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The Resorts of Spain are popular among many tourists. In our article we want to talk about one of the hotels of Calella – Mont Rosa Hotel.

About the hotel

Mont Rosa Hotel – is a three star complex just a few metres from the coast. The last repair it was made in 2005. The hotel is popular because of the incredibly convenient location and has a number of advantages that the complex meets the standards of European service. All of these benefits you will get at very reasonable prices. Mont Rosa Hotel is recommended to fans of economical holiday option. The hotel is situated in a quiet coastal area, close to the centre. Within easy reach are the restaurants and cafes.

The Number of rooms

The Mont Rosa Hotel features 120 rooms, including:

  1. Exterior – apartments with French balconies.
  2. Interior – rooms without balconies, Windows overlook the courtyard of the hotel.

mont rosa hotel

All rooms feature Central heating, a dining area, satellite TV, air conditioning and CD player. Panoramic Windows of the hotel have stunning sea views. Rooms also feature a Hairdryer, a bathtub and a telephone. The apartments are cleaned regularly and linen changed.


Guests at the Mont Rosa Hotel is a 3* restaurant, pool, bar, children's room. The complex has free Parking, a lift. It offers tourists a TV lounge, entertainment program, disco, bowling, entertainment.

Sport and entertainment

Mont Rosa Hotel 3* offers to drive on a water motorcycle, banana boat, Canoeing, go on a boat fishing in the sea, to attend courses and learn the basics of scuba diving.

The hotel

Mont Rosa Hotel 3* (Spain) offers meals in the main restaurant of the type "buffet". At the request of tourists can take Breakfast only, but you can add lunch and dinner. Near the hotel are plenty of bars and restaurants where you can eat. So the problems with food outside of the hotel does not arise. The complex also has a pool bar.


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A Little about the resort

Calella is the tourist centre just a huge coast Maresme-Barcelona. The city is democratic and friendly attitude towards foreigners. Attractive for tourists making Tips Mediterranean climate. In addition, in the vicinity of the city (just 50 miles), located two capitals of the Catalan provinces-Girona and Barcelona. Excellent transport interchange allows tourists to visit yourself all the parties and events in them. The more that these cities are centers of cultural life of the Mediterranean coast in Spain.mont rosa hotel is a 3

In addition, Calella is interesting because it has great shopping and pedestrian zone in the centre of the city's many picturesque alleys, parks, squares. The resort has a variety of hotels designed for travelers with different incomes. Calella boasts three kilometers of beaches with Golden sand, a large Park Dalmau, cool alleys Gharbi, Bouguer and Manuel. Local beautiful places and sights make the Tips very interesting for tourists. Specialists estimated that every year the city is visited by 250,000 tourists from different countries, but the resort is especially popular among Germans and English that live here throughout the season.

Calella for the First time mentioned in documents of the early twelfth century, the period in this region of Spain began to build the first huts of fishermen. Interesting is the fact that in 1497 the future center of tourism, there were only 35 houses. And only in the sixteenth century beginning to shape the future of the Central part of Calella: a market square, streets Mar, Iglesia, Batlle, Chebar, a quarter of El Salvador.

Tourism in the region actively began to develop already in the sixties of the twentieth century. Local residents gradually began to move away from traditional activities (fishing and textile production) and more to do with tourism. The massive influx of foreigners in the resort has changed the appearance of the city. Here there are plenty of hotels, was built a new estate that is eagerly purchased by the Dutch, the Germans, the British. Nevertheless, the city managed to retain its pristine original architecture.

Beaches of Calella

The Coast of Calella is one of the best in Catalonia in terms of equipment clean. Every year the beaches are awarded the blue flag for eco-friendliness and purity, it is no secret that this award can boast of only the best parts of the coast. Active tourists can always find resort interesting activities: volleyball, football, Windsurfing, water skiing, catamarans, bikes, travel on yachts.mont rosa hotel 3 Spain

However, not all of the coast of Calella has gently sloping beaches and rocky areas start at about Capaspre. Here you can see many small sheltered coves.

Holiday entertainment

Near the city is the natural reserve of Montenegro-Corredor. As entertainment at the resort you can visit the markets with the products of local artisans, concerts and fiestas. The center of cultural life is the Avenue of Manuel Puigvert,which is held each year the fair hosts a variety of entertainment. Calella is also known Catalan rose exhibition, carnival, and the festival of the Sardana, the international beer festival.

Mont Rosa Hotel 3* (Calella): feedback

Speaking of complex, I want to refer to the reviews of tourists who visited it. It is worth noting that the Mont Rosa Hotel (Spain) – this is one of those hotels that get very mixed reviews. Let's talk about them in more detail. According to tourists, the complex clearly has two advantages: the staff and location. The hotel is close to downtown and right on the coast. To be on the beach, just cross the road.mont rosa hotel Calella reviews 3

Mont Rosa Hotel 3* (Calella) has, in the opinion of the guests, a very different apartment. Seasoned travelers are advised to book rooms facing the sea. They are more spacious, have balconies or terraces, large panoramic Windows. The hotel also offers rooms overlooking the courtyard. It is difficult to say whether all of them are very small. But many tourists remain dissatisfied with them, as the rooms are tiny and Windows are also small and impossible to ventilate the room. Besides, sometimes, this situation arises when the Aircondition is not working. So when booking do not choose the most economical option, then to not be disappointed. Sometimes the hotel staff offers to move to better apartments for a fee, which is taken from each person that in the end is a pretty decent amount. This option for a budget hotel is also unacceptable. Therefore, initially you should consider which apartment you prefer.

As for cleaning, the feedback on it is very different. Some vacationers very happy, and others not. Apparently, it all depends on maids. Towels and bed linen are changed regularly. The furniture in the rooms is not new and is decorated in a colonial style. It is noticeable that the apartments are "tired" and in need of repair.

Reviews diet

As is the situation with food in Mont Rosa Hotel? Reviews of tourists in this matter is always ambiguous. And this hotel is no exception. Guests can take Breakfast only or you can choose full Board. According to tourists, the Breakfast is very poor and monotonous. Of course, nobody stays hungry, but also interesting dishes not at all. Even the bacon and sausages are served very rarely.

As for Lunches and dinners, "Swedish" table appears greater diversity: lots of vegetables, some meats, fruits, desserts, paella, pasta, cheese, sauces and much more.mont rosa hotel reviews

Those who prefer to eat outside the hotel, you can easily find a place where it can be done. Around functions an incredible number of cafes and restaurants where you eat delicious European food. Perhaps the food at the hotel is cheaper than other places, but which option to choose – it's a personal matter of every tourist. Overall, the food at the hotel is acceptable for a three star hotel.

The complex

Mont Rosa Hotel 3* (Costa Brava) - hotel, which will suit those who are planning a holiday at the seaside or an active excursion. A ten minute walk from the hotel is the train station, so very easy to get to most major attractions and towns nearby. Trains scheduled go with a break of half an hour, and they do not intrude since it is not noisy.

A Serious shortcoming is the complete absence of Wi-Fi (for those who are very important to this question). Throughout the hotel there is absolutely no Internet even in the lobby. So vacationers go to the nearest cafe or McDonald's to visit with family.mont rosa hotel Calella 3

But in the complex is very nice and helpful staff who are always smiling and very friendly with the tourists. The staff will try to assist in solving the problems. Overall the hotel makes a very pleasant impression. The complex has a small pool, but there is no sense in it to swim because it is very close to such a beautiful sea.

As we mentioned, the hotel has a great location. You can reach it very easy. To Barcelona from Moscow there are scheduled flights «Aeroflot». In high season they added a considerable number of charters. And from the capital to the resort for an hour can be reached on the train. Tickets from the resort to the capital in both directions for adults will cost 6-8 EUR and for children-4-6 EUR.

All the representatives of travel companies offering tour program, but to look at Spain you can own. For example, the excellent option is to rent a car, where you will be able to travel the entire coast to see Barcelona. But for this you must have the documents (right) of the international sample. The rent is very different, but the average is about thirty USD.

Because next to the station of the train, the campers can do by public transport.mont rosa hotel Spain

Calella is a lovely place to stay, around there is an incredible amount of attractions and beautiful andinteresting places, so active tourists will always find new routes for tours. Knowledgeable travelers will certainly advise to visit the famous city of Barcelona with its unique light and music fountain.

Instead of an epilogue

Mont Rosa Hotel-hotel good for beach and sightseeing holiday. However, the hotel clearly refers to the budget institutions, so it will have to taste unpretentious and unspoiled tourists. If you are a supporter of the comfortable beautiful rooms and gourmet food, then you definitely should look for another place. The choice of hotels of different levels, the resort is huge. In this complex you can have a good time those tourists who wish to relax by the sea and see Spain, but to keep within some limited amount. The hotel is especially popular among supporters of the leisure economy and European youth.

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