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Sri Lanka is an island state which is located in the Indian ocean. Although this island is associated with tea plantations, possibilities for recreation there is also. In Sri Lanka there are no noisy parties, but a lot of amazing and informative tours, which are perfectly combined with a beach holiday. Sri Lanka in June is very popular. Comfortable stay and bright impressions attract tourists.

On the coast are the beaches with clean sand and coconut trees and coral reefs create a spectacular landscape.Sri Lanka in June

Fans of excursions should definitely visit Colombo. This city is famous for its monuments, temples and cathedrals. Here you can see frescos depicting moments of the life of Buddha, which are described in legends and myths.

The Island is considered one of the most popular diving destinations. The waters around it are rich in corals, exotic fish, whales and sharks. Especially good Sri Lanka in June. Tourists can visit the underwater caves and wrecks, admire the rocks.Sri Lanka in June weather

Do I Need a visa?

This is one of the first questions of interest to travelers. If the rest duration will not be more than 30 days must obtain some form of visa (ETA). It will cost a smaller amount, furthermore the control is not so hard. For children aged less than 12 years, the visa is free of charge.

The territory of Sri Lanka is forbidden to bring currency of Pakistan and India. It must be remembered, going on holiday to avoid problems at the border. To bring home prohibited precious stones and tobacco, the export of local currency is strictly controlled. It is advisable to specify in advance all the information on import-export, in order to avoid unpleasant situations.


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There is one feature that is Sri Lanka. Stay in June, however, as in any other month, can be both low cost and immensely expensive. The cost of accommodation in hotels depends on their location. Prices in the tourist centre and the coast is rather high, but in the mountainous part of the island you can relax no less comfortable, but for a lesser amount. The famous beaches of Sri Lanka can be visited independently using a car or public transport.Sri Lanka holidays in June


Tourists can visit the island all year round, even in winter it is warm and humid. But Sri Lanka in June can "please" with the rainy weather. But this does not deter travelers on the coast it's still quite comfortable. The rains are short, 15-20 minutes, and mostly at night. Are you going to travel to see what beauty is fraught with Sri Lanka? In June, the weather will not spoil the rest. You don't have to worry. But one drawback is still there – during the rains rise, strong waves, the sea becomes dangerous.

Admirers of this noble sport, Golf will be satisfied with the Golf fields of international level. Impressive and rafting on a mountain river Kelani.Sri Lanka in June testimonials

Shops and retail outlets

Sri Lanka is world famous for its precious stones. Jewelry should buy only in specialty stores, otherwise there is a risk of running into fake. Ceylon tea and the national products are in great demand among tourists. In small shops and in the market it is appropriate to bargain, but the trade points is unacceptable.

Time Difference

When Planning a flight, consider the time difference. For Ukraine it is 3.5 hours, and for Russia – 5.5 hours. When choosing a tour you can ask the Agency, what is interesting in Sri Lanka in June. Reviews from other customers of the travel Agency can be very useful.


The Roads are high quality, but quite narrow, with right-hand traffic. To move for personal reasons, you can use a rental car. The ride will cost about$ 20 a day. The hotel porter will be happy to give directions to nearby rental agencies. But those people who do not feel very confident behind the wheel, it is better to use the services of a driver or catch a cab.


Before the visit to Sri Lanka special vaccinations are required, but walking in the parks and reserves should be used with caution, avoiding mosquitoes and other insects. For this you can use clothes with long sleeves and pants.

It is Not recommended to drink running water from the tap, it is better to use mineral, bottled.


One of the hottest Islands is Sri Lanka. In June the sun can burn incredibly strong, so you need to provide appropriate clothing. But too risque attire can attract unwanted attention from local men. Will advise you to buy a hat, and heels appropriate to wear only in the evening hours.

The Bag should be durable and practical. All values have to hide in the inner pockets as small thieves ' fishing on the island is booming.

Because Of the intense heat a shower you have to take very often, so you should take care of personal hygiene.Girls should know and take into account features that have Sri Lanka: in June, the weather is so hot (+29-+31) that use decorative cosmetics does not make sense, as the makeup will fade. But the sunscreen will be very useful.

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