How to clean carpets at home: simple ways


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The question is relevant today for many people: "How to clean carpets at home?" After all, carpets "get" especially a lot and often. Because of this, they can quickly wear out or become untidy: stains and other impurities do not look aesthetically pleasing. How to take care of carpets, how to keep their attractiveness longer and how to get rid of stains – this will be discussed in the article. 

how to clean carpets at home

Regular carpet care

It is necessary to start cleaning the coating not only when a stain appeared on it or it began to shine. Regular and systematic care is a guarantee that the product will last a long time, retain its original brightness and will not require large–scale, expensive cleaning in the future. Simple, uncomplicated carpet care activities include regular sweeping, dry and wet cleaning. Today, few people use a broom when cleaning, but this is one of the most effective and, importantly, affordable actions in solving the problem of how to clean carpets at home. Regular sweeping not only removes dust from the top layer of the coating well, but also gives it the shine that new products have.

Dry regular cleaning

If you are thinking about the question of how to clean carpets at home, then, of course, you can not do without a vacuum cleaner. Dry cleaning with it should be carried out at least twice a week. All actions – sweeping and vacuuming – should be carried out in the direction of the pile.

how to clean a carpet at homeOne more point: it is strongly not recommended to do dry cleaning using powerful units. This can lead to deformation of the pile, especially thick and long ones. The complex of regular carpet care should also include cleaning the wrong side. You can remove dust and dirt from it using the same vacuum cleaner by turning the product over. This is done 1 time per month. 


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How to clean the carpet at home from dust? To do this, you just need to knock it out, putting it on a flat surface so that the pile is at the bottom. You see, it can't be hung up, as many people mistakenly do. This also greatly harms the pile structure and the overall appearance of the coating as a whole. Do this 1 time a year – and the product will retain the brightness of its colors for a long to clean a carpet well

How to clean carpets at home: wet cleaning

Wet cleaning of such coatings should be carried out 3-4 times a year (1 time per season). As a detergent, you can use professional products from a series of household chemicals or resort to hand-made solutions. For wet cleaning, you will need water of 17-20 degrees and baby soap or shampoo diluted in it. The solution must be beaten into a thick foam and you can start washing. With a sponge wrapped in cellophane burlap, you need to walk around the entire perimeter of the carpet, wetting it with plenty of foam. All movements should be carried out in the direction of the pile. Next, the carpet needs to be dried, for which it must be placed on a flat surface and preferably in the shade. Another favorite "home" remedy of the population in solving the problem of how to clean the carpet well. These are solutions with vinegar added. One tablespoon of it is added to the already known soap composition, which is evenly applied with a sponge to the entire area of the carpet. The product is used in case of severe contamination, and washed off with clean, warm water.

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