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Turkey's Resorts occupy a leading place in the world in attendance. They are washed by warm seas, where the mild climate, amazing landscapes and unique historical monuments.

resorts in Turkey

In the climatic conditions of the Turkish resorts have small differences that depend on their location. Thus, the most warm is the Mediterranean coast, where a subtropical climate prevails, with hot dry summers and warm wet winters. Also the warm weather will please the Western part of Turkey, with the gentle waters of the Aegean sea. Beach season is here the longest: from April to end of October. The Northern part of the country with the black sea coast more cool and rainy. But in the mountainous regions of the Eastern part is a great contrast in temperatures: cold winters and abundant rainfall.

The Resorts of Turkey are surrounded by colorful natural landscapes and mountain ranges and is filled with gorgeous parks, fantastic waterfalls and unique sources. One of the famous phenomena of nature is Pamukkale is a source rich in calcium, which created here a whimsical white cascades. But such region like Cappadocia, is one of the most beautiful places in the world, it is famous for its mysterious natural formations. Turkey has a long history, ancient architectural structures, amazing palaces and mosques. A great helper for travel to interesting places will be the map of Turkey resorts which are scattered across the coastline.

map of Turkey resorts

Every year on the Turkish coast attracts millions of tourists, the country is constantly being improved and updated service that puts Turkey into one of the first places among the countries most popular tourist. The resorts of Turkey 2013 has opened many new hotels, luxury rooms, swimming pools and elaborate infrastructure.


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The warmest region is Alanya, which is surrounded by mountains and citrus groves. In this picturesque place of the resort season lasts until late autumn. Alanya is perfect for families with children.

Belek is famous with luxury five-star hotels, eucalyptus groves and pine forests, ancient monuments and multiple recreational opportunities.

Pearl of the South-Western coast of the country is considered to be Marmaris. Located on a Peninsula and lapped by the Mediterranean and the Aegean sea, this resort boasts beautiful Golden beaches, gorgeous natural landscapes and striking contrast between the ancient and modern architectural buildings of the city.

the resorts of Turkey 2013

In the national cuisine of particular note unique Turkish sweets. The most common desserts is baklava, sherbet, Turkish delight and many others. But among the dishes of the main place is the meat, unique recipes which impress even the most spoiled gourmets.

All the resorts in Turkey are a comfortable hotel complexes, cozy hotels, restaurants and a huge selection of activities such as diving, jeep Safari, rafting. Turkey — it's the perfect place for a holiday, it is suitable for lovers of secluded and relaxing holiday and for active tourists.

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