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Okurcalar – with a Sunny and hot resort region of Turkey. Its coast is covered with large yellow sand interspersed with pebbles.

On his vast subtropical climate prevails. Stay in these places – a great choice for families with children. The lack of a developed entertainment industry ensures peace and quiet.

my sea hotels incekum 4

Provincial chic

The resort is concentrated plenty of hotels of different levels. There are multi-storey premium hotels and budget category. The cost of living in this part of Turkey is considered to be the lowest on the coast of the Mediterranean sea. Okurcalar – a young, but rapidly gaining popularity the resort.

The village is construction of shopping and entertainment venues, shops, water parks and sports grounds. Twice a week the city has a real Bazaar. It stalls crammed with local fruit. On the market square sell clothing and fabrics made in Turkey.

The Municipality away from the Antalya international airport is 90 kilometers. The nearest large town – Alagna. To him just 30 km away.

Key information

my sea hotels incekum 4 reviews

My Sea Hotels Incekum 4* is the first line. It represents one five-story building. Its former name – Polat Alara. The hotel does not accept Pets. There are rooms for the disabled. The hull was built in 1992. Date it modernization – 1998. Area-3 500 square meters. The total number of premises – 105.

My Sea Hotels Incekum 4* focuses on the placement of families with children. Maximum occupancy-3 adults and 1 child. Offers vouchers «All inclusive”. In the hotel lobby and on the floors there is free connection to Wi-Fi network. Near the entrance there is a car Park. To submit a preliminary application is not necessary.


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Staff My Sea Hotels Incekum 4* fluent in Russian, English, German and Turkish languages. Making new customers is made after 14:00. Free room is recommended until 12:00. Children under six years are entitled to free accommodation provided that does not occupy a bed. Kids cots or a playpen. For children older than 7 years receive a 70% discount. At the checkout the reception accepts credit cards Visa and MasterCard, cash.


The Hotel is in a quiet village. The nearest administrative center – Alagna. International airport in Antalya – 90 km. The neighbouring resorts – Incekum and Avsallar. Next to him is a national highway connecting these settlements. Taxis that ply on the highway, charge for their services from 80 to 150 rubles.

My Sea Hotels Incekum 4* provides free Shuttle service to all guests who have purchased a group tour. Travelers met at the terminal and transported in Okurcalar. Resettlement does not take much time. Next to residential housing a number of restaurants and cafes. A five minute walk to the Bazaar. Public transport stops are concentrated nearby.

The Most comfortable and safe way to travel around the region – taxi. The price of the trip varies and depends on the distance of the destination. On average they will have to pay from 1, 500 to 4 500 rubles.


my sea hotel 4 incekum Turkey

Services provided My Sea Hotel Incekum 4* (Turkey)

  • Therapeutic massage
  • Preparation of health programs;
  • Workout in the fitness room;
  • Sauna;
  • Turkish bath;
  • Discos;
  • Animation,
  • Photocopying;
  • Fax.

For sunbathing and a covered terrace. Watch the heat of the day the campers spend in the garden. The Park has benches, flowerbeds. There are play areas. Water activities the hotel has pools and slides. Next to them are sun loungers, tables and umbrellas. Bar.

my sea hotels incekum Alanya 4

Medical center My Sea Hotels Incekum 4* (Alanya) invites to the gym, a Finnish sauna, Hammam. Specialists are taking patients by appointment. Their services are paid. You can call the doctor in the room.

Guests have access To a ping-pong table. Access Billiards is performed on a commercial basis. Children waiting in the playroom.

In the business centre of My hotel Sea Hotels Incekum 4*equipped conference hall. It is equipped with office equipment necessary for carrying out of business negotiations.

Gastronomy map

my hotel sea hotels incekum 4

The hotel is on the system “Buffet". Residents served by the restaurants and bars located on site. Timetable of the main dining room:

  • 07:30 – 10:00 am (Breakfast);
  • 12:30 – 14:00 (lunch);
  • 19:00 – 21:00 (dinner).

A Special children's menu no. In the restaurant hall can accommodate two hundred people. For starters, you need to contact the bistro, located on the beach and in the Aqua zone. The program «All inclusive” starts at 10:00 and ends at 23:00. For cash, you need to buy juices and imported alcohol, bottled water.

Map of local beverages presented by the gin, vodka, Beers. Bar in dining roomopens its doors at 12:30 and escorted their visitors at 14:00. The second shift starts at 19:00 and ends at 21:00. Cafe on the beach serves only soft drinks that do not contain alcohol. It is open from 10:00 to 19:00. Pool bar operates from 10:00 to 23:00.

Water sports

my sea hotel 4 incekum Alanya

My Sea Beach Hotel, Incekum 4* (Alanya) is located a five minute walk from the hotel. The hotel deck chairs, sun beds and umbrellas are free of charge. The coastline is strewn with yellow sand. In some places is found a pebble. The length of the recreation area – 100 meters. To the sea is a neat track. For an additional fee, tourists ride on “bananas” and “the pill”. Rent boats and canoes.

The complex are swimming pools for adults and children. The living space is open – 180 square meters. It is open from 07:00 to 19:00. It has a slide going into the water. Open it twice a day. Ride from 10:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00. Children's pool is nearby.

Around the water loungers with soft mattresses, tables and tents. Swimmers caters to the local bar. It treated to soft drinks and fruit drinks. In the evenings music. The lights turn on.


The Entrance to the disco club, which suits My hotel Sea Hotels Incekum 4* (Turkey), paid. The tickets can be purchased at the box office reception. In the evening tourists are entertained by impromptu performances by musicians and dancers. The children's club show off their talents. In the event, which is held at the amphitheater, may participate by anyone.

The Day also provided sports programs. They start in the morning and last until lunch. Charging pripasayte adults and children. It is held on the pool deck. Later the action moves to the Park. In the shade of palm trees, campers compete, playing Darts and table tennis. Animation team consists of three people and starts its work on the fifteenth of may. In the summer the number of instructors may be increased.

In the kids club accept kids aged three to twelve years. Its doors are open from 10:00 to 17:00. Children together with educators sculpt and paint, learned songs and dance moves.


My Hotel Sea Hotels Incekum 4* (Turkey, Alanya) offers a wide choice of sightseeing trips around the country. Private attractions in Okurcalar no. Therefore, carry tourists in neighboring towns. Most often in Alanya or side. Travelers familiar with the ruins of ancient cities, heritage of the Roman era.

No tour would be complete without checking the red tower, amphitheatre, pagan temples, phosphorous cave, Yivli Minare mosque. Vacationers visiting the Peace and beauty of the island of Kekova. Guides tout for the two-day trip to Ephesus with a stop at Pamukkale.


In June in the Mediterranean sea begin to walk to the ferries. They connect the Western part of Turkey with Cyprus. A pleasure craft floating in the Jerusalem and Istanbul. A list of the most popular resorts head Belek, Kemer and Bodrum. The cost of visiting the fortress of Mamure and the ancient settlement of Anemurium for a group of four adults is 14 000 RUB.

The Best time for a sightseeing holiday on the coast of Turkey is considered to be may. The air temperature in the late spring reaches 24 °C. But in July, she is already 30 °C. In August gets even hotter. More and more Russians come here in September and even October. They combine holidays on the shores of the Mediterranean sea with the active study of the mainland. Features monster trucks and ATVs, boats and bicycles.

Positive aspects

my sea hotels incekum 4 reviews 2017

Comments about My Sea Hotels Incekum 4* indicate that the campers were satisfied with the service and quality of service. They liked the rooms. The design of the rooms is fully corresponds to the photos of the hotel. They more than lived up to the expectations of travelers.

Check in at the hotel takes no more than five minutes. All employees work accurately and without delay. The highest scores were given to the location of the complex. Residential building near the beach, however, he is not removed from the town's shops and market. Everything is at hand.

Some maids and waiters speak Russian. Chef runs a great kitchen. Customers praised the food and their range. The menu was tailored to a wide variety of tastes. It was a place peppered and fresh dishes. Children love eating pasta and boiled pasta, potatoes, rice and milk porridge. They were vegetable and meat broths.

The territory of the complex has caused a lot of praise. Tourists were delighted with the neat and manicured Park. His path was cleaned daily by the gardeners. After sunset, lanterns were lit that illuminated the track until the morning.


In My Sea Hotels Incekum 4* reviews 2017 is confirmed, is not without unpleasant moments. Travellers complained about dirty dishes and utensils. The main restaurant, according to them, resembled the landside dining room. Under the counter of the hand lay the remnants of food. Flying insects. The staff did not respond to visitor requests.

As for the pool, behind it nobody watched. In the water floating debris. On the beach were having problems. Guests of the hotel not enough sunbeds and umbrellas. Had to spread towels. The sand sifted and clean. On the shore littered with cigarette butts,plastic cups and disposable wipes.

Not all appliances installed in rooms worked properly. Met broken furniture. The mattresses were saggy. Employees are reluctant to respond to requests of the guests. Troubleshooting used to take days. Had regularly reminded of their requests.

People were forced to use leaking taps. So the room was damp and humid. The walls were covered mold of black color. The ventilation system could not cope. The room had an unpleasant smell.

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