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The metro Station "Serpukhovskaya", you can say, not remarkable for either the residents themselves or for the guests of the Russian capital. However, it is one of the most important roles in the lives of a huge and bustling city.

Section 1. The Metro Station "Serpukhovskaya". General description

metro Sitting in the subway at the station "Tula" in the direction of movement towards the center, you will certainly find yourself in "its". If you wish, you can go further to "Clearing". And the rest of the passengers will probably be interested to know some details of its history.

So, the metro station "Serpukhovskaya"… Its base is considered to be the eighth of November, 1983. When the architects together with the designers planned construction, in the project "Serpukhovskaya" was called "Dobryninskaya". At that moment on the metro Ring line there was already a station with the same name. In order to avoid confusion and for the convenience of passengers a new station it was decided to rename. The name was taken from the street, located in the immediate vicinity.

Section 2. The Metro Station "Serpukhovskaya". The subtleties and uniqueness of the solution 

Three-vault station is laid at a depth of forty-three meters under the ground. Tall columns have metal inserts, and the track walls are faced with white marble. Bombastic and lush decor here. The idea of the design of the station is devoted to the suburban old towns. First and foremost, of course, appears Serpukhov.

Metro… Moscow… "Serpukhovskaya" and has a number of so-called highlights. For a long time the station was covered with an unusual device. For 1988, this structure was unique and the onlymetro station In its kind. The ceiling was attached shestidesyatimetrovoy pipe more than half a meter in diameter, equipped with tapers and a film based on polyethylene terephthalate. Due to this, the light is evenly distributed around the Central lobby. For comparison to illuminate the side aisles, took three hundred and fifty fluorescent lamps. In 2006 svetosistema had to disassemble, because the built-in lamp has failed, and replace them with nothing could. Today Serpukhovskaya is illuminated with ordinary fluorescent fixtures that are attached to the pylons.

Step 3. The Metro Station "Serpukhovskaya". Characteristics

"its", you can go to the circle line metro. Climbing up on one of four escalators located at the North end of the hall, you will be on "Dobryninsky".

Exit the city, passing through the underground concourse. If you want you can get on the street Big Serpukhov, Lyusinovskoy and a Pinch or be in a law firm or Stremnom alleys.

Near the metro station "Serpukhovskaya" Museums Esenin and the history of the domestic entrepreneur, Small theatre and "moon." Kids and adults love to attend performances under the direction of Teresa Durova. Children's theatre Clowning is also located near the station.Moscow metro

There are more serious places: the Vishnevsky Institute, the Plekhanov Academy and five other higher educational institutions. People living by the laws of the Church, come to "Serpukhov" to visit the Church of the ascension.

For the active residents of the metropolis next to the station built paintball clubs, cafes and restaurants. Shopping center "ANTARIS" and the market is also waiting for their visitors.

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