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To some it may seem that on earth there is not one area, which would not have been the foot of the Russian tourist. But this is not true. Located in the clear waters of the Caribbean sea, the picturesque Tortuga island is a piece of land, which the travelers visit often. But those who managed to get on it, stay enthusiastic. Tortuga — the best place for tourists who prefer to spend their vacation among untouched nature, away from the noise of big cities. Here you can relax completely, disappearing into the calm and tranquility.

Tortuga island

The island

Tortuga (present name — Tartu) is a rocky island belonging to Haiti. Located on the North-East of the Windward Strait. It is so small that is marked on the map are barely noticeable point. The Tortuga area is 180 square kilometers. This territory is home to about 30 thousand local residents. Its unusual name the island got because of the shape reminiscent of a sea turtle (that's how it is translated from Spanish). There is another version of the origin of the toponym. In the old days the fans had found a rare species of large turtles. The animals are long extinct, but their memory will forever remain immortalized in the name of the island.


Tortuga has a long and very fascinating history. For the first time the island was discovered in 1499, Explorer Alonso de Ojeda traveling in the expedition of Christopher Columbus. Discovered a piece of land was so small that until 1570 did not even put on the map.


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Tortuga island

Tortuga-pirates island

Since the beginning of the XVII century Tortuga was chosen by filibusters (sea pirates from France), looting Spanish ships in the waters of the Caribbean. It was appealing to thieves for several reasons. First, the island was in close proximity to the Spanish colony of Hispaniola (Haiti), and past it there were a lot of ships. Secondly, it was of particular relief. To get to the island was via the South Harbor of Basseterre, on the Northern side it was protected from intruders (colonial police) high cliffs. Pirates based on the chosen piece of land a small settlement. Gradually it began to grow at the expense of immigrants from Europe and merchants who sailed to Tortuga and stayed here forever.

On the island went bad rumor. Dwelling on it filibusters regularly attacked ships transporting through the Caribbean sea goods from America to Europe, and then together with the looted wealth were hiding behind the rocks on his impregnable citadel. Incurring serious losses from the constant robberies, the Spanish colonizers in the early 30-ies of the XVII century, has repeatedly sent to the shores of Tortuga his fleet, hoping to destroy pirate den, but all their attempts ended in vain. Armed raids continued with the same regularity as before.

Tortuga island photo

The rise and fall of the pirate havens

In 1635, the Spaniards attacked Tortuga island. Filibusters in search of protection appealed to the authorities of France. They did it quite legally as piracy in the Middle ages was not considered a shameful occupation. To it resorted not only the poor but noble people. The pirates gave part of the stolen treasure from foreign ships in the Treasury of the state, in return for the support of the authorities. France was appointed Governor of the island, Francois Le Vasseur, who ordered to erect in the Harbor of Basseterre, a defensive fortress. After that Tortuga has become inaccessible to the Spanish colonizers from all sides. The construction of the fortress contributed more to the rampant robberies.

The Pirate island of Tortuga flourished until the end of the XVII century. Filibusters actively traded, looted treasures, and lived happily ever after. France continued to patronize them, receiving from it a benefit. The robbers did not know of any deficiencies. In order to free them from looting, they didn't get bored, the French government has ensured that on the island were women. For all time of existence of pirate outlaws to Tortuga took about 1200 of the fairer sex, the vast majority of whom were engaged in prostitution.

The Base of the filibuster has existed on the island until about 1694 (according to other sources, up to 1713), and was then defeated by the Spaniards. This legendary past pirate Tortuga has ended. The island for a long time was virtually uninhabited and only in the XX century again became populated.

pirate island of Tortuga

Benefits for travelers

What can attract tourists to the Tortuga island? Stay on it is popular with people who prefer to spend time in silence and away from the benefits of civilization. Cliffs, wild sandy beaches, clear sea, warm sun and coconut trees — this is why travelers come here.

Cold weather at Tortuga never happens. In the summer months, the temperature often reaches 38 degrees Celsius, and in winter never drops below 22 degrees Celsius.

Features recreation: tourists

For those who like travelling interested to know what is a Tortuga? Island reviews, where to meet at the tourist sites is difficult enough, is not among the famous resorts. Five-star hotels, loud discos and modern attractions here, but this does not prevent tourists to relax in comfort. Reviews indicate that the local population, in contrast to their aggressive ancestors, very friendly and attentive to guests. When tourists get tired of basking under the sun and splashing around in the sea, they offer kayaking, diving or climbing cliffs. Also, the local population held in high esteem fishing. The main products of the island are seafood and tropical fruits: of these, prepare simple and healthy dishes that will satisfy any gourmet.

Tortuga island vacation

What else you need to know about the island?

Sorry about last pirate at Tortuga today almost nothing reminds. Here there are no medieval sites that may be of interest to foreigners.

In the southern part of the island (just where once Le Vasseur was erected a fortress) houses several Haitian villages. The North side of the Tortugas, as before, protected by rocks. The population of the island sparse, so every new person causes the revival here.

To Go to Tortuga easiest from the territory of Haiti. For these purposes, the tourists are provided with yachts. Also getting to the home of the pirates can be on the air by renting a private jet.

Tortuga island reviews

A Special, with nothing comparable to the condition of casts of Tortuga. Island, photo of fascinating white sand beaches, clear water and unspoiled nature, attracts romantics from around the world. Here you can forget about all the problems and looking as the sun sets over the sea horizon, just to enjoy life.


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