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Antalya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. It is located on the Mediterranean coast and attracts people from all over the world. The word “Antalya” as applicable to the individual city and for the entirety of the famous resorts. It is about them will be discussed in this article.


It is Impossible to speak about popular Turkish resorts and not to mention this when Antalya. This city is the largest on the territory of the Mediterranean coast. It is located in 12 kilometers from the airport. At this resort you can find entertainment for every taste. As outdoor enthusiasts and people who want to quietly sunbathe on the beach, you can enjoy your stay in this city.


The Resorts of Antalya is located in such a way that they are easily accessible. To get into the city, you need to get on a plane, use water transport or travelling by car. 12 kilometers from the city is the international airport. However, direct access to the Antalya sea will not work. Have to change trains and to overcome the rest of the way on another vehicle. The best in Antalya is the Barut Lara, which includes the world-famous hotel chain Barut Hotels. You can reach it by bus and taxi. A status that has almost all the resorts of Antalya - “5 stars”. «All inclusive” is the most popular concept, and the best hotels serve their customers in this system.


Antalya – a city with a long history. He is currently fully built up with modern buildings, it is very well-developed infrastructure. However, it was not always so.

The History of Antalya began in 159 BC, as subjects of the king Attalus 2 by order of the Governor went in search of the most beautiful places on the planet. Then the city had another name, given to him in honor of the king – Within. In the 13th century ad, after the city was captured by the Seljuks, it became Adaliya. A familiar contemporary name, it was changed in 1423, when Antalya became part of the Ottoman Empire. And only in 1923 there was founded the Turkish Republic.


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What to see in Antalya?

The Resorts of Antalya attracts tourists not only by the presence of a large number of beaches and shops. Arriving at the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, any traveler will discover the wonders of the local architecture. The most rich in monuments of architecture of the resort is Antalya (Turkey). Because the town has centuries-old history, its architecture influenced by the art of many civilizations. Greek, Ottoman, Byzantine and Seljuk buildings still preserved on the territory of the city.

Resort Antalya Turkey

The resort City of Antalya in Turkey is divided into two equal parts. One of them, modern, attracts tourists well-developed infrastructure and abundance of various shops. The second part, or Old town, is fascinating monuments of ancient architecture. It is here that the most ancient constructions, wooden houses. What are the attractions of the old town are the most popular?

  • Kesik Minaret, the Truncated minaret, or. In ancient times in its place was a Church, later transformed into a Church of virgin Mary. In the 15th century by order of Ottoman Prince Şehzade Korkut, the there was built a mosque, and near it erected a minaret. In 1851 there was a terrible fire, which burned the upper part of the minaret. So it got its name.
  • The symbol of the city – the Yivli minaret, built in 1230. Its height is 38 meters. This landmark can be seen from every corner of Antalya. Eight semi-columns of the tower is decorated with mosaics and minaret got its name. The word “truncated” means “corrugated”.


120 km from the international airport and the popular resort called Alanya. This place is very popular among young people and couples. Here you can find cheap enough hotels, and beautiful beaches of great length.

Resorts are towns. So, the region cannot be called a large settlement, but this does not prevent her to be popular. In the city there are picturesque orange and lemon groves. There still remained the fortress of the Seljuk era. In the ancient city of shops, fish restaurants, courtyards for tea parties and more. All the resorts of Antalya, including Alanya, have a developed infrastructure. This city has comfortable hotels, clubs, bars, shops and restaurants. Nightlife is centered in the suburbs.

Best resorts

On the territory of Alanya is a large number of attractions. It is not only the ancient fortress, which was already mentioned in the article, but and caves. The most popular is Cleopatra beach. 15,000 years ago people who suffered from a particular illness, came to be treated in this grotto. The cave is perfectly suited for the treatment of asthma and other respiratory diseases. Damlataş is not losing popularity at the present time.

The region can be classified as“the Best resorts” thanks to the local beaches. To the West from the city there is a sandy beach called Cleopatra. Its length is three kilometers. On the opposite side you can find eight-kilometer beach of Alanya. On both beaches the tourists can enjoy water sports and choose activities to suit every taste. Relax after an active day in the hotel Michell Hotel & Spa, which is the best in the city.


25 kilometers from the airport, is Belek. This resort is ideal for lovers of active holidays. In the fall of 1994, in September, opened the national Golf club, which is still one of the largest in the world. In Belek regularly hosts Golf tournaments.

Photo of resorts of Antalya

Photos of the resorts, including the hotel zone of Belek, presented in the article. One of the largest projects on construction of five-star hotels was implemented in the city. Since 1992, here was the construction of comfortable hotels or luxury hotels, the most prestigious of which is the Maxx Royal Belek Golf & SPA 5*. Those buildings that appear in the city at present, located in a pine forest.

Belek is a popular resort among people who love sports. So, everyone can find something to their liking. Here you can ride on “banana” or water skiing, to visit the shady courts, as well as to try yourself as a rider. In hotels, the animators are working polyglot that will not get bored.


Young people and outdoor enthusiasts come to the resorts of Antalya. “5 stars” – a status that is assigned to the hotels just. Kemer is a large number of comfortable and luxury accommodations. Especially popular are the VIP rooms with premium Marti Myra 5*. Bars, restaurants, discos-all this attracts tourists in Kemer, located between the mountains and the sea. He got popularity due to coniferous forests, orange groves, pebble beaches. Dreamers and romantics, also frequent this resort. The fact that this place is surrounded by mysteries and secrets.

Resort Antalya 5 stars

Kemer is a large number of restaurants and cafes where you can drink real Turkish coffee. Sand and pebble beaches and they are absolutely free. Due to its location, this resort is both prestigious yachting centre. The local port can accommodate from 180 yachts!


The resort was built recently, but it didn't stop him from earning a lot of popularity. Best of all, this place is suitable for families with children. Kundu famous thanks to several luxury hotel complexes. One of them is the exact copy of the Palace complex of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul and the other repeats the sights of Venice.

Resort Antalya 5 stars all inclusive

Kundu attractive by the presence of the large sandy beaches like other resorts. There are luxury hotel complexes such as Aska Lara Resort &Spa Baia Lara, Delphin Diva and others. Here you can find entertainment to their taste and also choose the best beach to enjoy the sea.


60 kilometers from the international airport of side. This resort is very popular with couples. According to legend, when Cleopatra and mark Antony arranged a romantic meeting. It is in the hotels Kaya Sentido Perissia Hotel and Commodore Elite Suites & Spa often stop couples or just date in restaurants. In addition, this place is perfect for families with children. The name of the resort city is translated as "garnet", which is known to be a symbol of fertility.

resort side Antalya

Many famous landmarks of Antalya. The resort of side – not the exception. In this town are ancient buildings, such as the ruins of the temple of the goddess of Fortune and the amphitheatre, which at the same time could be 15 thousand spectators. A modern city full of different shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels. Here, everyone can choose the entertainment, and enjoy nature in Turkey.

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