The chocolate Museum (Bruges): the sweet traditions of Belgium


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France, Switzerland, Belgium – three countries that are in the minds of many people in Europe associate it with chocolate. We offer you a virtual visit to the chocolate Museum in Bruges – the city that is called “sweet capital" of Belgium.

A Country of delicious sweets

172 thousand tons. An impressive figure! That's how much chocolate is made in one year in Belgium. And almost half of domestically produced Goodies to eat themselves Belgians. Belgium has 16 chocolate factories and some 2,000 shops where you can buy variety of sweets.

chocolate Museum Bruges

The European centre of chocolate production Belgium was not accidental. In the early twentieth century, the state had a colony of the Congo in Central Africa. It was to supply the Belgian Kingdom cocoa beans of excellent quality.

At the conclusion of many experts, is the Belgian chocolate meets all the requirements and quality standards that can be applied to this product. So you should definitely try it. Well, fans of millions of the favorite treats without fail should visit the chocolate Museum.

Bruges – a city in the North-West of the country, which has long been recognized as the chocolate capital of Belgium. Here in almost any café offers pralines, chocolate figurines and various kinds of sweets of local production.

Chocolate Museum, Bruges: pictures and description

One unknown Belgian chemist a very long time trying to create an effective and efficient remedy for cough. But all his attempts were in vain. However, without knowing it, the doctor suddenly made a great discovery. He managed to get a brand-new product – dark chocolate! This fascinating story to all the tourists will surely open the Museum of chocolate. Bruges – the city of a thousand sweet stories, which he is willing to share with all your guests.


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In the centre of Bruges, in an elegant old brick building of the XV century, was originally a wine cellar. But the modern sign on the house Kroon tells a different story. Today, there is a chocolate Museum. Bruges will be happy all my sweet secrets to those who would step over his threshold.

chocolate Museum Bruges address

The Museum tourists will be told interesting stories about how cacao beans are transformed into chocolate. Yes, and show this amazing process! In addition, in the halls of the institution a lot of interesting and sweet exhibits. For example, the statue of the virgin Mary of white chocolate or a huge six-foot chocolate egg.

The chocolate Museum (Bruges) – an important source of cultural, geographical and historical knowledge about this product. It's even got its own library with relevant literature and recipes.

Chocolate Museum, Bruges: address and work schedule

Not to be disappointed by the closed school, you need before visiting to clarify his regime. The chocolate Museum in Bruges is open every day from 10:00 to 17:00. It is located in the city centre, at Wijnzakstraat, 2. to get there, you need to pay 8 Euro (about 570 rubles).

chocolate Museum Bruges photo

Tours-demonstrations are held in the Museum every 50 minutes. When you purchase the entrance ticket the visitor receives a small branded chocolate (exactly the same give for leaving the institution). Tours are conducted in several languages (English, Dutch, French).

Just a few blocks away is another interesting Museum dedicated to the French fries. Chocolate Museum works closely with him, starting in 2011. To visit these two places recommended to thoroughly acquainted with the two main products of Belgium.

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