Where To Spend A Vacation? Festivals And Exhibitions In Germany


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Germany – an amazing country, where the people are diligent and hardworking, and knows how to have fun. That is why the stay in Germany is in demand among residents of many other countries. There is fun in any season, in any season and in any weather. So, what to see and where to go?

Popular exhibitions in Germany: interesting and cognitive

In Germany, every year a lot of local, European and international exhibitions on various subjects. Someone sent here on a business trip, combining work with great leisure, someone is going just to learn more about a certain field and make useful contacts. In 2013, in particular, announced the following relevant exhibitions, which will be interesting not only to specialists of narrow fields, but also all tourists and guests of the country:
• the regional wine fair in Offenburg;
• exhibition of vehicles of the past and present in Friederichshafen;
• meat industry exhibition – particularly manufacturing and packaging, in Frankfurt-on-main;
• exhibition of achievements in the woodworking industry in Cologne;
• international exhibition of boats, carrying out boat show in Hamburg;
• exhibition of goods for ritual services and related special equipment in Dresden.
If these kind of industry you are interested, you should buy Tickets in advance as during international exhibitions Airways are crowded, and in addition, it is important when ordering tickets to take care of booking the hotel as in the season shows they will be busy and prices will be more expensive.
Holidays in Germany: choose something unusual
the Traditional Oktoberfest beer festival held in Germany, has become quite familiar, and if you were already on it once, you'll want to look at something else. The people of Germany are very fond of holidays, and arrange them on various occasions.
• Day – an interesting holiday for children and adults. In this day, the police wanting to ride cars and motorcycles, talk about their work, and often organize exhibitions in the open air: for example, the exhibition of counterfeit banknotes always attracts attention. To get acquainted with the work of the police is interesting to many guests of the country.
• Day skyscrapers – one more fun. Usually, skyscrapers – it is office buildings, and just like them not to go. Meanwhile, many would like to see the city from such a height, to learn more about skyscrapers. The feast of the skyscrapers in Frankfurt allows anyone who wants to visit any skyscraper.
• the Day of the Hamburg port celebrated two days off, and this is a real extravaganza: come to port ships and sailing vessels from around the world. Celebrate and sailors, and the residents and guests of the city. It's so massive celebration that captains of aircraft are required to the aircraft over the territory of the port, so that passengers could see the whole beauty of the holiday season and bright decorated boat.
• Knight tournament near Munich, organized by the castle Kaltenberg, attracts crowds of fans of the middle ages. Here to fight for the stunt, and all the action as close as possible to reality, so emotions enough. Suits and equipment done exactly as they did before. In the small market you can buy things made from fur, iron, leather, medieval schemes and technologies.
Thus, in Germany there is always something to do, and where to go so that your journey is still long remained in memory, and delighted friends. Choose festivals, exhibitions and outdoor activities: you will never be bored.

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