Angel Beach Hotel 4* (Turkey, Alanya): description, services, reviews


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Incekum – a small resort on the Turkish coast of the Mediterranean sea. It is famous for fine sand, wide shallows and clean mountain air. The length of its recreation area is eight miles. The hotels of the village are focused on the reception of families with children and offer a service on the system “All inclusive”.

Premium leisure

angel beach hotel 4

Angel Beach Hotel 4* is located in a picturesque valley surrounded by a dense ring of pine forests. As the municipality is developing actively, near the hotel each year, new souvenir shops, cafes and eateries. A short drive away stretches of possession of the waterfront. It serves as a place of attraction for tourists. From morning until evening it sounds catchy music. Are the street performers. Opens the doors of bars and discos.

For children there are playgrounds and pools. Farm stalls are bursting with fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the fields of Turkey. Prices are low and affordable.

The First visitors arrive at Angel Beach Hotel 4*at the end of April. At this time, water area up to 18 °C. In June and July – to 25 °C, in August and September – to 27 °C. the Local beach is completely empty in November. The sea in this period cools down to 21 °C. In January, the water reaches the minimum temperature 17 °C. the hottest days occur in Midsummer. In autumn the air is heated to 25 °C.

How to reach

angel beach hotel 4 reviews

Angel Beach Hotel 4* Antalya international airport within 100 km. It lies on the path from side to Alanya. The road from the administrative center in Incekum is two hours. In season influx of tourists – 3. Of the villages at the resort, cruising taxis. The drivers charge a fare of 150 rubles. The fare depends on the distance of the destination.


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The Federal highway connecting all coastal towns, is outside the territory of Angel Beach Hotel 4*. Vacationers do not interfere with car horns and the rumble of cars passing by. Attractions in Incekum almost there, so tourists often visit neighbouring Antalya. The city is famous for nightlife, lots of shopping and entertainment centers, Nightclubs and specialty boutiques. Come here for leather goods, jewelry products and jewelry. Working antique shops.

In side go for an unforgettable experience. The municipality carries the legacy of bygone eras. He remembers the easy gait of the Greeks, preserved for posterity the architectural monuments built by ancient Greek architects. In Alanya treated to amazing dishes from fish and seafood. Prices in the local eateries are much lower than in Antalya. Even in the afternoon on the terraces there is free space.

Key points

angel beach hotel 4 Turkey

In their reviews about Angel Beach Hotel 4* customers say great views from most rooms of the hotel. The hotel occupies the first line, of the bedrooms have views of the sea caressing the sandy shores. In the distance the looming shape of the ancient castle of Alanya. Features 80 standard rooms, 25 family apartments and 105 standard suites.

The Residential complex is designed to accommodate four hundred travelers. The hotel's infrastructure includes a water zone. It has hot tubs and pools. Angel Beach Hotel 4* (Turkey) there are bars and a restaurant. A sun terrace. On site has grocery stores, a market and stalls selling beach equipment.

For children there is a Playground and entertainment room. At the reception Desk, which operates round-the-clock, the hotel features currency exchange, car rental, rental of equipment for diving, of the order of boats and yachts, booking of excursions and boat trips.

Angel Beach Hotel 4* (Alanya) is located three kilometers from the district center. To the bus station to go 6 km from the Local airport in gazipaşa removed from the resort, 30 km Area of the standard rooms at the hotel is 25 m². Family apartments is a 60 m². In each Suite on the carpeted floor. Parking spaces for cars paid. The cost of permits included food in the "Buffet".


angel beach hotel 4 Alanya

The Complex was built in 2000. Cosmetic repair and renovation of premises took place in 2017. The area occupied by the hotel, more than 4 000 square meters. The school specializiruetsya on organizing a family beach vacation.

Registration of guests at the Angel Beach Hotel 4* (Standard rooms, Family apartments, Suits) starts at 14:00. Subject to availability of rooms populated with visitors as they arrive at the hotel. Usually for this service a surcharge is not required, but tips are welcomed always. To leave the room on the departure day by 12:00.

If necessary, you can leave your Luggage in the Luggage room. Liberated room residents are permitted to be on site and to use the service in full. According to the description of Angel Beach Hotel 4*, the cashier of the hotel accept credit cards Visa and MasterCard. The exchange is not the best.

The Beach is a five minute walk. The coastline, which belongs to the hotel is 250 meters. Between the hotel building and the sea is a highway. Behind it stretches the promenade, which leads to a recreation area. It is equipped with sun beds, umbrellas and awnings. Vacationers are provided with towels and mattresses.

Service in Angel Beach Hotel 4*

angel beach hotel 4 standard room

The standard includes the following services:

  • Meals in the restaurant and bars ("Buffet");
  • Connection to Internet (lobby);
  • Soft drinks, tea, coffee;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Elevator;
  • Walk in the Park;
  • Children's Playground and kids club;
  • Use high chairs and playpens;
  • Darts, beach volleyball, table tennis;
  • Water Park;
  • Animation programs;
  • Rooms;
  • Bed linen;
  • Cosmetic accessories;
  • Information support;
  • Hamam, Turkish bath, sauna.

Timetable main dining room:

  • 08:00 – 10:00 am (Breakfast);
  • 12:30-14:00 (lunch);
  • 19:00 – 21:00 (dinner).

Bars in the hotel open from 08:00 to 23:00. They serve drinks and cocktails. For imported alcohol and soda to pay. The disco is held three times a week. For lovers of partying in night clubs the hotel offers special multi-day tours and boat trips.

Paid services

angel beach hotel 4 description

List of options, which are not included in the room rate at the hotel:

  • Rental cars;
  • Internet cafe
  • Laundry
  • Dry cleaning;
  • Beauty salon
  • Reception of a cosmetologist;
  • Hairdresser's
  • Doctor on call;
  • Inspection at the medical center;
  • Massage
  • Billiards;
  • Scuba diving
  • The entrance to the disco;
  • Storage of valuables in an electronic safe.

The Prices of the doctor who was on duty at the hotel, higher than the tariffs of the doctors in the clinic of Alanya. To make regular visits to the bath complex, you must purchase a subscription. The cost of diving depends on the level of preparedness of tourists and dive sites. The other restaurant, which is not included in the maintenance “All inclusive” invites to romantic dinners accompanied by live music and performances by Turkish dancers. Tables must be booked in advance.

Positive feedback

angel beach hotel 4 service

The Campers appreciated the landscaped area of the hotel. It is surrounded by greenery. Manicured fairways abound with tropical flowers and vegetation. The rooms are small but cozy and clean. Textiles white. From the Windows of the rooms overlook the sea. It should be noted that positive opinions about the hotel a bit. They all date back to 2011.

While the complex only began to take tourists from Russia. Prior to that specialized in servicing the European public. Currently, the responses of Russians have a negative connotation.

Negative feedback

According to Russian tourists, the staff refuse to feed guests who arrive after 22:00. They don't even offer sandwiches or fruit. Family rooms are equipped with air conditioning, power which does not correspond to the size of the apartment. Therefore, in the rooms stuffy and hot. In some suites the window was broken. They are not closed. Travelers complained about the broken mirrors.

On the carpet there were stains. From the ceiling raining down flakes of paint and plaster. The furniture was old and shabby. The mattresses are lumpy and hard. The food in the restaurant was terrible. Served potatoes and pasta. To them – soy burgers. The veggies had a sour taste. Desserts were not. For Breakfast they fed us eggs and bread.


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