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There are many professions in the world, but not everyone has their own professional holiday. Knitters, weavers, tailors, fashion designers, furriers, furniture assemblers have their own solemn date – the Day of Light Industry. It has been in existence for more than 30 years and is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of the first summer month.

light industry day

What is light industry

The industry is engaged in the manufacture of consumer goods from various types of raw materials. It includes several sub-sectors:

  • Sewing: fur, haberdashery, shoe.
  • Textile: silk, cotton, knitted, linen.

The enterprises also manufacture products for industrial and technical purposes for the food, chemical, aviation, furniture, and automotive industries. The peculiarity lies in the rapid payback of invested funds, high mobility of production and the ability to quickly change the range of manufactured goods.

day of light industry workers

Day of light industry: the history of its appearance

The factory industry originated in the 18th century. The impetus for technological progress was provided by complex machines and apparatuses: a spinning machine, a weaving machine. It was a transitional stage from manual labor to machine labor.

In the 19th century, there was an intensive growth of many enterprises. This was due to the fact that capitalist factories appeared, using the labor of hired workers, rather than serfs. By the end of the century, they determined the industrial development of Russia.

The Day of Light Industry was not celebrated in those days. The main enterprises were located in the centers of handicrafts (tailoring, weaving, lace). The standard of living of the employees was very low, as there was a lack of machinery and a poor raw material base in the production. The situation was aggravated by the economic crisis.


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It was only in the 20s of the 20th century that the establishment of the knitting, sewing, and shoe industries began. The construction of new cotton, silk-weaving, and silk-winding factories has begun. After the war, the enterprises quickly recovered and started working with renewed vigor. And in 1980, the Day of Light Industry was approved. It is like a reward for people for their continuous work, as a memory of our history.

congratulations on the day of light industry

Industry today

Nowadays, the industry is of great importance – to clothe and shoe all residents of the country. There are also problems:

  • Low wages for employees;
  • Operation of outdated equipment;
  • The appearance of illegally imported goods into the country;
  • Lack of own funds from enterprises.

Despite the difficulties, the Day of Light Industry Workers is celebrated in June, on the second Sunday of the month. There are no national fanfares addressed to employees, festivals and rallies are not organized everywhere, but each company organizes awards and a solemn speech with words of gratitude. In the family circle, it is customary to congratulate relatives and friends who work in this industry. They are always pleased to receive congratulations on the Day of Light Industry, for example this:

Now it's time to congratulate

Dear person,

No, I will not dissemble –

You've been plowing for a third of a century.

The work of the master is afraid,

And the industry is growing,

I wish the job

She brought income to the house!

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