where there is a building of fifteen floors, and there are villas and bungalows. Three hundred rooms (all sea view) equipped in the best way. Most of them are standard (have connecting rooms for companies).

For any frills designed suites, among which are “Arabic” and “Presidential". Rooms «shale» smaller size, but have individual entrances. There are also suites in the villas. Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah 5 guests can taste a variety of dishes in three restaurants – “Le Jardin" with cuisine of different Nations, “Shahzada” Iran and “Imperial garden" of China.

Beautiful beach, pools, massage and SPA, facilities for children, shops, sport and free Shuttle service for guests to the centre of Sharjah to Dubai – all of this is just a small list of activities and services that the hotel offers to its customers.Radisson blu resort UAE 5

Feedback from guests about the hotel in the Emirates

The Guests of Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah 5 are very positive about the convenience, space and location of rooms. All appliances and equipment are working properly, the rooms have a kettle and supplies in order to pet clothes. Guests receive gifts from the administration – for example, a dish of fruit. The staff are lovely, very smiley and tries to oblige. All problems are solved so quickly as if the staff on duty at the door and waiting when you need it.

The Water in the pools is warm, the sea, and can swim in it nice. The pools are deep so you can dive. Cots provided by the hotel, very convenient - they lowered the side Board, which will be appreciated by the parents.

The interiors of the restaurants are awesome-the food is served among waterfalls and greenery. And all food is of excellent quality. The hotel represents an excellent opportunity for trips to entertainment centers “the Dubai Mall” and “Mall of the Emirates” where you can wander among gorgeous fountains, and even skiing. Wealth, luxury and abundance of this country it is possible to conceive of staying in this hotel.

Radisson blu resort thalasso 5

Thalassotherapy in “the Radisson Blu resort”: Djerba

In Tunisia, too, there is the resort “five” in the chain - the Radisson Blu Resort Thalasso 5. The complex is located on Djerba island is not very far from the center of Houmt Souk Bitch (one of the main tourist cities). Fromairport to go only a quarter of an hour. About three hundred rooms (of which twenty-suites) provide space, comfort, nice furniture, good plumbing, high-speed Wi-Fi (free). With balconies and terraces overlooking the sea or the garden with green lawns and palm trees.

The Hotel is half Board practices, i.e. feeding the tourists on the system “Breakfast-dinner”. Features five bars and many restaurants, among which the most famous Italian and special place with seafood. One of the attractions of the hotel is the “Athena” - thalassotherapy centre (which is famous throughout Tunisia). The hotel is located close to the beach (there are two, one is designed specifically for family). However, her guests can swim in the pools, one of which is just huge (square kilometer in area), and the other-smaller, indoor, heated.

In the Tunisian Radisson Blu Resort 5 good animation and excellent opportunities for sports - aerobics, tennis, football and volleyball on the beach. Beach center «Club Mistral» offers Windsurfing lessons. You can rent bicycles.

Comments on “the Radisson” in Djerba

Radisson Blu Resort 5 on this Tunisian island believe that the hotel is for discerning travelers who are seeking comfort and healing. Here you will find your Paradise single travelers and families with children, groups of friends and couples. Many believe that this is the best hotel in Djerba. Eastern interiors, stylish furniture and a special atmosphere of luxury and luxury - all this gives the impression of something extraordinary.

The Gardens are majestic and amazing, full of nooks and crannies for the lazy. Services telescience named a great. These rare to find even in this country, "sharpened" under the sea treatment. Massages, wraps and other treatments, among other things, and even relieves stress. The team here are lovely and work hard. Unmatched power – ten to fifteen varieties of meat and fish for dinner is always served different dishes. The staff really cares about the health of guests – the first “sneeze” send the doctor to the room. Guests praised the SPA, referring to the fact that there are lots of good Hamam.

The Hotel is happy active and varied animations, especially for children. Entrance in the sea very comfortable and absolutely safe for kids.

Radisson Blu Resort 5 Jordan

Another five-star resort hotel of this network is located on the coast of Tala Bay. This is Jordan – amazing Islamic country with mysterious traditions and modern approach to life. At this can be characterized as urban, and as fit for a beach holiday. About ten minutes commute to the city centre of Aqaba, approximately twenty – international airport. And the sea only fifty meters.

As is customary in this hotel chain, the rooms – standard – there are large, functional, with beautiful and elegant interior, stylish furniture and eye-pleasing colors. The hotel has facilities for business people and VIPs, room “superior”, “Deluxe” suites.

In addition to Internet access, television, safe, fridge and modern bathroom, in any room has space to work. Other services at the hotel Radisson Blu Resort 5 (Tala Bay), in General, typical for this line of hotels. Pool, fitness and SPA centres, Breakfast “canteen”, a lot of offers for water sports on the beach-diving, parachutes, catamarans, nautical ski, Windsurfing…

The kitchen in the hotel – international. There are three restaurant – “Asia” with the possibility to eat outside on the terrace, “sunset Decks” on the roof of the building, and the ‘Chitwan”. Popular bar “Baywatch”, serving delicious desserts, as well as poolside snack bar “Dugout”.

Jordan Radisson Blu Resort 5: feedback

First of all, the hotel like rooms. Often they get a two bedroom room. The hotel was created for relaxation – it is quiet, calm, in restaurants with jazz music. The composition of tourists-mostly Europeans. The staff is very professional and friendly, speaks perfect English. Amazing food-fresh and cooked vegetables, fish and meat, fruit, sweets, a lot of ice cream, several types of cheeses, fresh juices…

A Very large and beautiful grounds with gardens and decorated with garlands gazebos. Hotel Radisson Blu Resort 5 have the opportunity to go on excursions. Especially big impression on tourists usually produces Peter. Many people use the hotel to travel to biblical sites – at the Dead sea and the Jordan river.

Guests praised the large and well-maintained beach, which have to go through a series of bars and restaurants (some in the evenings you can enjoy belly dancing and other Oriental Exotica). Tourists happy and free bus to the city centre (runs on a schedule) and to the airport.

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