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On the Aegean coast of Turkey, near the water's edge, lies the famous resort of Kusadasi. Crazy popular with tourists it is not by accident. Its white beaches, huge number of historical attractions and a long swimming season — only a small fraction of what awaits travelers here.

Turkey has long been a popular tourist destination for residents of many countries, and Russia in this regard is not an exception. In this regard, the resort regions of the country were perfectly prepared — tourist infrastructure is excellent, the price is often quite affordable, and the bathing season is quite long (from July to September, the weather in Kusadasi is perfectly located for the beach).

Kusadasi, popular because here are the most famous luxury hotels. One of them — My Aegean Star Hotel 4*.


My Aegean Star Hotel — the hotel is ranked 4 stars, running on the system “all inclusive”. It was built recently, in 2012, and it was so boldly boasts new fixtures and other utilities (tourists will not be faced with damaged wiring and rusty taps).

My Aegean Star Hotel 4

The Total area of the hotel together with the adjacent area reaches 5500 square meters. m Here is the 6-storey hotel building, a swimming pool with a Playground and green Park where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.


To Stay in this hotel can absolutely all travelers regardless of the purpose of his visit and preferences in leisure. It and business travelers, and youth, and beach lovers, and lovers ekskursionki, and even couples with children (as you know, they carefully choose the hotels). Comfortable accommodation is provided for all the tourists, so you can safely take tours in Kusadasi from Moscow:

  • Reception. This service can be used at any time of the day or night — it works round the clock.
  • Luggage storage. At the reception can assist with Luggage storage is convenient and free.
  • Car Parking. Parking place is provided directly on a private site. For this no extra charges.
  • A Car rental. This service will be useful for tourists wishing to move independently around the city and the surrounding area.
  • Internet. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi in the lobby and in their rooms.
  • Lift.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning. This service is available on request, tourists, and pay for it provided for an individual.
  • Currency Exchange. Money can be changed at any time while in Kusadasi you can pay by payment cards.
  • Medicine. Physician services are available on request.
  • Shuttle service. For convenience, guests can book transfer from/to the airport.
  • Tickets and tours. At the request of guests, the hotel helps organize your leisure — to assist in the acquisition of tickets for trips and places of entertainment.

My Aegean Star Hotel 4 reviews

Business travelers will also feel comfortable enough. The hotel offers:

  • 2 large meeting rooms;
  • The use of Fax, copier and printer.

Types of rooms

My Hotel Aegean Star Hotel has 130 rooms. Of these, every tourist will be able to choose exactly what suits him best:

  • 110 rooms — it's a Standard Room, My Aegean Star Hotel 4* offers standard apartment for 3 people in the room. Area-24 sq. m.
  • 15 Junior Family Room. These apartments are family rooms suitable for 4 people. Room size is 32 sq. m.
  • 5 rooms-Family Room area - 45 sqm and comfortably accommodate, there are up to 5 people.


No matter what number chosen by the guest, in any case, it will have to wait for bright and cozy apartment with living and sleeping area. In addition, each room has its own bathroom.

Decorated in powdery beige color. This neutral combination helps to make the room cozy and warmth. The furniture in the rooms have new laminate floors. It has everything you need for a good rest:

  • A Bathroom with a bath or shower.
  • Complimentary Slippers, set of toiletries (it traditionally includes soap, toilet paper, shampoo and shower gel).
  • Hairdryer — this device is compulsory in the room.
  • Air conditioning. The apartment includes climate control.
  • TV. Rooms include LCD TVs, satellite TV with Russian channels.
  • Safe inapartment. Free use of safe.
  • Phone.
  • “Alarm”. On request of the guests the service call this morning.
  • Cleaning. The hotel has maid service daily.
  • Towels. Every day.
  • Bed linen — 1 time in 3 days.

My Aegean Star Hotel 4 Turkey

In each room there is a furnished balcony or terrace. Here, over a Cup of tea or a refreshing cocktail, you can enjoy the splendid beauty.

The hotel

Food Lovers will certainly appreciate the efforts of the chef, after all-My Aegean Star Hotel to the issue of food came up very seriously. Catering establishments are presented in several ways:

  • Restaurant;
  • Bar;
  • Snack bar
  • Lobby bar.


The restaurant at the hotel. “all inclusive" and every day invites guests for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Meals are served in buffet style, serves mainly international cuisine. The menu is always a selection of meat, fish and poultry, fresh baked goods, an abundance of seasonal fruits. All products are used only fresh.

The bar serves a range of drinks (alcoholic and nonalcoholic). The bartender is always ready to offer refreshing:

  • Mineral water
  • Bottled carbonated drink;
  • Juice.

Those who prefer hot drinks, you can choose a variant VCOs:

  • Piva;
  • Wine;
  • Vodka;
  • Vicki;
  • Gen;
  • Liker.

At the snack bar in addition to refreshing and strong drinks, a little snack in a relaxed atmosphere to relax from the scorching rays of the sun.

My Aegean Star Hotel 4 service

In bars free drinks of local production. For some elite types of alcohol have to pay separately.

Entertainment My Aegean Star Hotel 4*

In Kusadasi tourists come mainly in search of the sea and attractions, but in My Aegean Star Hotel will not get bored even those holidaymakers who decide to spend a few days on site.

  • Animation. For campers there is also an entertainment programme (day and evening).
  • Table tennis Tables. To pass the time will help a few sets of tennis.
  • Darts.
  • Billiards. This is a paid service.

On the territory of the hotel there is a private outdoor pool with fresh water, so swimming is not even going on the sea. Playground in front of the pool equipped with sun beds, umbrellas and mattresses. Towels are provided here for free. Near the pool there is a bar.

Health and Beauty

Stay at the resort — it's time to take care of your appearance. Infrastructure of the hotel contributes to this.

  • A Fitness room. At the hotel at any time to do fitness-hall equipped with exercise machines and sports equipment. Free admission.
  • Spa centre. In the massage rooms and Spa treatments take a true master of his craft. Visit the center promotes relaxation, improved skin appearance, mood elevation. Each person can choose massage, scrub, wrap, trip to the sauna, Hammam (Turkish bath) and Jacuzzi.
  • Beauty Salon. Experienced creative hairdressers will successfully cope with any challenge, whether it's a haircut or styling.


Those looking to stay for a trip to Turkey with children, can safely book a room in My Aegean Star Hotel 4*. Here to feel comfortable will parents with children of any age. My Aegean Star Hotel Kusadasi 4Services for children:

  • Children's pool.
  • Playground for outdoor games.
  • A Mini-club. Every day there is a club where the classroom you will find children from 4 to 12 years.
  • Food. The restaurant menu and the snack bar serves food and baby food.
  • Chair. The restaurant with the child will not be a problem. There are special chairs for children.
  • Babysitting. While parents rest, for the child can provide an experienced babysitter. The service is paid.


My Hotel Kusadasi Aegean Star Hotel 4* is situated very near the beach (about 300 meters), so on the road will take 10-15 minutes. Private beach the hotel has, so the guests are offered to go on a city beach. A good rest is not hurt, as the resort of Kusadasi is famous for its white sandy beaches far beyond the borders of the country.

  • Central. Better than others a Central city beach (located very nearby). There is a large number of umbrellas, loungers and mattresses, there are cabanas. At a local bar at any time you can refresh yourself with a cocktail.
  • Tusan. This beach is some distance from town (7 km from the centre). Here is to go to all those who prefer to just lie on a sun lounger, and activelyfun. To services of tourists - sailing and boating, water skiing, banana boating, beach volleyball.
  • Beaches of the national Park. They are located quite far from the city (on the trip there will take about 20 minutes) and stretches for several kilometers. One of these sandy beaches, 2 — sandy-pebble. To see this magnificence all for those who prefer a secluded getaway surrounded by natural beauty. A thin strip of beach is limited on the one hand the blue waves, on the other — pine forest.

Weather in Kusadasi in September

Landmarks nearby

Many tourists believe that Kusadasi — it is solely a seaside resort, which boasts the only beaches and expensive hotels, but this is absolutely not true. In Kusadasi there are numerous excursions to historical and natural attractions.

My Hotel Turkey Aegean Star Hotel 4* distance from the centre of Kusadasi and only 7 km away and the means to reach most important places in the city to be not so difficult.

  • The Hill with the statue of Ataturk at a distance 7.5 km. On top of the hill is an observation deck, it offers amazing views of the surrounding area.
  • Kaleici Mosque (7 km). This ruined mosque is in the old part of the city.
  • Lock. This wonderful castle is perfectly preserved to our days, despite its long history, which began in Byzantine times. Is this architectural landmark on Pigeon island. There is a Museum, a restaurant and a disco club.
  • In close proximity to the hotel is another popular hotel — Alish Hotel.

Tours in Kusadasi from Moscow

When to go to Kusadasi

Is to plan according to their own requirements to the rest:

  • Beach holiday. If the main goal — to have a good time at sea, it is better to take a trip for June, July or August. In September the weather in Kusadasi is also suitable for swimming but the water is colder and the waves and the winds appear more often.
  • Excursion tours. To explore the sights better, on the contrary, choose spring or autumn months, which will not be sweltering heat.

Hotel My Aegean Star Hotel 4*: feedback

As is often the case, reviews, more travelers are divided on praise and not.

In the list of positive aspects is often called:

  • Pleasant atmosphere in the rooms, clean;
  • A great variety of dishes in the restaurant (several types of hot, always plenty of fish and poultry), plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • The friendliness of the staff (maids, waiters, receptionists are always smiling and willing to help).

From the fact that many tourists did not like:

  • Very small area of the hotel (there is a big number of people);
  • Large distance from the sea;
  • The lack of a private beach at the hotel.

In General, tourists who came here, saying that I will gladly return to this hotel again. That is why we can safely consider this hotel during the holidays, and tours in Kusadasi from Moscow and other cities.

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