The Italian ski resort of Canazei in the Dolomites


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The Italian ski resort of Canazei, yet not very familiar to Russians. Nevertheless, this is one of the cheap and popular places for skiing. There is a resort in the Dolomites. It is part of the extensive ski region Val di Fassa. He also has a General track with another ski resort of Campitello. Canazei is considered the biggest and most beautiful ski area in the Dolomites. After all, these mountains are less picturesque, and steep slopes. In summer and in winter there are countless tourists.Canazei ski resort

Ski resort Canazei: how to get there?

The Nearest to these places in Italian, the airport is in Bolzano. If you hire a car, as do many travelers, that will be in place in less than an hour. From the airport to the ski resort of Canazei, only 44 kilometers. It is necessary to travel to the North of the city, and then take the SS 241. If you come by public transport, it is best to go to Canazei from the airport to the Austrian city of Innsbruck. From there to the resort direct bus service. In the high season to Canazei can be reached "ski train", which departs on weekends from the airports Treviso, Venice, Bergamo and Verona to the ski slopes of Val di Fassa. Along the way he stops at other resorts, including in Canazei. So it's best to come here on Saturday and Sunday.Canazei ski resort trails

Trails and regions Catania

The Canazei Ski area is officially divided into three zones. This Ciampac, Belvedere and Pordoi Pass. The first of them has 15 miles of trails of varying difficulty – blue, black and red - as well as 6 lifts. It starts from the village of Alba di Canazei and is situated at an altitude of 1.5 km.


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The Area is the Belvedere square a little more of Ciampac. The area of its tracks – 17 kilometers, but it is a kilometer higher. Serve this zone 10 lifts like chairlifts and the gondola. Most of the tracks – red, although there is a little blue.

The smallest ski area – Pordoi Pass. There are only five kilometres of red runs and a ride to tourists by 3 lifts with chairs. From Canazei you can go to the ski area Sella Ronda. It is very popular with tourists. How about the most difficult track of the ski resort of Canazei, the reviews mention the “black” the descent from the Ciampac. It runs along a natural depression between two peaks. Canazei Ski resort

Prices and ski passes

Canazei Ski resort belongs to the ski areas of Val di Fassa. It is in the middle of it. Therefore, there is a ski pass the whole of this valley, which gives the owner the right to use ski lifts and 190 kilometers of trails. This pass can be purchased at the reception of any hotel of the resort, the village of Alba, as well as in the tourist information centre of Canazei.

The Cost of ski passes depends on the season, and from what age tourist. For example, a skier over the age of 18 hotels at the ski resort Canazei in November or early December, will give 38 euros per day. If the season is high – Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, it will cost 48 º. In other periods the price of a ski pass – 43 per night. You can purchase a ticket for the whole ski season. It will cost 440 euros. Teenagers will pay 27-30 euros per night, depending on season, and over the age of 60 – 34-39 Je. Children's ticket costs 170 euros, and for pensioners – 370. If you want to ride in all the Dolomites, prepare to pay from 48 to 52 Euro per day.Canazei ski resort reviews

Restaurants and bars

In a ski area of Canazei a lot of different points of supply. Popular for Lunches and dinners, tourists are “El Pael”, “Drunk Chavanis”, “wine and dine". The highest rating among the bars and eateries “Lieber Augustine”, “Gelateria Ladin”, “Pasticeria Peter”. Quickly you can eat at fast food restaurants "Pizza Shop” and “Wurstelstand of Piotto”. Some bars are right by the lifts – “Bytes Pradel”, “Rifugio snow” and “Christiania”. Often, tourists prefer cheaper restaurants in the neighbouring villages of Alba di Canazei and Penia (both located approximately a mile above sea level). This is “El Rezol”, “La Bolp” and “El Kasinath”. Best local dish is schnitzel milanaise.Canazei ski resort photos

Hotels and après-ski

What to do when the evening will come, and you have plenty of fun on the slopes of the ski resort Canazei? Tourists are advised to look at the Spa ‘Ages” where you can visit the excellent Thalasso therapy, sauna and swimming pool. In Alba di Canazei has an ice Palace «Gianmaria Scale”, which deal with skating. The resort itself is open good cinema, and if you miss the museums, in the nearby town of Vigo di Fassa has a very good exhibition dedicated to the Rhaetian culture. In the valley of “the Sella Ronda” arranged ski marathon, which attracts thousands of participants and spectators.

The resort itself and in the neighboring villages there are many options for housing. It is not too expensive hotelsthree or four stars, and apartments, designed to accommodate large companies or families. Convenience and price - quality travelers recommend these hotels, as “Azola”, “blossom”, “Crepe Negro”, “Fiordaliso” and “Grunwald”.

Ski resort Canazei (Italy): feedback

Experienced travelers appreciate above all the slopes of Ciampac to Alba, but it's a way for lovers of adrenaline. Lovers of freeride prefer the Belvedere, located at the altitude of 2500 meters above sea level and the top of the Call Rodella. Especially that photo of the ski resort Canazei hence make excellent. But in those places there are often avalanches, so you need to carefully monitor the weather and warnings of the special services. Après-ski and restaurants, many tourists praise in the neighboring resort villages of Alba and the Singing. The hotels here are very beautiful, directly inscribed in the stunning mountain scenery and is built in the style of a Tyrolean Chalet.

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